November 14, 2013

Brut Cafe

updated on 12th April 2015

I wish I wouldnt not said this, but this restaurant has closed in this address. 

updated on 25th August 2014

It was Chia Ying's convo, and she wanted to came to Brut so badly, so here we did! 


 The aglio olio  that I ordered. Quite tasty actually, just that it is not big enough to make me full.

 I actually order a set that has:

aglio olio
iced lemon tea
a dessert of the day. 

 This is the dessert of the day: Sesame tangerine butter cake. It is actually the butter cake that make me full. Besides, the little amount of the sesame cream spread on the top and middle of butter cake, it is a surprise to me!

The sesame cream is awesome! The taste with heavy enough and make me crave for more.

The butter cake which is tangerine flavour surprise me, never try butter cake with flavour before. But it could be a little too much if you eat it all by yourself.

And who will ever imagine the combination or both? My verdict is..I will come for the cake if the sesame cream is thick enough.

Gula melaka cake Rm9.90

Personally, I don't like it, but Chia Ying seem to enjoy it very much. As the name imply,  the cream is gula melaka-ly taste. 

 There is a new boss taken over the Brut.  I am actually not as happy compare to the environment created by the old boss. The old boss retain the environment of a typical cozy, serene cafe. Scroll to the bottom to see the interior design initially. The new boss now still retain the same design. But move away a few set of table and chairs, leaving quite a lot empty space near the entrance there, and then they only turn on 2 light bulbs out of a row of light bulbs...Most importantly, it's not as chilling as last time, they did not turn on the air-cond, making the space quite....not so cozy....this is not what I would expect from Brut cafe. Brut cafe really gave me a good impression : Passion, quality, tasty, food appearance, ambience..... there never fail in any of the aspect. 

Though the new boss did not do well in maintain a cozy cafe environment, the food that she cook is above average. 


Latest update on 4th December 2013

 I am so excited to share this with you! So I must update now before I go study. Its a Brut's date that we have planned ealier. Went there just to try their crepe suzette. (If you still remember, I said I must went there to try their Rm18.90! The Rm18.90 is crepe suzette I mean)

Pics of us before foodporn~~~

Went to play with the light after dining.

and of course, snap non-stop. More photos with my friend there, will consider to upload if the pic is pretty enough lar~~

A random one, Hot Chocolate.

Day's special-----Brownie and ice-cream, it is so yum with a hint of orange taste. This is the second time that I ate brownie, the first time was the brownie from Secret Recipe.

It was oversweet, super hard, though it packed with thick deluge of chocolate  taste.I thought this was how brownie look like in every eatery.

Well, the brownie that I tasted here is so much different, it is not hard, and every spoon on it is truly indulgence.Gosh, I really wish that I can describe more on brut's brownie, but I am running of vocab now. Erm...when it first served on table, I don't feel much delight lar, cause every brownie look the same, but the first try on it was so pleasant.With a munching texture on the nuts ) 4 of us like it very much =) Totally pleasing me well.  

Crepe suzutte and a cup of hot chocolate.Wanted to make this photo a vintage feel.

Without telling us what happen, the boss came to set up, arrange the chair and everything. We were like......what are you going to do?

"I am going to cook for you",  the boss replied.

and then CW started to go excited already,keep talking, whispering, and then laugh loudly, following her emotion, all of us turned out excited, looking forward to see how the master cook.

This is not the gimmick, the boss did say that it have to serve in this way, means prepare them in front of customer.It used to serve in this traditional way in every eatery when you order this.

Recommend to ask for bitter for brandy person.
Otherwise, ask for original one.
(not sure if mine original, coz I didn't want a more bitter one)

 This is just a teaser, I didn't upload the whole process, have to keep some for the people to dine in there. Anyway, happy watching!

 The outcome.

If you ask me does it worth for Rm18.90. YES! definitely, it is actually enough to serve 3 people.Orange taste overall, and I once tasted a spoon with alcoholic bitter crepe.

p/s:Whenever I drink (alcohol), 
my face, neck will pump with red,
 and rashes on my neck, and 
difficulty in breathing for awhile.
But then I return to normal after that.
 Not sure whether the alcoholic 
content is high or what, 
but its brandy

Went to Brut, a cafe that serve light western cuisine after I had read a review by Jane Fong . Quite surprise to see that the cafe she reviewed was actually in Kampar, new town somemore. (Apparently, Kampar is has new and old town, New town means the area around UTAR campus). I decided to try on it since I actually craving for some breakfast platter recently. And quite hard to believe Kampar actually has such a classic cafe.

