December 22, 2020

FeiFan Hot Pot @One Utama Dec 2020

 We paid visit to FeiFan Hot Pot in Dec 2020. I kind of like trying steamboat after my ex-boss introduce Hotpot to me. 

It is a steambot buffet, so you can eat all you want. We ordered through the app known as Eatitgo , so it was 10% cheaper. 

The soup we had was tomato and Pork Bone Soup. There were 4 choices of soup. 

Tomato Soup
Spicy Mala Soup
Pork Bone Soup
Pepper Pig's stomach Soup

The option for soup were very subjective. I chose Tomato soup because I have had Spicy Mala Soup earlier, it was savoury, hot and satisfying. So I would like to try their Tomato Soup too. Compare to mild tomato soup, it was not that savoury , so if you can eat spicy, go for Mala Soup. 

Also, I feel like the tomato soup in FeiFan at 163 Retail Park taste much better than the tomato soup here. In short, the soup simply taste a bit bland. So I threw in some cabbage, vege to add some sweet taste into the hotpot soup. 

I like their meatball there, it was much more savoury than the beef , chicken and pork slide. 

The vegetable selections. Dont worry, they will always refill it once it is empty. I am glad that they have variety of vegetable because I can still eat it if I am on vegetarian diet. 

Also, not forgetting the sauce. Opt for any of your favourite sauce/paste, you could hardly go wrong, you can even mix to your preference. 

Of course, Hotpot buffet means it comes with Free FLow of Drink and Ice-cream. Their ice-cream taste good too! (Dont compare with the gelato ice-cream like inside scoop, baskin robin la )

If you are very Chinese and instil to have rice, you can help yourself at the drinking corner here as well. (I am referring to the rice cooker in the pic)

The interior of FeiFan Hotpot @ One Utama. (It is the old address of Secret Recipe Vegetarian)

The diners : My lao gong and me! 

and the menu here. 

If you like to try, I would recommend you to order from the Eatigo here. It is only Rm 44 per pax instead of the usual Rm48.90 

December 20, 2020

Crazy sales for Christmas shopping 2020 : KLIA Sepang Mitsui Outlet Park


Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang (MOP KLIA), Japan’s branded factory outlet shopping mall offers new hope for its shoppers and the less fortunate this Christmas amidst the Covid-19 pandemic with exciting giveaways and other excitements including the opening of a new Coach store.


Making wishes come true this Christmas, MOP KLIA will be giving away two units of Toyota Vios, two units of Honda Beat and one unit of Vespa in a ‘Spend and Win’ contest. To be eligible for this contest, shoppers will need to spend a minimum of RM300 in a maximum of two receipts. Contest ends on 10 January 2021. Starting 18 December, exclusively on weekends and public holidays as well as on the eve of Christmas and New Year, shoppers get to also ‘Spin and Win’ a surprise gift.


 Get a chance to win yourself a Toyota Vios with minimum spending of Rm 300 in max 2 receipts 

For the less fortunate

Not forgetting the less fortunate, MOP KLIA is organising for the wish lists of children from the House of Joy (Children’s Home) to be fulfilled. House of Joy (Children’s Home in Puchong houses 50 children ages between 3 and 18 years old. Shoppers who wish to contribute towards making the children’s wishes come true, can pick a wish card, make a purchase from MOP KLIA, tag the gift with the child’s name and place it at the Information Counter.


“2020 hasn’t been a great year for many who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. MOP KLIA hopes that with the little that we do this Christmas, will help to put smiles on their faces again. We hope that our shoppers will also find some comfort and joy while shopping here during this Christmas season,” said TJ Cheah, Deputy Managing Director of MFMA Development Sdn Bhd. 




Extending operation hour to 12am (18-20 Dec 2020)

MOP KLIA is also extending its operation hours to 12 midnight from 18 – 20 December 2020 with additional discounts as well as the best ever shopping deals. This is in addition to the all year round discounts that the various outlets are offering.


Jaw-dropping shopping  experience


1.      Other rewards offered to customers would also include instant reward with cash back with a minimum spend of RM200 in a maximum of two receipts from 24 – 27 December 2020 for the first 1,000 customers of the day and also from 31 December 2020 – 3 January 2021 for the first 500 customers of the day.


2.      Luxury Brands Cash Back Campaign (2-day only - 22 – 23 December 2020)   with cash back of up to RM200 for the first 500 eligible customers of the day and a gift voucher redemption for the next purchase when a customer spend a minimum of RM1,000 in a maximum of two receipts at any of the luxury brand outlets.


3.      Coach which is scheduled to open on 22 December 2020 will be offering gift with purchase in conjunction with its opening. Customers with every RM1,200 spend, will receive a Complimentary Coach Holiday Ceramic.

