June 6, 2015

Navy Stripes and Plain

 Hello with a minion here!!

TOday want to post some OOTD post here.

I found out that stripes and plain is always the perfect combo to go with. 
It's either stripes cardigan/blazer with plain tee or top in stripes with plain cardigan. 

Cotton blazzer and pants in blue-white stripes: from Pratunam Morning Market
Plain black tank top with lace embellish : Giordano (not sure it's still in Market now)
Green Wedges with Cushion: Polo

Short pants could be effortlessly pair with boots, wedges, flat pumps. And I like my wedges very much! Shoes from Polo always the comfortable one! 

Kthanksbye! Let me know what you think about this, kay?

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  1. Hi,

    I like your stripes vest and its look good on you!



Thanks for your comment! <3 <3
I really motivated when I saw people do read and make effort to comment everytime! TQ!