July 7, 2018

#7072018 随手一拍

Am transferring my photos for the past 2 years into my phone now. So I thought It's better for me to chronicle some of them here, before I forget them.

#22nd July 2017
 Came across for thirth book store here in The Curve after I have finished food review in Pak John Restaurant.

A place where I can go if I want to get some leisure reading and cheap books, and paramount of cooking books there!

#22nd July 2017 - Celebrating my 大伯娘 birthday. The birthday celebration was indeed a cozy and luxurious one! It's small size but so grand! I wish that I can throw such birthday celebration for my parents too!

I just wanna make them proud!

the bottle so special hor

M for Maple

with my then boyfriend, now our status upgrade to become Mr & Mrs Tan in 2 more months! He is my fiance now! 

With my sister who works in KL

part of the delicate- eye-popping decor. 

and my cousin sister also gave her mum a bouquet of red roses! 

Meeting up with Nitya!! She is one of my closest coursemate!

Then in August. I had the chance to feast on wonderful palate. 

Had the chance to try on the biggest burger in Malaysia 


All thanks to my blogger babe, Kimora.

Attending my ex-boss' wedding reception in Subang Dorset 

Life is not a smooth sailing after all

I can be
Pretty when my heart is blossoming
Moody when I hit road bump
Overwhelming when I am overloaded with consuming/arduous workload
Shitty/Tension when I am lost

Pretty me

Bare face me

6th August 2017

The first meeting to discuss about Dharma Walk carnival on 30th September 2017.

 人少少时,随便拍一拍。 I like to mingle with people of the same age.

两位 91 很逗趣的样子。 

真的没有东西做, 随便拍一拍, 嘉雯很美丽。 

Okay, 开始认真了。 

 开始全部人到齐了, 我也开始收敛了。

 认真meeting中。 因为我是宣传组的, 所以会一直拍照。 that's my best strategy to keep on increasing the exposure for the event mar~~


8th August 2017

Teaching tuition to the adorable sisters! The other one was not in the photo.

I used to have my dinner settled in Petrol station most of them before attending to giving home tuition. Today, the fellow in the pic gave me a cup of free chocolate cause they have just installed the coffee making machine! The chocolate was wonderful! 

You can choose the amount of sugar and others. 

My dinner in petrol station before giving tuition. 


Colourful.  Bright Indian Garland.  
12th August 2017

Before Subang Jaya Buddhist Association. 

护法行宣传组also in charged with designing poster. 

The vouchers were ready. Ready to be distributed! I guess between August and Sept was the peak time for Dharma Walk promotion. I was at my most busiest time doing Dharma Walk during the last 2 weeks before the actual day. 

 Dharma Walk publicity tour: Alvin promoting in Hoeh Beng Buddhist  temple. A very serene wonderful temple in  heart of Kuala Lumpur. city. Accessible with public transport. Just go down at  Monorail Chow Kit and walk roughly 500m and you will reach!

jia you! Alvin!

23rd August 2017
I'm too stress I deserve some goodness to refuel myself. LOL 

23rd August 2017- Hubby purposely sent me this during the lunch hour!

My working outfit on 23rd August. 

24th August 2017- Departing to Sabah , for YBAM Biannual Convention. 

I just cannot re-call how I reach KLIA that time. Perhaps we were by then too rush, and I got confused to store in my memory. 

Air BnB on the first night. 

Til then. Will try to update again if I have free time in the future. Afterall, there is a lot of ways to do self reflection and throwback. I am blessed that I got get involved in Selangor Dharma Walk 2017 preparation. It was  nearly a 6-month preparation. I got to learn so much, getting closer with some friends, and knowing a lot of new friends though facing a lot of difficulties which eventually settled because of the teamwork.

It was by far one of the frequently played memories in my mind til now.