November 26, 2015

Sponsored Review: C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar

I am sure that you have heard about a lot of collagen product, and most of them appeared in powder, or liquid form. C-Jello Collagen is the first ever collage jelly bar exclusively created in Korea. It appear in the sweet candy packaging, in Jelly form!!

Imagine that while you are stuck in traffic jam, then you can take this out to nom. And I like the taste, it's a fruity sweet taste that you will love it! Really just like a normal jelly that you buy in shopping mall. Something that make it different is that it is collagen jelly!

About C-Jello

 C-Jello is the name of this product. It supports restoration of the skin b promoting the appearance of youthful , healthy and glowing skin in a safe and non-invasive way. Produced to deliver the most effective absorption.

For your information, the molecular weight affects the absorption of the collage. Any molecules with more than 20K Da cannot be absorbed by the cells and utilised by the body efficiently. C-Jello has a molecular weight of 500 to 3000 Da, therefore making it a highly absorbable collage substance.

I prefer to put it into fridge before I consume it. I really eat it like a jelly way.

The benefits of the C-Jello

1. Delaying the ageing process caused by external factors such as UB rays, harmful free radicals, stress and pollutions.

2. Wrinkle reductions
3. Lightening of dark spots for a brigter and fairer skin tone
4. Improvement of the overall health and suppleness of the skin.

Packaging of C-Jello

Thanks to the sponsored from SkinSoul, I got 2 boxes of C-Jello for one month consumption. 1 boxes has 15 sachets as shown in the picture above. Each sachet is 20g and contains... 

1. 2500mg of Hydrolysed Collage Peptide  (German fish collage) that help to promote the skin elasticity on the skin. 

2. Vitamin C
3. Artichoke extract 
4. Rice Bran Extract
5. Mulberry Extract
6.Hyaluronic Acid Mixture
7. Peach Concentrate
8.Pear Concentrate 
9.Melon Concentrate

All these healthy ingredients are found only in 1 sachet of Collagen bar, that helps to boost youthful vitality, whitens, firms tones and hydrates the skin. 

Other facts about C-Jello
1. C-Jello can be considered a good supplement for atheletes as it contains mainly amino acids which improves mitochondria function. This improve on the function of mitochondria hence replenishes the depleted protein after an intense workout. 

2. The Vitamin C in C-Jello is the co-factor and assist in the formation of collagen. 

3. C-Jello can assist in minimizing the appearance of micro wrinkle fairly immediately. For deeper wrinkles, a 12 weeks program of regular consumption is recommended. 

The Effect on Me

I have consume this for one month, It was indeed after 2 weeks I can feel my skin is getting firmer than previous and supple too. It's like you look extra good with a healthy looking skin. Youget what I mean? 

It doens't make my skin tone brighter, my skin somehow do not get dark or sunburn easily even exposure under the sun. 

I would advise you to buy one box to try it first. You can eat it 2 days once, so that you see the effect on you. As it works on me, doesn't means it work on you too =D 

You can find more of the information from the official site here.  Or from their facebook page too. ALternative, you get buy C-Jello at any SkinSoul outlet in Malaysia.

C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar is now selling at Rm 315.88 per box. And whenever you buy more than Rm 100, you will entitled a free mini trial set of SkinSoul skincare set that worth RM 100! All you need to do is just quote #ssMaple. For those who love beauty, don't miss the chance o! 

Let me know if you need to know any other information yea =D 

Other sponsored product from SkinSoul

November 20, 2015

Cafe 9 : Curated Authentic Thai Restaurant that impress You

Cafe 9 is a Thai restaurant, that establish itself in Jalan University, Petaling Jaya, since May 2014. It's a family restaurant that hired local Thai chef for the cooking. Here, you got to savour the authentic thai food without need to purposely go Thailand.

