June 28, 2015

Sea Park Bak Kut Teh-everyone should just try it!!

Hi!!! I have been mention this for a few times, but if you don't know, let me just say it again. I have been intern in KL for now. I stay in Seapark area, where you literally find a great number of good foods in every corner!

I have been trying this Bak Kut Teh on one random day, their Bak Kut Teh is savoury!! I really wish to share this with all of you. Not only people who live in Seapark should try, in fact, people who stay in Klang, the place where Bak Kut Teh is found famous should tried! You should have just freaking try them!

I personally approached them, offer to review them. Because it's just a loss not to share this! I feel glad and honoured to get to review this instead. A true good Bak Kut Teh meal, that worth your every penny/ringgit.

June 25, 2015



 Went to hair rebonding on 16th June 2015. It cost me Rm 130, okay lar, and I got myself fringe once again. Forehead too much, much act girly a bit, haha

Went to food review with a lot of other bloggers today. I realised that as a blogger , you need to get a lot of connection in order to attend more events, not to said you must attend all the events. But the more connection you have, the more choices that you have. In our life, some occupation, like insurance agent, financial planner, direct sales, MUA and a lot other occupations need to have wide network of connection

and I am so grateful to have the oppurtunity given to me, take invite me to events

I have been very active in blogging as I am currently based in KL now. I always wanted to take fancy pics that earn me a lot of likes. But guess what, my rented house, the background is just a bit...sucks. =(

 Background 1

Background 2, there is more unglam one, No need to show lar~~

Every single day, I have some people to thanks for. As for today, I thanks my boyfriend also my insurance agent for arrange the medical check up for me (for the purpose of medical insurance examination), and waste his 1 hour with me in the clinic, listening to a very nice lady doctor literally asking my health condition one by one.

After the blood test, the doctor insist that she make sure the nurse to press the cut for me, even I offered to press the cut by myself. She said no, to avoid blue-black. She is really a good doctor I can tell.

Even for today, I went for a food review, thanks to the opportunity given by someone, I really appreciate it =D

#27 Working Life
This might sound cliche, but indeed, working life is much more restricted than study life.I just feel tired right now. Like everyday after work, dinner , bath and I sleep. Last time while in campus, usually sleep late at night, but now just too tired to stay until 12am.

I learn that consistency is very important when you are working. FOr example, in documentation, you have to follow the format given strictly. For one reason, people who read this must quickly go through the content without need to waste their time. Reading some new formula, or something inconsistent, they will reject your work, ask you to re-do again, until you really follow the company's cultural consistency.


Through working through the documentation and filing, I realise that I really like to work in front line. Even though I like to key in data (easy job, simply sit in front of laptop and type blindly). But I would feel mundane sometimes, when I feel bored of typing, and eye sore....I wish my job invovle talking, not too much, but somewhere that you get to move your butt, twist your brain juice a bit, relax and laugh.

I realise that I really like to work in front line for any career. I would like to work as a teacher. Because teacher talks to students. I would like to work as a journalist, cause journalist is not only about typing, but thinking, produce a brilliant piece of article, and interview with people from all walks of life.

Found out that secret garden in One Utama is a new wonder!! and a nice place for OOTD!!!

Some times, all you need is a credit, a token of appreciation. It does make me feel good, and hard work pay off, even just a small sincere compliments from superior.

This picture obviously has nothing to do with the description above or below. It's just seperate different hashtag away =D
Caption: My boy and me before our hair cut. 

Whoever you are (kids, adult, bangla, officer, cleaner, upper class, lower class)
Wherever you from (high gap background, different religion and cultural background,people that adapt different weird habit:used to swear, used to dislike certain type of people, arrogant.)

It is very important to RESPECT anyone of them. What I mean is this is not applicable to only when you work, when you wanna build your social network. (Because when you choose your social network, of course you will choose those who is potential in the future career or that will benefit you)

Put yourself into what people's shoes. All of us want to be feel respected, we feel good when people respect us. Ask our opinion, permission before they take our belongings.... or maybe allow us to finish our word, before they started interrupting...every single act does count.

I truely realise this yesterday. I went to an event yesterday. I did not (not respect) to the organisers. If fact we all have a fun time , and taking photos together. But then the ultimate objective of organiser throwing this Ramadhan dinner is to introduce and engage more people into using their apps. Because I am not really active here, so I really don't know what questions to ask.

So there is one moment when they are only 2 of us (me and the apps founder). There are actually a minute of awkward moment. Dragging pointless conversation, looking and smiling to each other awkwardly....I felt like I want to end this quickly.

I mean I feel bad when people are so passionately share about their experience, and I kind of like uninterested. Not that I am uninterested towards the topic, but I don't know what are they talking ler...

Even during the registration, I also don't know what is my username in the apps.

June 23, 2015

Seapark Flying Wantan Mee.....with the luscious charcoal-burnt char siew!

Date visited: 22th June 2015
So the story start with I have heard the fame of this flying wantan mee for quite sometime. On just a random day today, we were here to makan (taste) it! 

Located at this humble roadside stall, beside Seapark wet market, same row with BurgerLab Seapark,  selling a quite tender and authentic wantan mee, despite it is actually prepared by the foreigner. The boss is a Chinese.

