June 10, 2024

June 2024 _ Joy over the smallest thing

 You know you have become a parents when you can be so happy over a little achievement/ improvement from your kids. 

My daughter managed to finish 2 bowls of rice today! 

Soup rice to be exact. 

It is the kind that is like soup flooded rice that kind of rice. 

She doenst really like to chew big chunks of food pieces like meat, even omelette has to cut to very tiny pieces so that she won't  take it out. 

Too bad I didn't take photo. 

Yesterday, Sunday 

Her dad cooked a marvellous feast of black bean soup with pork bone 

YX likes to drink soup a lot. 

That's why she finished it all, and kept has her month open to indicate that she wants more! 

Also on SUnday, went to Jalan-jalan Japan (JJJ) to buy her some clothes. She has been growing up really fast. BOdy weight is fairly constant, but the height, the arm length, the leg keeps increasing. So we bought exact size or slightly large size for her.  

It was a fruitful journey. Her dad was the most shophaholic moment i have seen . Total purchase about Rm 150++ for 15 pieces clothes. so quite worthy also.  

June 9, 2024

JUne 2024 _Lost and not yet found

 I felt miserable because Ih dont motivation. Ifeel that the challenges I set is unachievable because I dont have time to rest and i constantly want to sleep. 

HOwever, my heart brims with hope whenever I think about my daughter Yee Xuan. I really want to be a good role model for my model. 

At the moment, Iam still feeling lost. 

Anyway, here's some of my recent life. 

I like this view. Ihope i can wake up to this view everyday. So much lively. and THis is the life i want to live! 


TBH, the river water was quite cold. It took us some time to really sink our butt into the water. 

My parents came KL on 1st of June for medical follow up, then Dad and bro went back to continue working. So here's some moment when my mom and hoay were in KL. 

All girls troupe

YX playing with her Cooper the dog from Soo Ann. 


At June 24 , at 20 months stage, she is very actively,  talks non-stop . and just curious to everything. 

It was a public holiday due to Agong's birthday.
Of course my sister is constantly working round the clock to answer client's phone. 

It was a public holiday, of couse we chill and rest and do nothing. 

As a mom, you will just promptly to take out your phone and celebrate every small achievement of your daughter. Even it is just a normal progress.