Belgian Waffle Rm5.90

It is different from the usual waffle I tried at the roadside stall, it is extraordinary crunchy. And the waffle is not that sweet, so I recommend you to pair it with strawberry ice-cream to top up the sweetness.

For those who don't enjoy neutral sweet, this is it you should try.

 Peanuberries Rm5.90

Peanut + Berries

 egg benedict Rm6.90

actually it is Egg Benedict Americano and Classic, but I forgot which one is which. The pancake is something to die for!! the Yellow gravy is a sauce that has slightly mild cheese.

 Carbonara Rm8.90

unlike the usual Carbonara that you tasted, this Carbonara doesn't has white cheesy gravy, but replace with garlic scent.

Not really like this, I like carbonara for it has the cheesy smell.

 Aglio e Alio Rm8.90

This is also the unusual one,not with prawn or clams, but bacon. Every pasta here come with bacon.

 Pomodoro Rm8.90

Didn't know the name of Pomodoro until I tried them. It means Tomato Spagetti for me. Slightly better than what I cook at home.I wouldn't come for this lo.

 Club sandwich Rm 5.90

I think Club sandwich is worth to order compare to pasta which cost us Rm 8.90. Didn't get to try this though.

Shroom crepe Rm5.90

Mushroom crepe, not bad also, I like to bite mushroom over Egg benedict.

The Menu

They didn't serve any alcholic drink though they serve bacon.

and if you want to try their coffee, make sure you come when their boss is there.

According to the worker there, their boss travel to Vietnam already, LOL

 This is the page that I like, PANCAKE PANCAKE PANCAKE

SEE THE CREPE SUZETTE is much more expensive than the rest, according to the waiter, it treat with alcohol and.....the rest I forgot already, I want to try this next time!

Didn't get to try this cause I  broke this time, cannot spent too much already.

The interior

Everything here is SIMPLE, which make me think of iphone, then if you notice, they has a transparent glasses for their counter and kitchen too!

 I actually went there with CY's friends.

 To celebrate Jia Min and Ann's birthday, though not on the actual day.

 CY is an EGG lover, she like everything about egg! But she don't like cheese, so I eat the cheese part =)

Do you wander what did I order?

Oh well, its Pomodoro! I like tomato so much, but plan to order the pancake and the Rm18.90 next time. =)

okay, let me know if I successful convince you to eat this.

some of the
pictures credit to CY
she editted them so nicely 
I no need to touch them =)

thanks CY

Brut Cafe FB page (they seldom update their page anyway)
Location:Taman Kolej Perdana (the shoplot at TARC there, behind, not the front row there.) 

November 13, 2013

Light of the World- Utar Kampar

It's 1.53am now,I couldn't sleep, so why not I update you with some of the fresh from Oven news of me~~ =)

I went to an event called " Light of the World" just now. It was an event organized by Christian Fellowship Society to celebrate Christmas.It is still the 2nd week of Nov. But Dec of 2013 in UTAR means Final + Semester Break. Who will ever come back to UTAR again just to attend the event o.

So , here goes my pics to do the talk!
 my dinner only Rm3.80, so glad I have chicken rice, soup, and a cup of Liong Shui (herbal tea)that worth Rm0.80, so damn cheap. Somemore, chicken rice is my favourite,damn like the restaurant lo.

 The event held in Grand Hall, the first part that come to us is exhibition. This one I snapped de, darn pretty lar~~

A christmas tree that don't look like Christmas tree also the first christmas tree in UTAR 2013.

 Part of the exhibition.

 The scene of the Last Supper.

Beware,lots of vainpot starting from this point, anyway, the first pic below is the one I like the most of the day!

Actually, We were watching a part of how Judas betrayed Jesus.The lighting there surprisingly good, so became a vainpot there lo.

After sitting down, ignore me.

 Without planning in advance, 2 of us wore Denim Jacket ler~~Just in different tone.

 Like the decoration in the hall.

Highly recommend to watch this! If you think its quite lame, jump to middle part, its quite meaningful yet you can understand.

 Not a really complete class portrait,hehehe.The dude who sat the front is our senior anyway, he is quite friendly and witty in conversation.

 Again, 3 vain pots.zzzz
 This is only a minor part of two of their pic. yet, upload this, cause I think this is the prettiest.

 Continue to take photo at outside.

So, this is my first christmas encounter this year,not really a celebration also.
And I missed out my last meditation class because I went to this. It's okay, I think this is worth to come, plus most of my classmate joined too.

Don't whether you enjoy reading my post or not. Drop me a comment, anything, lets say if you don't like my poor broken English. I really lack of Motivation to blog with standard English lar~~