April 12, 2022

Visiting 7 confinement centers around PJ & Shah Alam area

 Hi,  my baby is now 10 Weeks and 2 days now! He/she is now the size of the prune! 

Guess what? I can't believe that I have actually managed to book the confinement center even before second trimester! You would thought that It was too early,right?  

Frankly, I don't purposely go and look for them. As you know , the social media now is quite AI (Artificial Intelligent). I do follow some of the celebrities who are also pregnany mummies, mummy at confinement center who has just deliver or some who are pregnant right now. 

So sometimes, I would just go and google for their confinement center after viewing at their  instastories. 





. So this is how the rest of the confinement centers pop up in my phone. And I would click the ads to view more, and some time just kepoh (being curious) ask for more info. 

I also arrange for viewing since the PIC (Person in charge) from confinement center would always ask when you would like to come and have a visit. (and some time due to limited time promotion, Expected Delivery Due (EDD) , monthly promotion ...and so on.)

and since I have been doing that, I might as well just ask my friends for some recommendations. 

So, dear mummy-to-be, don't worry if you haven't booked one in first trimester, because my plan is actually to book it the earliest in second trimester, but I got to get it done ahead of time thanks to the ads that always pop up on my social media. 

Update 13th May 2022 : 

Right now, as I read on this. It is also best if you do viewing earlier. Some of the centres could have been fully booked months before. 

Or maybe the types of the room/package that you want could have sold out. 

My friend shared this with me. In certain city like Kuantan, there is only a few confinement centres.Hence it is best to book early. 

Now, let's see the list of confinement center that I have surveyed

At First, I actually refer to this list to look at the price range (Also, because I don't know any of the confinement center). 

Source : https://sharepeningsmalaysia.wordpress.com/2021/05/31/confinement-centre-postnatal-care-price-in-klang-valley/   

and the information is from 2021, so it is still considered quite updated. My husband and I  then selected a few of the confinement center , mainly based on the location and the price range. We stay in the Shah Alam area, near Glenmarie and Subang Jaya. 

1. Olive and Dove confinement Center 

2. Hug Postnatal Care Center 

3. Bao Bei Er (saw it from my blogger's friend instagram)

4. Amazing Confinement Care Center - the nearest center from our home

5.Garden Gem Postnatal Retreat @SS2   

6. Terra Confinement Care

7. The Senses Confinement Center 

Disclaimer : Price range is correct as of  March 2022

You may want to look into ...

All the confinement centers offers almost similar services, esp the basic ones. However, during the visit, you may want to look into 

1. The frequency of TCM Physician and Pediatric pay visit  (As a first time parent, I would feel safer to have this.Otherwise, I might as well just hire a confinement lady and stay at home)

2. The phototheraphy facility for baby's jaundice 

Bao Bei Er has one phototheraphy machine  (I forgot in which branch already)

Some centres do not have it, but they can help to rent the phototheraphy machine.

Keywords  to Google :phototherapy jaundice rental malaysia

Taken from https://hometherapyy.com/product-rental/

3. Does it charge extra for the massage for breast engorgement?  I didn't know I need to ask this, until June, my neighbour friend told me that some centres do charge extra for dealing with breast engorgerment/breast massage..We both were like....doesn't  this should be part of mother care? Why still need to pay extra for dealing with breast engorgement, stone breast...

1. Olive and Dove confinement Center

We select Olive & Dove confinement center from the list that I show earlier. It is a hotel style confinement center with quite afforable price. 

-Bangsar South- Price range : RM 11.5K - Rm13.5K

-It was founded by 3 doctors. Among one of them was a gynae from Klinik Kesihatan Ibu & Anak-anak 

-Parking: Free

-It is a condo and suit, husband can use the public facilities like swimming pool and gym 

For more:  https://sharepeningsmalaysia.wordpress.com/2021/05/31/confinement-centre-postnatal-care-price-in-klang-valley/  Scroll to see the Olive & Dove

It is quite big and spacious from the photos consider the price range due to their opening promo, but Bangsar is quite far from my current location.  