What are you waiting for? Check here to view the location of Mitsui Outlet Park ! 

Instagram | Official Site | Google Map 

September 27, 2020

My experience of undergoing laser underarm (armpit) hair removal treatment

The package that I have signed up for
RM 799 
The package will expire after 2 years from the date you have signed up. 

NOTE: I signed up for RM 799 package during their promotion (NP: RM 999), so if you are interested, would like to call them and ask for their promotion first, you may save Rm 200 because of this single action. 

There would also requite supporting document showing the date to freeze and extend my account (meaning to freeze the 2 years treatment, until I deliver)

Also, having cash flow is King, so I pay by instalment using my credit card. In this way, you wont feel so burden or so much wallet damage for having to pay Rm 799 lump sum

The main reason that I signed up for the treatment because I want to conveniently get rid of my armpit hair as I go gym, and don't want to be troubled by the sight of armpit hair. 

What to do after every treatment? 

After laser underarm ,  NO deodorant/hot shower/swimming/exercise  within 24 hours. This is because the our skin condition might be very sensitive for the laser treatment, so it is best not to irritate them with the above activitivities. 

 No scratching/seawater /aloe vera gel in 3 days. For the same reason too. Laser treatment burns your hair follicles, there's how it slow down the growth of the hair. If one applies cooling aloe vera gel within 3 days, it will stop the burning.  

Use body scrub after 3 days at the treated area. This is to remove dead skin cells and also the hairs will fall after the treatment, so the scrubbing to ease the falling session too. 

Do I follow all the TO-DO obediently ? 

For avoiding aloe vera gel. YES. I do not have the habit the aloe vera gel all this while. 

For exercise, I will just go for dance session on the next morning, nearly immediately after 24 hours lah, so far, nothing happen. 

Is it safe to do it when you are pregnant ? 

So far, there is not enough of scientific research to study of this issue. I did ask my doctor friend and the consultant from the Bubble Gum Wax itself. 

For your information, I have signed up for RM 799 underarm laser treatment. So it is the underarm part, it is not stomach. 

Some said 

Laser is using the heat on that particular place only, not radiation. Some more laser is not x ray radiation, so no issue for pregnant also~

Some said

Not sure. 

The consultant said

When you are pregnant , there would be a sudden surge for pregnant hormone which might trigger the growth of armpit hair. Please inform us once you know you are treatment, so that we can freeze (and extent) your account. 

My plan is 

Safety first. If I am really pregnant, I would just stop the treatment until 3 months after I deliver. 

Do I like the outcome? 

Yes, that's why I spend some time to blog about my experience. 
Watch the video above to know more! =D 

Bubble Gum Wax 

The room/cubicle condition. 


The trial price for the first timer. You can also get it at Fave app. THat's how I got to know Bubble Gum Wax also. 

(Note: Photos taken in Sept 2020 )

You can see from here the underarm laser treatment would be RM 999 . I signed up for RM 799 during the promotion. 

I'm not paid to do this, but just feel like want to share the experience of my laser underarm hair removal treatment. Anyway, here's the link if you want to look at the latest price list from Bubble Gum Wax
May 22, 2020

Unboxing Melano CC Vitamin C Brightening Gel

Melano CC, the popular Japan’s Vitamin C   skincare brand by Rohto Mentholaum,

with its famous Vit.C Brightening Essence which sustains the NO.1 Whitening

Essence in Japan for 4 continuous years, has introduced a new Vitamin C

Brightening Gel - a moisturizer formulated with Vitamin C and Fruits extracts.

It can 

1. brighten dull skin, even out skin tone,

2. fight dark spots,

3. lighten pimple mark

4.minimize pores for a radiantly brighter, youthful skin.


 With the latest vitamin C Brightening Gel that completes the Melano CC skincare range, you are now a step away to achieving spotless fair skin!

It comes with Deep Penetration Technology also includes high-stability and high concentration properties that helps ensure full absorption of its derivatives into the skin. The gel absorbs quickly without leaving behind a sticky or greasy residue. Other vital extracts contained in the moisturizer are as follows:


·        Alpinia Seed Extract – A ginger extract that helps brighten and even out skin tone

·        Cornus Officinalis (Japanese Cornel) Fruit Extract – Deeply Hydrates and Soothes Skin

·        Lemon Extract – Helps hydrates skin for a significantly soft, smooth and supple skin

·        Citrus – Adds fragrance to the moisturizer

Texture: Gel like cold sensation. You wont feel greasy but feeling refreshed upon the application!

You can as well use it after sun burn!

So if you are looking for skin care products that brighten up your skin, even out your skin tone. Come and try the latest product of

Melano CC Brigtening Gel and its range of products. The new Melano CC Brightening Gel 100g is priced at RM70.00 and will be made

available exclusively at Watsons starting June 2020.  

