November 9, 2015

Gentle Facial Towelettes for Make-up Remover: SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes

 Hello?? How are you, my dear readers. I kind of miss blogging now. but just started with my FYP (Final Year Porject) this semester, hence I would focus more on doing research. But I found out that I cannot completely ignore my blog, hence blogging in the midnight is one of the way, hahaha.

Thanks to SkinSoul, I recently got sponsored to review their range of product (SkinShield series, Volume Attack Mascara), and this SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes is one of them. It's main function is basically to remove all the traces of dirt, oil and make up on your face.

 First, let me talk about the packaging, just as all the make-up remover wipes works, it has an opening that is reusable that you can lift open it to take tissue. This is so much convenient for the make-up removing process. Imagine that after the entire day of running here and there, you still have to remove make up completely before you wash your face and bath~~~ That's too tiring to remove, but you must remove make up cOmPleTely! MUST! Hence, with this removal wipe, all I need to do is just take out the wet tissue, where it already has the liquid ready on it. All you need to do is simply to WIPE your FACE, completely remove your make up in ONE SIMPLE STEP!

By the way, this SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelette was packed to has 60 wipes in one packaging. Which then you can use it for 60 days if you make up every single day.

My experience told me that it's better to use up removal wipe in the shortest period of time, as the wet tissue tend to get dry easily once you open it. Also, it would best to keep away of heat, like direct exposure of sunlight.

Now, that you might wander.

Yes, it does! Cause the size of one pieces of tissue is as large as one's face.

 FYI, my face is extra long, hence this tissue is extra enough to use if you have smaller face. This include you can REMOVE HEAVY MAKE UP with ONLY ONE PIECE too!

As I tried out the removal wipes, I found out that it is completely wet with the solution in the entire tissue. It removes make up quite effectively!

See! All the traces of mascara, lipstick, eyeliner. That basically effectively remove 80% of the make up (It's a bit hard to judge how 80%, but what I wanted to tell is, the main stains is basically remove at the first stroke) in one single stroke. But not completely lar. (Imagine your face is not a flat even surface like a sea, it has eyelahes, eyebrow that is brushes, like mangrove swamp near the beach, hence when hence it would be extra hard with you want to clear the "mangrove area")~~ I still have to added a few more gentle strokes on the area to completely clean it.

And DONE! The make up on my right face is completely removed! 

Since nowadays I do apply BB cushion on my neck too. So I use the rest of the tissue to clean the traces of BB cushion.
 And here is the trace of it.

With only ONE SIMPLE STEP, I got to remove my face and neck make up completely, and YES! and proceed to wash face already!!

Now that you might wander, there were so many facial make up removal wipes in the market. WHAT MAKE THIS SKINSOUL ULTRA FACIAL TOWELETTE so Special? 

 1. It is a Paraben and Lanolic Free Clinical Wipes
2. It works on sensitvie skin. (Yes, I am of the type of sensitive skin). This clinical wipe has no artificial perfume nor the harsh chemical on it. That's why I mention it is GENTLE but WORKS EFFECTIVELY.

3. Not only it does the job of cleaning any traces of dirt on our face. It hydrate our skin as we clean it. It is comfortably wet (feel like thoroughly wet, but without water drop from it), that make it easy to glide. Which I attribute the wetness to the use of SWISS GLACIER WATER.

4. It also temporay replenish our face with 4 essential oils. 4 Antoxidants. 3 Hydrating & Soothing Ingredients. There were

4 Essential oils: Lavender Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens FLower oild, Olive Fruit Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Oil

4 Antioxidants: Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, Honey Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract

 3 Hydrating & Soothing Ingredients: Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Chamomilla Recutita Extract, Allatoin. 

5. This highlight might not attract you. But it is Made in Korea. Hehe, it ensure me that somehow the quality won't be too compromised. =D

Hence, if you are sensitive skin who make up frequently, you might consider this healthier, gentle option of make up removal wipe that ease your living!!!

1. Buy online from Dr Jo's   (Rm 53)

2. Buy from SkinSoul Outlets at the following places 
Pavilion KL
Midvalley (LG 077), where I collect those products! 
Metrojaya Mid Valley
IOI City Mall
Parkson Holiday Plaza Johor
1st Avenue Penang 

You can always refer to their facebook or call 03 – 6205 3848 /03 – 6205 3878 for latest update/Offer. 

p/s: I quite like the mild fragrant in the removal wipe, it let me feel clean somehow =D 

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