January 18, 2014

Review: Niko-niko Onigiri

Harlo! Start off this post with 3 of us who were going to review this restaurant.
From left: Me, PInky, and Evon.

See my happy face, I was really so over the moon that moment. First time achieve something like never before.

Firstly, thank you to the boss of Niko Niko Onigiri,Mr Ray for accept my request to review this restaurant. I actually approached them because I really like to eat.

And secondly, I was doing something that I like. I like to eat. I like to review as a blogger together with like-minded people(Best of all, Evon and PInky were both excited as well! ).You know like you are not an alien when 3 of us keep taking photo of those food when the food is served because some people are not. 

BTW, What is O-NI-Gi-RI?
Onigiri is Japanese comfort food, because Japanese people love rice. Rice is the main staple of Japanese cuisine. (In the movie Kamome Diner (kamome shokudo), discussed at length here, onigiri are called “Japanese soul food”, and I think that is very true.)......

..... In Japan, onigiri is a basic convenience food. People carry them on hikes, car trips, have them for breakfast, as late night snacks…etc.

For me, Onigiri is a Japanese food, like sushi. But sushi is seasoned with vinegar/ Sushi sauce and embraced by seaweed. Onigiri, on the other hand,can be salty or otherwise, and it appear conventionally triangular in shape.Otherwise, it can be mould into anime like Hello Kitty , Panda forming a part of Bento also.

Okaka and Tanuki Rm 3.80 per piece.

If you cannot be certain  the size of the onigiri, you can always ask the waiter there to show you.The waiters there are equip with the knowledge about dishes available. Mostly, you will be full  with only 2 onigiri.

Niko Niko 3-in-1 set Rm 9.90

Alternatively, you can opt for Niko-niko set for heavy meal. I would choose this if I wanted a balance meal. A sushi rice of your choice.(Tanuki, Furikake, Okaka, and side dishes.(Seaweed, Tobiko, Scallop. Potato Salad)

The miso soup is so yummy! The best I ever tried about the Japanese cuisine, it won't too salty, yet enough of taste.The tobiko is real in bouncy too!The potato salad is commonly tasty as well.

Special Niko-niko Reimen Rm12.90

 I should  ordered the popular hot Udon recommended by Boss.This dish remind me of Mi Sedap. No offence, but headed for HOt Udon is better.

 Chuka Idako (Baby Octopus) Rm6.90

I am not a seafood person, so headed to Evon and PInky's page to explore Baby Octopus.But I think they really liked it lar~~

Onigiri Tanuki Rm3.80

There are 3 catergory of Onigiri

Category 1- Rm2.80
Category 2- Rm3.30
Category 3- Rm3.80

Because the Tanuki is very yum.I took away  Tanuki. A bit dissatified about the take away waiting time. It took about 10 mins or more to get the take away.However, what impress me about this restaurant is that the Boss is very particular about the food quality and the service of waiter there.

See~ service and food are both their priorities.

When I urged them to make it faster. With an apologetic face, they explained, because they prepared according to the orders accept.  So, you might need to wait longer especially during the dinner time which start 7.30pm- 9.00pm.

Tips for hunting:
1. Some of the ingredients are freshly imported from KL every Monday. To ensure the quality of food,only a limited amount of raw salmon is up to grab. So my advice is, go on Monday if you want to eat raw Salmon.

2.Should first eat dishes with sea weed, cause it will be very hard to chew when the longer time it is exposed to air.

3. Do cater vegetarian, though the selection is much more limited compare to normal eater.

4. Halal~~ so fret not, muslim friends =)

5. Best pair with light beverage. And if you want to stay awake all night, Green Tea will do. Even you can't finish the beverage, you can still take away cause it is sealed =)

6. Avoid peak lunch/dinner time if you want to avoid the crowd.

7.Other than lunch/dinner time,it could be a serene place to study too.Equip with Wifi as well.

8. May choose to dine in alfresco corner outside.

There are still some other tips, read out Evon and Pinky's one to know more.

Excited face of us!


We are innately interesting in blogging! #bloggeraddict!

Last but not least, visit Niko Niko Onigiri Kampar FB page for more latest update.

Onigiri Set, complimentary with Miso Soup and Potato Salad

I just saw this while browse through their FB page.I want to try this ONE!!! Didn't get to try this cause you know there are a lot of good choices, we have to omit some so that it won't go waste having too much of leftover.

 05-465 8262

Operation Hour:10.30am - 12.30am 

Thanks for the hospitality of the Boss! Who I mention very particular in food and staff service.He also tell us some information about the tips above!


Miso soup (nice!)


  1. when to niko-niko origini few days ago too~~haha~
    but I go Klang branch...Love the food~

  2. great that u love that! and if u dun like, just tell the boss, =) they always wanted to improve their satify their customer =

    BTW, u study in UTAR now?

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  4. Very interesting review.. i want onigiri now! Thanks for finding out its halal k :)


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