Thanks to the invitation from Food Ink, I got to try their food which I have seen other bloggers keep talking about cafe 9. Also, this marked my first invitation from Food Ink. =D

 You may have heard about Cafe 9, if you were active in PJ area, if you haven't then you should checked this out. A restaurant serving delectable Thai cuisine.

 Found this right after the entrance, they do serve this beverage in Cafe 9.

 I am absolutely love their welcome soup.  It's a sour in an appetizing way, serve hot, soup but in a cup. I actually request for 2nd cup cause I like this kind of taste. By the way, it is subject on the invidual, I felt like I am the only one who is cray cray about the welcome soup. This soup also has a taste of Thai Fish Sauce inside. I personally don't like the taste of fish sauce, but this is good.

 Boy friend ordered Latte, and it comes with cute Latte Art! Using Thai Coffee Beans

 Guava Asam Boi

Miang Kam (Betel Leaf Appetiser) - RM15.90

Perhaps this is my first time trying some thai leaf appetiser, I didn't expect much on the appetiser. When I saw the presentation, I thought that the salad is not as crunchy as expected. But this appetiser was surprising delicious! 

Sauteed dry shrimp, roasted peanut, coconut flake are all fried before serving. Using the Betel Leaf put all the rest of the element, chili padi, lime,ginger, onion and homemade special sauce, wrapping it all, and put into your mouth, munch it and you find assortment of various texture inside! The raw onion is not that spicy as I expected. The homemade special sauce(serving hot) (the lady boss told us different chef would make a different Miang Kam sauce)totally enhance the wrapping. 


 Fish Cake (5 pieces) Rm 17.90

You can opt to pair with Sweet Chilli sauce, but the fish cake is good on it's own. Using Tenggiri Fish,blend from scratch,  they beat the fish until it's chewy, mix with Red Curry Paste and deep fried. It was a delectable dish that I can hardly forgotten. 

Prawn Cakes (5 pieces) -  Rm 18.90

Made from Fresh prawn to Prawn paste, then deep fried with bread crumbs. The crumbs layer and the prawn paste gave us the different texture.

First round of food that have been served. so nice~~~

Laab Gai Salad Rm 14

'Gai' means Chicken in Thai. You can choose to eat with the fresh vege at the side or just eat like that. It look like main dishes for Chinese, but it's really salad, hence it's a bit sour.

1.    Laab Gai Tod Rm 16

Also known as Fried Chicken Salad, people would love Thai food would love this. Though it's not that spicy as the authentic thai food, it's a bit sour and fried to the perfection. You would like to have this when you come here =D 

Certain Thai food can be really so chilli-spicy, however after feedback from the local (Malaysian customer), they reduce their spiciness level. This being said that, you can ask for authentic spicy if you favour hot!Sometimes, there would automated serve original spicy level of food when there is Thai people drop by too. 

Second round of the food served.

Next, we had clear soup Tom Yum serve. You can opt for choices of Chicken or Seafood. Compare to Red tom yum soup, this is mean to be more sour. also with a hint of fish sauce. 

Red Tom Yum Seafood 

Rm 25.90 (Regular)
Rm 45.90 (Large)

Cook with coconut milk, hence it's suit for those who like milky! (Me! ) It's overall quite good, but really less spicy compare to those I try in Bangkok.

Stir Fried Lala (Thai curry style) Rm 16.00

If you notice the semi-soild paste on the surface on clam, it's actually making from egg. Egg made curry. that come with a mild sweet taste. 

According to the lady boss, they served us mild Spicy Lala, there is hotte VERY SPICY to choose too. But , frankly, I already feel like this is quite spicy. (FYI, I consider my spiciness tolerate level is quite low)

Coriander Lala Rm 16

I couldn't stop eating this , cause it's a choice of less spicy, and feel like more healthy in someway, haha. 

Thai Hot Basil Fish Rm 40 (4 pax). Rm 49 (6-8 pax)

I not sure if Basil has a lot of bones to pick up or not, but this dishes is certainly a delight to see. Simply take the fish pieces, take some of the vege that come along if you like it. It's so delicious! 

