May 19, 2019

NALC Sunblock & Null Acne Block Face Wash

So Japan Premium has sent me their hot selling items which is NALC Sunblock and Null Acne Block Face Wash.

Been using the sunblock for 2 weeks and I could tell you it doesn't feel like I am wearing it!

Why do we need to apply sunblock indoor or outdoor? 

Did you know what's the harmful of UV light? The exposure of UV light damages natural collagen in our skin, which is why it cause the aging of our skin. That is why we were all encourage to use anything with SPF , despite we stay indoor all the time. 

Prolong exposure to UV light might cause skin cancer or melanoma, the figure of people developing melanoma is quite high in Australia. This is because there is Ozone Hole in Australia region , more Australians are getting exposed to great amount of UV ray. 

The fact above just show that it is important to use SPF products day in and day out whether you work indoor or outdoor. Depending on the exposure to sun. I would use SPF 30 ++ for indoor activity and SPF 50++ for outdoor activity. 

Photo taken from Japan Premium

As you can see here, the second ingredient  Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate  e is the one helping to scatter and reflect the UV ray away from our skin. It also helps to reduce the damaging effect of the sunburn. So you can also put that one after getting sunburn if you don't have aloe vera gel around you. 

What is so good about NALC Sunblock? 

 It is a sunblock that is suitable for whole body, including face. I use it on my face too! It is not sticky, absorb faster, characterised by the Three Phase Emulsification. 

Does it work effectively to protect 
our skin from harmful UV ray? 

Of course, you don't need to get sunburn to test how good is a sunblock. After using NALC sunblock, the dark spots  (which caused by sun exposure) has been lessen, which I believe continue to using it would help me to get rid of the dark spots caused by sun exposure.  

However, what I would like to share with you is the experience of using it. I believe all the sunblock works effectively. Normally, the higher the SPF , the more sticky it was. NALC Sunblock being SPF 50 + PA ++++  doesn't feel sticky at all. It was creamy and later on melt upon skin contact. 

And I am feeling at ease to use it on my face. Despite being waterproof, which is good for all purpose. I can still easily remove it with ease. A  normal facial cleanser (not even a make up removal) will do. 

So , lets let the video to do the talking! 

You can purchase NALC Sunblock from Japan Premium. 

So click the link above for more infographic information. 

NULL Acne Block Face Wash

The more you know about this Facial Wash, the more you appreciate the skin benefit of it. 

Haul from Japan. This Acne Block works as it has 3 main ingredients to sooth the skin inflammation , in another way, it helps to combat with certain allergic , and bringing calmness to irritated skin. It works to put out the fire of inflamed skin, and when the acne breakout, the formula inside is gentle enough to calm it, and reduce the acne though the healing effect of various plant. 

It is majority plant-based material and Free from 6 harmful additive. 

So if you have serious acne problem, this is the facial wash for you! It defenses, controls, and guards your acne from affecting your beautiful face! 

You can get it from Japan Premium as well! 

Overall verdict for these 2 products from Japan 

What impress me the most is the experience of using them!

The SPF 50+ sunblock which is not sticky, and feeling moisturised , knowing my skin is being hydrated while being shield away from harmful UV light.

The Acne Block Face Wash that come with a Lime Citrus flavour that make me feel so refreshing and rejuvenating while using it.

I would said that I will use Japanese skincare product for the pleasing experience using them, when it do it job well.  In short, the great experience of using it make the product feel so premium.