Flying wantan mee cost at

Small- RM 6.00

Medium- RM 6.50
Large-Rm 7.00

 This charcoal-burnt char siew is tender, oily and succulent. And it is the fat couple the lean meat that make the char siew so luscious. 

The noodle is springy accompanied with a taste of 猪油lard, delightful flavourful. I don't know how to compare with any other Wan Tan mee in KL area, cause to date, I have only taste wantan mee at 2 different places, and this is better than the other one. 

COmpare to  wantan mee in Kampar, they should really feel shame why it tasty gap can be so much different. 

 Why the amount of Scallion is not balanced one??

 Their minced pork fillings is slightly bigger than the usual. Or maybe it is just Kampar that serve small wantan?  

 the smooth boiled chicken is delicious after the added of their secret soy sauce though. However, small portion like this cost Rm 4.50

 After the hawkers blanched and tossed the noodle, the noodle was mix with this 3 sauce. Shallot oil, Lard , and secret soy sauce, which is thicker and sweet. 

 How they prepared the legendary wantan mee.

I DIDNT TRY THIS.  I saw this chilly sauce and pickled green chillies on every single table. However, my friend and me do not used to seasoning our food with chillies and all these. But I guess this chillies certainly will do some magic to enhance the overall wantan mee.

 The tossing act. Frankly it doesnt matter whether it is tossing or not. In fact the act tossing at the roadside irritate me in a bit. Imagine all the dust in the air go into the flying mee. I really want to ask the boss the reason of tossing. Is it making it more springy? Because, my food buddy thought the noodle is self-made one, it is a little different. NOt sure, is it because of the tossing act. Well, for me, I don't taste any difference. 

If there is anything I would like to complain, then it would be the environment. We are literally eating in the middle of road where car passing around, dust flying.  I guess their business would be better when they move into a shop, with a more hygience environment. 

OVerall, this is so far the best Wantan Mee I have ever tried in KL, considering I have only tried Wantan mee in 2 different place. OKay, it's not credible enough I know. But I could assure you it is above average and the charcoal-burnt char siew is to go for! 

So this is the reason why I recommend you to try here despite the environment is ...meh~~~  =D 

open at 6.30pm - 12.00am everyday. 
Rest one day in a week, forgotten is which day, sorry , will update here again. 
June 18, 2015

Shopping experience with Zalora.com.my

Harlo~~ Welcome to my page, if you wander how was it to purchase online from Zalora, then you are at the right site! 

From my personal experience, Zalora sell a lot of dress and accessories. I would need to take some time to select from among the manySSS cause with limited budget. I would always think about Zalora, for high class, expensive, branded dress and bags.As a student, I feel that sometimes the items there is expensive for me. Hence I would only visit Zalora, when it has big sale or something like that. 

Anway, in this post, I wanna update what happen after I purchased from Zalora.  I really forgot when I placed order from them. I think is on Friday.Right after that.....(Note: I bought clothes with Rm 100 Voucher from Zalora.)

1. I received an email about that I have bought stuff from Zalora, informing about their acknowledgement.  And after that I temporary forget about this. 

2. Then today, I received this SMS, this is one of the main point here. I never expect to receive SMS reminder from any online shopping so far. Most of the time, I would only get acknowledgement from email. I quite like this reminder, cause I know the latest update without need to check on email. But to check on it after I get this message =D 

3. While checking email, this is what I have received. 

4. Actually I quite like the clothes that I choose, so I am a bit excited, and when to see the progress of my delivery. Here come another highlight in this post. After pasting the tracking code. Below is what that popped out. Again, I was quite unexpected to see this simple diagram below......

By simply looking at the diagram, you already can figure out your tracking. How convenient is that!! The final stage is when you received your parcel. So it is "DELIVERED"

And here come my 2 pieces clothes! Nowadays when I shop for clothes, especially shopping online, I prefer to buy 2 pieces (top and bottom) instead of 1 pieces. Cause I not really sure about whether the size would fit me or not, especially dress would be quite hard to measure. Even though, Zalora do provide the detail information about the size of model wearing, and measurement of each size (Sleeve length, Bust circumference, waist , hip and dress length). I still feel it is better to test it on your body. Also buying 2 pieces, can play with Mix & Match!

Quite satisfy with their service, their inform customer at every stage they carry out. And even allow to do return of the goods (that even come with PosLAju form for you to fill in)

UPdate on 18th June 2015:

I got this SMS this afternoon. WOW~~ Zalora even continue to service us even after the goods is delivered. Judging from this, I can feel that Zalora would always reply their customer shortly upon receiving them. Well, this is just my assumption anyway. Do share with us (me and my readers) if you encounter anything with them that you would like us to know! 

June 14, 2015

登嶝澄燈 舞台剧

 Harlo!! It's weekend and I already start intern for 2 weeks. Yesterday right after my work at 1pm, I straight went back to Kampar for this show. 登嶝澄燈 舞台剧. Previously I saw they keep promoting and uploading videos, but those videos hardly attract me to be honest. But yesterday it's just a WOW!