Thai Omelette Rm 10.90

Looking ordinary, but I enjoy each of the dishes including this plain looking omelette. Initially, I thought the chef has putting some milk into the omelette, but no milk is putting. The way the chef fry using big wok and toss it while frying made this omelette extra fluffy. 

Overall, all the dishes serving to us on the day are so delicious. We can really see how the chef is customise each of the dishes that give me surprise, like the crunchiness in the salad, and how much effort they use to prepare the Basil fish. I feel like the description that I put after each food photo is really an understatement. You should really give this restaurant a try, and ask for more spicy if you like it. There is some extra delicious in each of the dishes. Even the plain-looking omelette is so fluffy that it surprise me. 

You can scroll to the bottom of this post, to see one of the offer that is Rm 40 for 2 person which is quite attractive for me. Come have a try on their food with this damn worthy combo. 


Open daily, except Tuesday. 

This restaurant also accustom to customer. You can bring fish from outside, to let the chef cook. It's a pork free restaurant, if you were muslim who is not too particular, this is where you can try on authentic Thai Food. Fret not, even the Thai Fish sauce they used is certified halal. 

Whereas for those who drink wine, you can bring your wine here, cause there already have the wine to cater your wine drinking session. 

Wifi , equipped, come here for a taste of Thai , for family, corporate catering or just couple to have lunch, dinner. 

 This has nothing much to do with us, the people who come here to eat, It's actually the place where the waitress prepare beverages.

 Photo taken by boy friend, Cafe 9 is so easy to find, and it's located at the corner of shoplot.

Found out this before I left. It's only Rm 35-45 for 2 person, which is damn worthy, esp after I tried their fish cake, and Tom yum,I know the price is damn worthy~~ 

Wifi: Available

Address: 27, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya, 46400 Selangor.

Contact no:  03-79322899

Business Hours: 
11.00am – 4.00pm
6.00pm – 10.00 pm

(Open daily, except Tuesday)
November 19, 2015

How to get rid of toner that is going to expired in one month

It all started with I recently found out that one of my toner is going to expired in December 2015. And I still have half bottle of it. On the other side I have started to use mist spray recently, then this idea suddenly knocked my mind. 

"Hey, why not make it into Mist Spray?" 

And I still have half bottle of it. Normally, even if I use it everyday, it still couldn't finish in one month time. (The fact is this full size bottle of The Face Shop Chia Seed Watery Toner has stay with me since May 2013, It has stay with me for about 2 years and 5 months! Still I cant manage to finish this full size bottle. 

The only mist spray that I have. Both are both travel size. The Melvita one has a mild rose scent, I normally apply it at night, Cause the rose scent is LOVE! I use it after I bathe. If I am too lazy to apply toner and moisture or essence, then I will simply spray this.

I quite like to use mist spray because it is quite easy to apply. Just Spray will Do!

The Avene Thermal Spring water on the right side, is just a pure mineral water that has healing effect. What I like about this bottle of Avene Spring Water is first, it's Brand.

 Avene is a skin care brand from French that specilize in catering sensitive skin. The products under brand Avene are hypoallergic, designed for sensitive skin, and this Spring Water is one of their Best Seller. I am sure that some of you heard of it before. It is the First Mist Spray in the market before any other brand came out with their own.

And this Spring Water has undergo quite some clinical study , and they have their own hydrotheraphy center too! I got to know this as I attended their Eczema workshop talk few months ago. (When I was young, I have atopic eczema, that come with Asthma too. )

Secondly,  it's packaging. The nozzle someone has certain technology known as D.E.F.I system that keep the product sterile, and the water can only move in one direction, that is to go out.

But you can replace it with drinking water and put into mist spray bottle if you were on budget! This is what I want to tell today.

I got this  50ml mist spray bottle from Watson for Rm 5.50. I feel like I can get it cheaper somewhere else, perhaps MR DIY, or AEON will have a cheaper price.

