June 25, 2015



 Went to hair rebonding on 16th June 2015. It cost me Rm 130, okay lar, and I got myself fringe once again. Forehead too much, much act girly a bit, haha

Went to food review with a lot of other bloggers today. I realised that as a blogger , you need to get a lot of connection in order to attend more events, not to said you must attend all the events. But the more connection you have, the more choices that you have. In our life, some occupation, like insurance agent, financial planner, direct sales, MUA and a lot other occupations need to have wide network of connection

and I am so grateful to have the oppurtunity given to me, take invite me to events

I have been very active in blogging as I am currently based in KL now. I always wanted to take fancy pics that earn me a lot of likes. But guess what, my rented house, the background is just a bit...sucks. =(

 Background 1

Background 2, there is more unglam one, No need to show lar~~

Every single day, I have some people to thanks for. As for today, I thanks my boyfriend also my insurance agent for arrange the medical check up for me (for the purpose of medical insurance examination), and waste his 1 hour with me in the clinic, listening to a very nice lady doctor literally asking my health condition one by one.

After the blood test, the doctor insist that she make sure the nurse to press the cut for me, even I offered to press the cut by myself. She said no, to avoid blue-black. She is really a good doctor I can tell.

Even for today, I went for a food review, thanks to the opportunity given by someone, I really appreciate it =D

#27 Working Life
This might sound cliche, but indeed, working life is much more restricted than study life.I just feel tired right now. Like everyday after work, dinner , bath and I sleep. Last time while in campus, usually sleep late at night, but now just too tired to stay until 12am.

I learn that consistency is very important when you are working. FOr example, in documentation, you have to follow the format given strictly. For one reason, people who read this must quickly go through the content without need to waste their time. Reading some new formula, or something inconsistent, they will reject your work, ask you to re-do again, until you really follow the company's cultural consistency.


Through working through the documentation and filing, I realise that I really like to work in front line. Even though I like to key in data (easy job, simply sit in front of laptop and type blindly). But I would feel mundane sometimes, when I feel bored of typing, and eye sore....I wish my job invovle talking, not too much, but somewhere that you get to move your butt, twist your brain juice a bit, relax and laugh.

I realise that I really like to work in front line for any career. I would like to work as a teacher. Because teacher talks to students. I would like to work as a journalist, cause journalist is not only about typing, but thinking, produce a brilliant piece of article, and interview with people from all walks of life.

Found out that secret garden in One Utama is a new wonder!! and a nice place for OOTD!!!

Some times, all you need is a credit, a token of appreciation. It does make me feel good, and hard work pay off, even just a small sincere compliments from superior.

This picture obviously has nothing to do with the description above or below. It's just seperate different hashtag away =D
Caption: My boy and me before our hair cut. 

Whoever you are (kids, adult, bangla, officer, cleaner, upper class, lower class)
Wherever you from (high gap background, different religion and cultural background,people that adapt different weird habit:used to swear, used to dislike certain type of people, arrogant.)

It is very important to RESPECT anyone of them. What I mean is this is not applicable to only when you work, when you wanna build your social network. (Because when you choose your social network, of course you will choose those who is potential in the future career or that will benefit you)

Put yourself into what people's shoes. All of us want to be feel respected, we feel good when people respect us. Ask our opinion, permission before they take our belongings.... or maybe allow us to finish our word, before they started interrupting...every single act does count.

I truely realise this yesterday. I went to an event yesterday. I did not (not respect) to the organisers. If fact we all have a fun time , and taking photos together. But then the ultimate objective of organiser throwing this Ramadhan dinner is to introduce and engage more people into using their apps. Because I am not really active here, so I really don't know what questions to ask.

So there is one moment when they are only 2 of us (me and the apps founder). There are actually a minute of awkward moment. Dragging pointless conversation, looking and smiling to each other awkwardly....I felt like I want to end this quickly.

I mean I feel bad when people are so passionately share about their experience, and I kind of like uninterested. Not that I am uninterested towards the topic, but I don't know what are they talking ler...

Even during the registration, I also don't know what is my username in the apps.

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