LIke all these while , what they keep for secret haWOWing the audience and surprise us so much!! Like so so much! Let me just start from beginning....

 First, there have this exhibition at the entrance of Grand Hall. Part of exhibition is that you can write your wishes or anything on this lotus and hang on this tree. Later this wishes tree became photography props of a lot of people.

WHhile waiting for the show to begin, they displayed some promotional photos. The reason that I put these photos here though it is taken from slide because looking at this photos, I felt that these people have growing a lot, though I dont really know most of them. The committees, helpers, and actors are not only working hard, and being a professional one, the quality of the photos display really look like these photos were taken in studio! Which in fact is taken in just a normal house.
 their eye contacts, costume, with a not-so-professional posture just make the feeling right!

 Selfie with 2 of my younger brothers, our family have 5 siblings, and 4 already here! Quite proud to support my own society =D  THe only one who absent because she is studying oversea.

 With the cacat one.

 I must said I am very impress with the booklet design. All the committees and helpers here are students, aside from study, they need to spent some time to design this booklet, which is 24pages in total  and the design is impressive! Just simply PROFESSIONAL!!Seldom see any event in campus make such a beautiful booklet that worth keeping.

 Some of the content inside.

 After the opening speech by various VVIP, as usual souvenir as a token of appreciation.

Opening Performance by COmmittees or helpers I not sure.

Then it first start with invited guest, Jin, 薛炳进 perform live with his warm melody, warm because his voice make me feel a bit鸡皮疙瘩 (, goose bumps ) in a pleasant way. And I just have to record the video.

Then start of the theatre!!
This story telling a group of 5 people lost in a jungle, and during the journey, they accidentally found a faboulousfeastl in a jungle, savouring in the meal without the permission of the owner...and in order for the owners whom is the 3 brothers, to set them free, they have to found a lot of money, gem for them.

The fabulous feast that is belongs to these 3 brothers. See the visual effect of theatre, just WOW!The strikingly colourful of costume and the light. They should put this on stage for us to take photo also.

And the characters in some famous game was part of their exploration too! Do you see anything from DOTA??

OKay,no more theatre performance photo, I just took a few photos and  simply attracted the show, and just want to enjoy the live theatre performance.

#end of the Theatre.

CLosing ceremony. Appreciation by helpers. 

by the committees who has been work hard for almost a year!and Growing together!. 

As the props are all handmade, and  huge enough to be placed in the huge stage of UTAR Grand Hall and impressive. Results of months of sweat and effort. I think they started to build this from scratch since February?? MC invited those who are interested to take photos with the props.

and with the character outside the hall. His make up is so surreal!! a fierce looking one.

And a cute one! Judging from his eyes, I could guess that he was smilling, coz when our eyes tend to squeeze into line when we smile. Logic?

Picture time!!! 

Kai kai was so handsome yesterday! and the girl usher I don' tknow her name, paiseh =P

With UTAR Buddhist Society seniors that come all the ways from Penang and KL area. 

With Ying Ying , my classmate!!

That's all for the night, a wonderful and fulfilling night!

A bit sad to see this end already =(

June 7, 2015


Previously I pondering about life when I was bathing. Now I pondering about life when I was stuck in traffic jam.

Be very careful when you go to roadside stall that seem selling nice and cheap food, and without menu list. The food price might be just expensive as the good ambience one. Especially in KL.

while hanging out in Jaya Shopping Centre, I love my this photo, I looked slim!

Oasis Square has flea market every Friday, drop by here to see, or you might find the night view here is enchancted! This is the place where I work =D during the day, but quite of the pretty ambience=D

First time in a week staying to KL to cook. Macaroni and Cheese. The original price is Rm 19 sth, but I bought it at Rm 6 cause it's almost expired already. But the food is still in good condition, compare to my friend' JM, this macaroni is too watery, perhaps because no magerine added?

Better to intern right before graduate compare to intern, study and graduated.

currently most of my work are documentation and filling. For a large scale company, that handle various kind of all-in-one services, the document upon reaching our hands, need to stamp with company logo, "Received---date" , check the account, arrange the invoice according to invoice number, or date, or location, pass to Supervisor to sign, then stamp again, let Director sign, photocopy for documentation purpose and pass to Head Quarter again.

So, it's very important for us, doing this kind of secretary job to double check the document, just like today, when A pass me the same doc, ask me to photocopy them, I just simply do it without checking. End up we have 4 sets of the exactly same doc. (2 original, and 2 copied) , In the end, we need to throw away the other 2 sets.

Also, need to look at the no of copies printed, sometimes, after the previous colleague used, they don't revert it back to original setting, then the copies remain 10, in this way, you have to waste another 9 sets of paper again, if you don't know how to cancel it.

while writing cover letter, always have to remember which block is to address to whom. Because sometimes boss will get it confused also. Busy boss always has big decision to make, a lot of factors to consider. Since I am handling documentation and filing, just do it properly, look at every single MINOR details carefully to avoid waste of time, material.

One good thing about documentation and filing is that, no one will ever find it out and blame you, because it is in fact not a big matter, and you can always re-do it. #justsayit  I never mean I want to do such easy and mundane task okay? 

kthx bye!