There were a few choice of botthe that you can choose. DON"T CHOOSE THE WRONG BOTTLE yea. In this case, you want to get a MIST SPRAY, so you should get bottle on the left. Initally I took the right one, then only realise I bought the wrong bottle after I bought. So I went back to change again.

 This is the MIST SPRAY BOTTLE that you need.

And the steps for making a Mist Spray DIY is so easy!! So so easy. Simply put the water/liquid that you want to use in the bottle then you are done!

Since my toner is going to expired in December 2015, hence I need to dispose this as soon as possible. 

 POur the toner from full size bottle into the little 50ml mist spray bottle.

 Viola! I guess you must  be very "zha dao" right now. But you would agree with me that this tips is quite useful,right? =P   The environment make me a bit creative in substitution when I am out of budget. haha.

So now I have 3 bottle of mist spray!!

 I wanted to give the Avene one to my father, cause he worked under the sun, and his face is very dry, he need this more than I do. I have 2 other bottles , one for night use. Use it slowly, cause I don't want it used up faster. And the DIY mist spray one must used up quickly before it expired. 

Let me know if this idea useful for you or not yea? =D 
Have a Great Thursday ahead! 
November 10, 2015

Symphony Suites Hotel Ipoh

A brief look into Deluxe Suite in Symphony Suites Hotel in Ipoh, Malaysia. 

Checked in on 9th November 2015
Checked out on 10th November 2015

Look like something from google hor, but nope! Found this Kolam (Deepavali floor decoration) in the lobby, it's too pretty not to take a shot of it.

Thanks to Emily Lowe for the giveaway, I got a free one night accomodation at Symphony Suites Hotel in Ipoh, near the famous limestone caves area. So in this post, I will review about Deluxe Suite Room in this hotel.


 DELUXE ROOM has not only BED ROOM, but LIVING ROOM , SMALL COFFEE TABLE, and TOILET, and another BATHROOM in our bedroom!

Can you tell me how is this not luxurious??

Neh~~ Now telling this using picture, and video at the end of this post.

 Opposite the bed is this simple working desk, with television and the light + radio things.

As you can see, everything here is so sleek, clean, chic and NEW!!!
I mean you will find less fault with NEW hotel!!

 There is one big mirror just before the bathroom, its so broad, taller than me also. Again a sleek mirror.

I actually do not know anything about the background of this hotel. But I could tell that it is new because the use of this high technology finger touch buttons but the aircond, signage for hotel staffs and the switch to the lights. 

 And another big wide mirror in the bathroom in bedrom. Tell me how is this not comfortable??

 Some of the facilities in the toilet. And the super mini Colgate toothpaste is enough for 3 times use.

 Room Service Menu as found beside the telephone as usual.

and here is the content.
The price where true on the date of Novemeber 2015 yea. Warn you ahead. 

Living Room

 Actually both of us were quite surprise to see a seperate living room from our bed room (In fact, we didnt expect a living room too! ) Remember, the Deluxe room at Rm 200 with breakfast for 2 pax, would you expect to have a seperate living room?

 At the left side after the main entrance door.

 Toilet for the living room!

That's the main exit door behind me. Also, it has newspaper at the second morning. too bad we didnt receive it cause we checked out at 8am, I think. I felt like we both visit here the wrong timing. He is busy with his own insurance and direct sales schedule, and I have my assignment and FYP to do. And guess what? We spent our entire day in Ipoh in the room, just to do assignment, and he read his marketing book. That's a bit lame, I wish I can linger at the soft bed more.....

By the way, here is the video that I have taken using my cell phone. It's a bit unstable. And the content is more or less the same with the pic description. But if you are craving for more, then this might satiate you. Enjoy~~~

Breakfast Buffet

Talking about the breakfast buffet that Symphony Suites provide to it's guest, it won't be too many choices of food. but it's definitely impressive! because there were all so delicious! 

