January 1, 2014

Places I wanted to visit in the future!


Notre Dame and Westminister Abbey are similar for me because they are both the famour epitome of English style Gothic Architecture. 

Gothic Architecture are commonly characterised with several of these features. 
1. Long stained window glass 
2. Tall and high ceilings as well as columns 
3. POinted arches

In short, it feels magnificient to me. and it fulfills my imagination for the fairy tales like the life of prince and princess. I feel the obligation to pay visits to these gothic architecture and be amazed by its intricate and details structure of the whole building. 

1. Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal

Mysterious wishing well

 Beaches that I wanted to step on!

2. Blue Sand Beach, Maldives

3. PInk sand beach, Bahamas 

4. Stonehenge
5. Victoria & Albert Musuem
6. NYC Em cosmetic store! 

7. Hampton Court palace


8. Holkham Hall , North Norfolk, England 

 Why did I come to found out about this Holkham Hall? 
Reading "The Awakening" by Kate CHoppin, I wonder is there really an engine car exist during Victorian Era,and I found a link while googling, from there, I resolve to have myself explore into this place in the future!

p/s : I couldn't get back to the link anyway. Walao~~~ felt like Alice in the googleland,LOL

Places in Taiwan
1. 台中逢甲新宿

2. 台中逢甲夜市

I heard that this place is very popular for wedding photoshoot that you have to book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

4. 行走美食街/炸鸡洋行

5.光合箱子- healthy brunch _Day light in Tai Nan-the first branch
(It's reently open its branch at Taipei also!! )

I am quite sure those who read "The fault in our stars" would be tempted to visit these places. While reading the novel, I am too curious to see how Amsterdam (capital city in Netherland. Dutch= People in Netherland or their language)

1. Vondel park (near Rijks Museum, pic, lazing under the sun)

2. Rijksmuseum 

3. Anne frank house
4.Red light district
5.Oranjee -dragon cat risotto

6. canal boat 

1. Timor Leste
2. Bangkok, stay in one of those cheap but minimalist design, high class box hotel
like Matchbox Hotel. It's only RM 76 2 pax per night. And there is a shopping mall Emporium right beside the hotel. 

Places in Malaysia

1. Acme Bar& Coffee, KLCC  it was the only place in MY, just wanted to try since I havent.

2. Korean Grill BBQ Buffet visited on 15th August for their lunch buffet. but I heard their dinner has more choices such as seafood, pork belly, prok shoulder, sushi, ice-cream etc. I wish to go there once more. 

3. Pizza Gallery, Publika

4. Sky Park, One City Mall, Subang Jaya 

5. Central Park @ +Desa Park City 

5. Flyboard Malaysia, Marina Putrajaya  

for the exciting flyboard experience. 

6. The Bread Shop, Bukit Damansara. 

The Bread Shop
11 Jalan Setiakasih 5, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-2093-8734
Open Mon-Fri: 8am - 7:30pm; Sat: 8am - 5pm. Closed Sun.
In Ipoh? Quite miracle such luxurious vibrant good looking pastries and dessert in Ipoh. Should make a visit on it. 

Taken from EatDrinkKL

Promises with Friends
1. TO go Japan after between August 2017- April 2018, depend on which season of Japan we wanna explore.  Standby Rm 10K for this. 

2. To go Genting after graduated (May 2016). Explore the newly open theme park.  standby Rm 500 for this. 

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