September 19, 2019

Be a master Chef with a great condiment!

Ever since moving into new house, my husband and I would always cook! It feels so good to be able to cook by ourselves, managing the ingredient from raw to delicious meal. It's like after you put on a magical twist , like cutting, slicing, seasoning, frying above the fire. and suddenly everything else turns out so nicely! 

Thanks to Circuit Communication. I recently got introduced to a failure- proof condiment called "Rasa Sifu"!  

Rasa Sifu contains just the right proportion of basic seasoning, oyster flavoured sauce, well-sautéd garlic and onion, and other special ingredients to enhance your cooking with that special wok-taste and oyster sweetness. 

Tried and tested! Put no salt and osyter sauce, yet it taste pleasantly flavourful  and it tastes "crisp" to me! 

There is a say "Lure your husband's heart through his stomach" , and I did this with slight effort (as I still need to chop vegetables, dice the garlic, capsicum and etc). however, in terms of flavour, I could effortlessly making it very appealing, you cant stop savouring it once you try it!

Now I understand 
why the name "Rasa Sifu" 

I can easily smell the wok hei (read in cantonese way) or the "wok taste" that is happened in tradisional chinese cooking .

Fried Mixed Vegetables simple recipe! 
Ingredients needed:
(Put whatever vegetables you have. )

For me, I used
Lettuce (because I can't find broccoli)
Sweet Corn
Osyter Mushroom (Any mushroom will do)

Pour oil, Saute the garlic first. Then pour the hardest vege first. In this case, I pour the sweet corn first, after that capsicum.

Stir fry until the vege inside with slightly tender. then pour in osyster mushroom, and tomato. pour a little of boiling water mix with starch powder.

Lastly, pour in the condiment. Normally without Rasa Sifu, I will need to seasoning with salt and osyter sauce, soy sauce separately. But now with Rasa Sifu, I no need to worry if it is bland or not. In additional, it is a failure proof move! with a tinge of wok taste, making you feel like a Sifu.

You would eat it non-stop, can't stop praising yourself for being able to cook such as delicious meal, and then you realised that you already finish the whole meal. 

Now, it is ready to serve! 

A plate of colourful, wonderfully crafted stir fried vegetable is done! 

On the side note: Out of curiosity, I put a spoon of Rasa Sifu into the ABC soup that I cooked the other day, it is flavourful, but the wok taste makes it feel the entire soup has the wok taste. So, Rasa Sifu is the condiment to be put when you want to have a taste of "wok taste" , or when you put salt and oyster sauce separately. 

Rasa Sifu is being sold in  supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores around you.  It is  available in 20g, 100g and 300g packs.

Go try it! You will hardly fail in making delicious meal and never stop praising yourself for cooking such a "sophisticated" dish that is almost similar to experienced chef!  


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