Why is it Impressive? 

1. Normally I don't expect much from the breakfast buffet from hotel, but this cafe serve delicious food! (Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang, well seasoned Potato Wedges)

2. Spacious, the gap among table to table is spacious. 

3. Didn't expect to have fried egg counter also. 

Sleeping mode at the entrance of Symphony Cafe. Ground Floor (same floor with Lobby)

 The first sight of food that I saw. Beverage on the right, and Tosted bread with Jam on the left.

 I don't know why I particularly want to give extra space for this. Hehe.

 They don't serve dessert, but how do you expect from the Deluxe suuite room that pay RM 200 for this?

In fact, I quite like their salad table. It has 3 different types of fruit, then salad. Their ingredients is quite premium I would say. Orea biscuit, PIng Pong biscuit, Bell pepper (that is honestly do not cheapskate at all, coz it would be Rm 4-5 for only 1 in hypermarket),  tomato, carrot and Asian Onion Ring.

 Here is another zoom of it.

 The big portion of each type of vege would means it take me some times to cut it into small pieces before I mix with the dressing, but  I always love to have Salad during buffet because it's very troublesome to make salad with variety of vege and salad at home.Don't you think like that?

 Extra shot given on the bread because it is properly arrange , neat and clean.

 This is another point that I feel impressive. They have nasi lemak with Ayam Rendang despite they have fried rice. The ayam rendang, despite too overwhelmed with the taste of Ginger, still delicious and I knew it was prepared meticulously, cause it has lemak santan (coconut milk). Which is why I like it!!

And do you find something interesting?
They even try to keep the sambal nasi lemak warm by water boiled it. Which I personally don't think it's necessary, but glad to see, cause it would means the sambal is hot when I eat it.

 The porridge with various condiments. Which I didnt try, cause Nasi Lemak is good enough.

 YOu can have your mee soup here!

Another points of impressive , because they have fried egg counter!! that you can mix with onion, buttom mushroom, bell pepper and chicken ham!! (omg, all are my favourite food!!)

 OKay, perhaps the picture that food photo that you see is mundane and normal. But trust me, it is so delicious in real life. I especially like the Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang, and potato wedges and salad!!

After the breakfast, I tell my bf that I don't mind to pay extra after the breakfast. Frankly, neither Emily nor the hotel ask me to write a review about this hotel, I decided to write it all at my own will. Because you pay only Rm 200 to enjoy the luxurious room and great breakfast that we had.

The downfall of this hotel is that it's location is take 20-30 mins to reach Ipoh town. But I would still consider to come here again, if I can't find any better hotel provide worthy service in Ipoh Town. 

I personally think that the location of this hotel is strategic when you want to visit Limestone caves near the second morning.  

Attraction/Landmark nearby
-Fairview International School
-Very near to Gunung Rapat
- Limestone Caves in Ipoh were in this area

Foods nearby
-Not much fancy foods in this area, cause it's still consider quite far away from Ipoh town.

Except for the restaurants there is at the shop lot right outside the Symphony Suites.
-石炭 世界grilled buffet
- 一人一语鱼非洲蒸鱼 (Chinese Restaurant)
- A Thai Restaurant

Distance to Ipoh Town
5.6 km to Ipoh Parade, 糖水街
Took around 20-30 mins to reach Ipoh Town

Standard Suite Rm 170
Deluxe Suite Rm 200
Executive Suite Rm 390 Found it is only Rm 300 in

**Price on weekend depend on Occupancy
**Breakfast for 2 person is included.
**Additional charge of RM 25 (adult)/ RM 18 (kids age 5& above) from the third person onwards.

Contact: 05 - 312 2288

No 41, Lapangan Symphony Business Park, Jalan Lapangan Symphony, 31350 Ipoh, Perak

I feel like the information that I provided here is quite comprehensive already. but if you still have any enquiries, feel free to ask me yea =D