2. Hug Postnatal Care Center 

-Bandar Sunway - Sunway Mentari -  Rm10K - Rm17K 

-It was founded by a father. The interior design is modern, minimalist black 

-Parking: Located at the Business Area in Sunway Mentari. Normal MBSJ rate. Rm0.60/h

meaning if 9M - 5PM on weekdays would be 9hour = Rm 5.40/day  

3. Bao Bei Er 

-Setia Alam  -  from Rm 13888 

-It was fully booked by the time I ask for physical viewing. (9 months ahead)

- When I watched the youtube video, I also see that there are quite a lot of babies under confinement at one time. Meaning their service is could be great. 

-I got to know this Bao Bei Er from my blogger friend, Lee Yann. She posted her confinement food and it was so attractive! The food was like so on point! and beautiful looking! Too bad it was fully booked for my EDD in Oct 2022.  

单人房28天配套RM13,888 (Queen Size Bed)

宝贝儿陪月护理中心让您轻轻松松做月子,一日五餐确保营养适当的调补让您恢复体力与改善体质,专业保姆24小时贴心照顾宝宝让妈妈安心,放心,全力支持妈妈母乳喂养,为了更好的服务妈妈们,宝贝儿护理中心提供坐月配套包括 :


👉妈妈可以24小时camera 随时随地手机看到自己可爱的宝宝


👉每间房间都有桌子和椅子,窗户,电视机,tv box, 和独立厕所


👉提供宝宝一切的日常用品,包括衣物,尿片,baby swaddle

👉 提供妈妈的哺乳衣裤,袜子和室内拖鞋




👉全天无限提供红枣水,炒米茶,Milo, 麦片,饼干














Let me just summarise, in short, all the services are quite similar across the confinement centers. 

Things that attract me:

For me, the USP(Unique selling point) of this confinement centre (based on first impression) are

1. Attractive food

2.Got lift, mummy no need to walk

3. Affordable ?? (Not sure, I only know the bottom price)

4. Amazing Confinement Care Center 

-D Kayangan , Shah Alam -

 1. Platinum Studio RM18,988

2. Premier King     RM15,988

3. Deluxe Queen   RM15,988

(again, Price is correct as of March 2022)

-It is a residential style confinement centre. 

- Biweekly Pediatric Visit

Premier Room Rm 15988 

Things that attract me: (We had like 1.5h of online session + virtual view with the PIC , Jean.)

1. Top notch safety and security - only virtual view is allowed

2.The confinement specialist (PIC) is quite protective and caring about her mummies at confinement, because she would advice me not to bring the outside food, because as they have to be responsible if there is anything happen. This is true, and it ensures me that I would be able to rest and still remain healthy for the confinement here. 

3. Their rooms are so big, spacious a husband and a kid to move around. 

4. Even for high tea, their pastries are all made in-house

Dear me, 

Find ooportunity to expand my career and increase my income  so that you have enough of confidence and security and no need to compromise on baby things like this. 

5.Garden Gem Postnatal Retreat @SS2  

-SS2 -   Rm 14 888 - Rm 19 888

Things that attract me

1. Great natural lightning

2. Great ventilation, feel like a vacation. 

3. Great location for my husband to settle his dinner. Seapark with great and cheap food is just nearby! 

 Noted: As they have promotion now, so minus Rm 2000 from the package that you see here. 

6. Terra Confinement Care 

-PJ Mid Town - RM 13 888 -  Rm 15888 - Rm 19 888 

Weekly TCM Physician Consultation 中医师顾问 

Weekly Pediatric Visit 儿科医生每周巡诊  (from Columbia Hospital in Jaya One)

Deluxe :Rm 13 888 

Premium - Rm 15888

Suite : Rm 19 888

Some of their suites have wooden big round dining table that can fit 6-8 people, which I like very very much.  You can opt for this if budget is not your main concern. Maximum comfortability.  

Things that attract me
1. We went to physical tour at the Terra Confinement Care. I like that they are so systematic and very professional in arranging and physical tour without feeling like robot. haha. 

2. Their head nurse seems very experienced.  30 years of experience. This is a really big plus point for me. So far I have gone for physical viewing. Most of their nurses are young judging from their look. Their head nurse looks very very experienced and this give me a piece of mind when my baby is in their hand. 

3. Weekly TCM Physician Consultation 中医师顾问 - to look after mummy one

Weekly Pediatric Visit 儿科医生每周巡诊  - Dr Sam from Columbia Hospital (near Jaya One)


7. The Senses Confinement Center 

-SS7, PJ   - Opposite the Subang Golf Club. -  Rm14888 - Rm 15888 

1) Suite room at rm15,888 - with sofa bed, balcony and private bathroom + 2 birdsnest & 2 chicken essence 

2) Deluxe room at rm15,388 - with private bathroom 

3) superior room  at rm14,888- with shared bathroom

Rm 500 rebate until  end March 2022. 