April 21, 2020

MCO 21 - 28/4

My second time became Table topics Master today!
My first time was with MAD Food Toastmasters Club
March 26, 2020

My life during the Malaysia MCO 25/3 - 14/4/2020

#Day17 Friday 3rd April 2020

-       Watched the movie ‘Now you see me’, then watched again ‘Now you see me 2 ‘
-       No workout /No reading
-       Crafting my second Toastmaster Speech
-       Checked my financial status
-       Ordered Food delivery. Tried Nasi Kunyit and the Thai Nasi….sth. Tuna PIzzagne is not as delicious as Hawaiian Pizzagne. 

#Day16 Thursday 2nd April 2020

-Watched ‘Pitched perfect 3’
-Video call with family
-No workout
-Recorded & Uploaded 4 teaching videos.
-Lesson preparation 

Day 15  Wednesday 1st April 2020 

1.       Joined TTDI toastmaster meeting


   Joined the dharma sharing + meditation by Saddha Yongjun
3.       Prepared for teaching lessons 
4.       Edited one video for online teaching content.
5.       Read news
6.       Workout
7.       Watched a little bit too much of youtube

How I feel today?
I feel like for the past 14 days, I don’t really care about the world outside other than myself. So I catched up a little bit by reading the latest news, watching some videos from local community.

I also feel like I somehow manage to regain myself, feeling a bit composed after really settle down, and staying calm , plus meditate a bit via the online meditation led by Saddha Yongjun.

Then when I look back, I was filled with guilt, because for the past few days, I’ve been wanting to buy something non-essential, handbag, beautiful clothes, etc. But when I see that I can actually save the money and donate it to any foundation/organization who are helping to combat with covid 19 pandemic, doesn’t it sounds more worthy?

Attached here a quote from Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob
 "The ones who can make sure there will be no third MCO, fourth MCO and we can celebrate Hari Raya as usual are you - the people.
"If we continue to comply with every directive and SOP issued by the government, I believe we need not worry about an extension of the MCO.” 

Question to ask myself
1.       What I’m doing helping me? Or harming me?
2.       You can choose what to focus. Focus on what you can change.
3.       Face your fear.

Day 14  Tuesday  31st March  2020 

1. Honestly , I forgot what I did already. There was one thing, I presented my first ever ice-breaker speech! It is also my first time to present speech online! I kept recording videos every time I practised and sent it to my mentor for her to feedback. 

The meeting was conducted at 7.30pm night. Although it was only a mock meeting. and I was really prepared for it. So I appeared confident while delivering my speech. 

The feedback for my speech : Work more on my closing / take home message. 

2. On the sidenote, I also working lo. #WFH 
3. Watched Titoudao from youtube ep 2 


#Day13 Monday 30th March 2020

1. Reading
2. Compile the materials to make a book
3. Watched Titoudao from youtube ep 1
4. Cooked
5. Gave tuition

Day 12  Sunday  29th March 2020

A super productive day for me! 
1.       Online teaching
2.       Prepared material to record teaching video. As in like I am talking to them, and they are looking at their learning materials.  (It has taken around 5 hours of my time only for a 30 mins video), Planned to do 2 videos. But only managed to finish one.
3.       Workout
4.       Practised toastmaster Ice-breaker speech, recorded then sent to my mentor.
5.       Hubby went out to shop for 14-day groceries , which I doubt we can finish those groceries before then lor.

Note to self:   No time for reading. Woi….must squeeze in time for reading!! No matter what!

How productive I am?
I don't even have a good 5 mins to really talked to my husband even though we are both in the same house. I kept myself in my room to do recording. I only went out for toilet only. Except when we both were having lunch or dinner then only we have time to talk.

1.       No time for reading. Woi….must squeeze in time for reading!! No matter what!

Day 11 Sat - 28th March 2020 

A busy day for me , though things were not arranged back to back, but I hardly feel like I have the chance to rest in between. Anyway, I am grateful that I get to work during this MCO. It's better to be busy than to be free. 

1. Online teaching 
2. Meeting with my boss - discuss about the content , standard to be uploaded in Google classroom 
3. No time for workout 
4. So tired,  I am sleepy as I am typing now 
5. Continue to compile teaching materials. 
6. Recorded a few scripts for listening test
7. Toastmaster speech rehearsal + meeting up with my mentor. 
8. Hubby made ABC soup today! 

Day 10 Friday - 27th March 2020 

1. Workout
2. Ordered food delivery 'Dah Makan'
3.Watched 'Easy A' , it's not a great movie with interesting plot, it's consider teen genre movie. I watched it because Emma Stone is the leading actress.
4.Watched 'Now you see me 2' for twice , not because I was too free, because I believed many of you got illusion-ed also as you watch, so I re-watch again to answer the WHY in my brain.

