May 29, 2012

Lion sleep tonight

May 28, 2012


The word "salad" comes from the French salade of the same meaning(referencefrom here )
Start with cut the raw food into cube
 I started to eat organic meal since my operation, that mean since, june of 2011, but poorness that i can't enjoy the healthy meal when I am staying in my hostel, i have no time for that, I neeed to study. So,I always look forward the moment when i came back home.
lettuce, tomato, orange, apple, tats it@ simple and easy!
 Only i came back home, my mom who is the best mum in the world aka the sweetest chef in the world will prepare all these lovely salade for me, I mean I proposed the idea, and she will help me i kitchen, in a nutshell, we make them together^^
After that, I add some raisin, which i bought from organic shop

the flower, sesame, brown ice powder, and the hui xiang chao, and the almond, and chestnut

right now, it is to be seasoning!!

finally, yum yum!!^^

I really enjoy the making of salade, it is definitely H, and it is so tasty and fresh, keep it in the refrigerator , and serve it cool!!
May 22, 2012


 i guess this is all i need when i shift to my friend's house
hers indeed is big enough, and the scenery are breathtaking, I not sure whether that i watch is KLcc or not. A shadow of me as sentimental before leaving^^
May 20, 2012

The Vow

Following the complete of my final examination, I had nothing to do, I spent my time watching The Vow, it is a very romantic, real life love story,I think it is how the man'affection toward his wife make me fall in love to the movie. FYI, i ady watch it the third time in two days, I am so into it.

I love how the way the man showing his affection. For example, in one scene, the man standing in the rain, and waiting for his girl to open the warm gift that he gave her.
I mean, this is, and so sweet. When he brought her back to their  home, he threw a party just to surprise for her, but she did not appreciate it as she can't remember everything about the past 5 years, how sadness~~~

This is truly the movie that everyone shouldn't miss in their life, and to add more about it, it is inspired by a real events.
click here to view about the real story.

so, thats all, i am going to watch it the fourth time^^

the end
May 12, 2012

aunty goes pasar pagi

She is someone who is good in cook!

Okay, first i woke up 6.15 am today just to went pasar pagi, 

why ?

I study in Masterskill which located hulu langat, cheras, and most of the time, I can only get to eat indian cuisine which are spicy all time, i guess this is the reason why i get pimples on my face. 
(omg, tats suck)
see see see, i mean i nvr got pimple before, or perhaps only when having mensus
BTW, i am having exam these few days, keep studying all the time, so just browse through some magazine when i feel burnt out, and feel like want to dress up myself,hehe.

I made the braid after saw the pic in the magazine.

This was what i ate that day, craving for ABC soup suddenly

 frankly, I think most of you can end your reading here, cause I am going to write about aunty thingy, just to let my family knew. Anyway, you are still welcome if you are interest.

 See, got biscuit somemore, even pasar malam connaught also dun have ler.And this pasar pagi is really better than the taman rose pasar pagi at teluk intan. You can buy all the cooking stuff here. The cooking stuff here like prawn, fish(bai chang and others), fruits, veges, and bla bla bla as fresh as it is. Really thanks to the aunty who brought me there.

these pic are just to show that how variety stuff selling here. Even the blouse selling here are so damn adorable, but less choice than connaught la.

i dun really know the price of eggs before, captured it to note down,hehe

Actually i am quite happy that i get to know this place, because before this me and my housemate always need to go econsave to buy all those stuff, and its really stale, esp the chicken.
.the aunty is actually ME!

ok, study time now.
feeling guilty for not study now

wish me luck!