June 23, 2015

Seapark Flying Wantan Mee.....with the luscious charcoal-burnt char siew!

Date visited: 22th June 2015
So the story start with I have heard the fame of this flying wantan mee for quite sometime. On just a random day today, we were here to makan (taste) it! 

Located at this humble roadside stall, beside Seapark wet market, same row with BurgerLab Seapark,  selling a quite tender and authentic wantan mee, despite it is actually prepared by the foreigner. The boss is a Chinese.

Flying wantan mee cost at

Small- RM 6.00

Medium- RM 6.50
Large-Rm 7.00

 This charcoal-burnt char siew is tender, oily and succulent. And it is the fat couple the lean meat that make the char siew so luscious. 

The noodle is springy accompanied with a taste of 猪油lard, delightful flavourful. I don't know how to compare with any other Wan Tan mee in KL area, cause to date, I have only taste wantan mee at 2 different places, and this is better than the other one. 

COmpare to  wantan mee in Kampar, they should really feel shame why it tasty gap can be so much different. 

 Why the amount of Scallion is not balanced one??

 Their minced pork fillings is slightly bigger than the usual. Or maybe it is just Kampar that serve small wantan?  

 the smooth boiled chicken is delicious after the added of their secret soy sauce though. However, small portion like this cost Rm 4.50

 After the hawkers blanched and tossed the noodle, the noodle was mix with this 3 sauce. Shallot oil, Lard , and secret soy sauce, which is thicker and sweet. 

 How they prepared the legendary wantan mee.

I DIDNT TRY THIS.  I saw this chilly sauce and pickled green chillies on every single table. However, my friend and me do not used to seasoning our food with chillies and all these. But I guess this chillies certainly will do some magic to enhance the overall wantan mee.

 The tossing act. Frankly it doesnt matter whether it is tossing or not. In fact the act tossing at the roadside irritate me in a bit. Imagine all the dust in the air go into the flying mee. I really want to ask the boss the reason of tossing. Is it making it more springy? Because, my food buddy thought the noodle is self-made one, it is a little different. NOt sure, is it because of the tossing act. Well, for me, I don't taste any difference. 

If there is anything I would like to complain, then it would be the environment. We are literally eating in the middle of road where car passing around, dust flying.  I guess their business would be better when they move into a shop, with a more hygience environment. 

OVerall, this is so far the best Wantan Mee I have ever tried in KL, considering I have only tried Wantan mee in 2 different place. OKay, it's not credible enough I know. But I could assure you it is above average and the charcoal-burnt char siew is to go for! 

So this is the reason why I recommend you to try here despite the environment is ...meh~~~  =D 

open at 6.30pm - 12.00am everyday. 
Rest one day in a week, forgotten is which day, sorry , will update here again. 

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