  - Japanese Curry Chicken Rice - Awesome! and very savoury and fulfilling! 

-Mac n Cheese! - I love to eat Mac & cheese, but this Mac n Cheese here could be more cheesy. what turned out unexpectedly delicious is the 4 giant chicken meat ball with tomato puree sauce, it was extraordinarily good! 

Hawaii Chicken Pizzagne - It was very creamy, and very kao, thus even 2 people might not be able to finish it.

Day 9 - Thursday 26th March 2020 

1. Workout
2. Cooked
3. Lesson preparation
4. Tired/Sleepy
5. Walking around in the house, take nice photos for my instagram feed. Why?  I want to archive every of my 28 days. It will be a history.

It could be very insignificant to mention. Today is the day that my husband and me suppose to go Japan for our honeymoon. I actually quite anticipated for the trip, for I've never been to Japan. 

But amid the crisis, our case is so trivial compare to many. 

We also feel relief that Air Asia would allow for credit refund, then we can minimise our loss. 
Also, we wouldn't risk our health also. 

Day 8 - Wednesday 25th March 2020 

1.        1     .Workout 30 mins
2.       No cooking, feeling my brain processed a lot today.
3.       Dealing with Air Asia Credit Refund subject
4.       Online teaching
5.       Support a google classroom by uploading the content
6.      Watched Netflix : Black Panther  
7.       Bought a book from (I shared why I love to buy from in my blog)


When PM announced MRO extended til 14th April 2020.....
Today, just when our PM announced to extend the Movement Restriction Order until 14 April. Honestly, I need to admit that I was at first feeling slightly devastated inside, like my whole soul is being consumed. I was thinking, how am I suppose to live without much source of income? How on earth I am going to live.

Now that when I reflected on my reaction this afternoon. I realised that it was the insecurity in me that trigger me to react that way.

But to think further........ Yes. 14 days extended. Economic will be down or remain stagnant during this period. All it was all in all for the long term good of the whole nation.

I was so antsy, I asked my husband to comfort me, to give me some assurance. Despite, he is quite failed (or not failed, but I just don't feel good) in comforting people, that is one thing that he said is right.

"Right now, at such critical moment. We all should do our part to bring the risk to minimum. We all can do this by a simple action....Stay at home."

Just then , I felt a bit relief hearing these came out from his mouth.

 I was so helpless previously.

Upon hearing his words, I was like...yea... that's what I can do to help the community, helping the nation. We all can do our part, despite very little, but it's was significant to everyone.

RIght now, before the matter of health, everyone matters. Everyone can play a role. Although Medical Frontliners do play a huge role, and they do suffer a lot.

So despite feeling so helpless, feeling insecure. I do agree that nothing comes more than health. We can continue to progress, though it might need extra effort , after the pandemic is over.

I also sought relief by reading the comments of others under a facebook post which PM announced the extension of MRO.

Thanks for commenting people. Sometimes, we really need to voice out our thought, esp when it is a positive ones! It console a lot of helpless , insecure soul. 

Then later, while having conversation with my mom. I voiced out my insecurity. She just simply replied that my case is trivial compare to many of the businessman, the factories who cant run their business, and their business come to a  halt for such a long period. 

There are many other traditional more of business, which dont operate online. Is now suffering a substantial money loss. And nothing can be done, except to wait for the time to pass only. 

Especially those bigger scale factories, business. They would experience more loss than any of the individual. 

This lesson teach me to always be prepare for the worst, and always have a backup plan to back ourselves up.

I mean, things might happen without any of us expect it to be. 
And that is life. 

 It is true that the worse might have come if we do not extended the MRO. 

Why did I buy book from ? 

What is ?
It is an online book store that take orders world wide.

1. It offers free shipping no matter how much you buy.
2. If you cant find your book in Kinokuniya, Popular, MPH or elsewhere, you can try your luck by searching it here. (for English material) 
3. Book of the same title, when found out in some Malaysian book stores are quite expensive when I compare the price with the one from

What's the biggest flaw? 
As it offers FREE SHIPPING. It doesn't reach your house through any courier express. 

I've tried purchasing from the website one time. 
When I want to check the status, there insist that there is no tracking code. 

When I got the book, I understand why. 
Once it reached Malaysia. 
POS MALAYSIA will handle the shipping. 

so it would be very very very slow. 

It was written in the website there
It takes like 10-20 business days to reach Malaysia. 

Guess what, It reached my post box after around 45 days. So , I've warned you, if you want to buy books from , you might need to wait up to 2 months. 

Still, I would still buy from bookdepository when I can't find certain book else where or when it is hilariously cheaper than any of the bookstore sells.

Simply because I am in not rush to get the book. As long as I get them in the end, and have the pleasure to read them.