June 7, 2015


Previously I pondering about life when I was bathing. Now I pondering about life when I was stuck in traffic jam.

Be very careful when you go to roadside stall that seem selling nice and cheap food, and without menu list. The food price might be just expensive as the good ambience one. Especially in KL.

while hanging out in Jaya Shopping Centre, I love my this photo, I looked slim!

Oasis Square has flea market every Friday, drop by here to see, or you might find the night view here is enchancted! This is the place where I work =D during the day, but quite of the pretty ambience=D

First time in a week staying to KL to cook. Macaroni and Cheese. The original price is Rm 19 sth, but I bought it at Rm 6 cause it's almost expired already. But the food is still in good condition, compare to my friend' JM, this macaroni is too watery, perhaps because no magerine added?

Better to intern right before graduate compare to intern, study and graduated.

currently most of my work are documentation and filling. For a large scale company, that handle various kind of all-in-one services, the document upon reaching our hands, need to stamp with company logo, "Received---date" , check the account, arrange the invoice according to invoice number, or date, or location, pass to Supervisor to sign, then stamp again, let Director sign, photocopy for documentation purpose and pass to Head Quarter again.

So, it's very important for us, doing this kind of secretary job to double check the document, just like today, when A pass me the same doc, ask me to photocopy them, I just simply do it without checking. End up we have 4 sets of the exactly same doc. (2 original, and 2 copied) , In the end, we need to throw away the other 2 sets.

Also, need to look at the no of copies printed, sometimes, after the previous colleague used, they don't revert it back to original setting, then the copies remain 10, in this way, you have to waste another 9 sets of paper again, if you don't know how to cancel it.

while writing cover letter, always have to remember which block is to address to whom. Because sometimes boss will get it confused also. Busy boss always has big decision to make, a lot of factors to consider. Since I am handling documentation and filing, just do it properly, look at every single MINOR details carefully to avoid waste of time, material.

One good thing about documentation and filing is that, no one will ever find it out and blame you, because it is in fact not a big matter, and you can always re-do it. #justsayit  I never mean I want to do such easy and mundane task okay? 

kthx bye!

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