I got to know this center from my neighbour ,  June. She had her confinement here just few months ago. 

Things that attract me

1. This confinement center has a total of 10 rooms, but only maximum 9 units occupancy , THe one room is for backup. So our demand, diet can be highly tailored. 

2. The surrounding, the banglow, and the fact it is right next to the greenery of the Subang Golf Club is very green and refreshing. 

3. Each room has great lightning, ventilations and great windows which is calm and soothing. And we finally make our choice to have our 28-day confinement here because the room is quite spacious after surveying all the confinement centres listed here. 

4. Sue, the co-founder of the Senses Confinement Center was the one who brief us during our physical visit to the center. She is quite calm, not hard sell, and I feel comfortable talking to her. 


Weekly TCM Physician Consultation 中医师顾问 - to look after mummy one

Weekly Pediatric Visit 儿科医生每周巡诊 - I forgot to ask doctor's background already. 

Our Final Choice : The Senses Confinement Center 

After online enquiring 3   centers (Actually more than 3, some pass you to the Sales team then no news already)

Online 1.5h video viewing 1 center (Amazing Confinement center)

Physical viewing 3 centers (Hug , Terra , The Senses)

We have come to the conclusion to have our 28-day confinement in The Senses Confinement Center at SS7 Petaling Jaya, a residential style confinement centre. 

Some of the centers were really good, but we have to look into our budget too. 

To be honest, before we did our survey, our initial plan is to only allocate Rm 10K for 28 day in confinement center, because as a first time parent, we agak-agak feel that Rm 10K is more than enough. I mean Rm10K is not a small amount, for 28 days confinement with all the nursing services, baby care should be consider quite good already. That's what I first thought. 

After making the first physical visit to the confinement center (Hug), we started to  understand what  RM10K can offers (in PJ, Sunway area) It will provide you with a great services, but a small room. (True in PJ area.)

Updated 13th May 2022 : 

You still get to find budget friendly center with spacious room in other Selangor area. 

Around Rm 10K in Cheras area EC Month Confinement Retreat - promotion  RM 9999 one or 2 months before your EDD 

Between Rm 12K-14K  in Sri Petaling area Santorini Confinement Centre  - room seems quite spacious from the photos viewed 

If you want to know the latest, updated infor. I would suggest you to join this FB group. It is in Mandarin medium anyway.

坐月子 |奶妈 |月嫂 |妈咪育儿|保姆 |分享讨论区 欢迎大家可以分享妈妈们的经历,坐月子,月嫂,陪月婆 或奶妈 和 坐月子食谱等等。

During the first trimester, when I was so thrilled. I can spend like 20 mins to view the posts and commencts in this group. As a first time mom-to-be, I learn a lot of infor from the group. 

I can never imagine having to have my 28 days confinement , (we are not talking about 7 days vacation) in which the room would be our home for the 28 days is so small.

I also have the idea of getting a confinement lady because ......after all, my home has everything I want, and of course home being the sweetest home, the most comfortable one. 

We continue to source for more confinement centers, more physical viewing to see how much does it cost to get our room of desired space. So it you ask me what is my criteria when looking for the confinement center. I would say that it is 

1. Pricing & Location 

2. The size of the room 

3. TCM and Paediatric visit 

4. Lactation guidance/consultation 

So after the first physical visit, and a few online enquiries, we adjust our budget for confinement stay from Rm 10K to Rm 12-Rm14K ish. 

However, in the end , the room that we have selected the confinement centre that cost us Rm 15, 388 (that is after Rm 500 discount).  


 my husband and I......

as the first time parents still have a long way to go, to learn how to take care of baby after the confinement centre.

The nearest chaos  I imagine could happen is that We might still need to wake up several times in the midnight,  So let's just recharge/rejuvenate ourselves properly during the 28 days confinement. 

Feel confident, and be confident and worry less  in taking care about our little precious baby at the confinement centre. 

After all, happy mum, happy daddy, happy baby. 


Let a team of confinement experts to take care of the mummy and baby


the first time parent would feel confident and  goyang kaki  when we can (I mean to get adequate rest before you go home and get occupied with baby)! 

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