December 11, 2018

#11_12_2018 Throwback to few years ago

Am organising photos in my computer.

Photos around 2014
Just bought the platform wedges, trying on it! 

Went to a party, love the recipe by my friend, asking recipe and try to do it. 

Making cheesecake for don't know how many times ady. Which I didnt do now as I seldom kitchen, too much to do, too many commitment to fulfill. 

Acting silly with my sibling. 

Acting silly by pouting

Joining friends

Taking a nice nice photo during CNY 

Meeting up with friends

 and meet up round 2

 and meet up again. 

When free or stress, let's be narcisstic 

Doll up yourself, testing your photography skill

Yet dont' forget to act silly. 

Then meet up with friends again. 

Of course, need to take OOTD. 

Acting in a drama. 

Together with coursemate. 

Joining society. 

When in stress, doll up again. 

Be narcisstic

And try something new. Like learning how to put false lashes. 

Attending prom

and take photo again. 

then find your favourite lecturer and take photos again. 

When weekend arrives, then meet up with friends. 

ALong the way, be silly, courageous, and passionate. 

Cooking will make you fruitful too! 

So do learning dance. 

And showing off how young you are. 

Acting cool by not looking at the camera. 

But sometime you just have to look at the camera. 

and make that silly face. and didn't post it on social media. 

and putting on bright red lips to be like Taylor Swift. 

And dating

Catching his precious moment. 

Then exploring your fashion style. 

And be amazed how cheap the book here. 

Having a make-over by the professional MUA. 

Travelling, Meeting up with friends. 

Take part in a camp

Trying on boyfriend convocation robe and etc. 

Actually, there is more. But let's make my future be as bright, silly, prudent with clearer direction than when I was! 

I found a few things. I was so worry-free back then when I was studying! I feel like I was having a full-time to explore anything I want, and part time studying

I just kept playing, taking nice photos, tasting great food, hanging with friends like once in a week or two! Looking back from where I am now. My past give the feeling that nothing is impossible, only the sky is the limit, back then everything is possible.

Also I found out that back then my hand (富贵手) , my hands won't get irritated easily, even though I cooked frequently. I guess it's the stress, the pressure of chasing something, comparing self with other, and the mundane working routine, lesser time to rest that lead to me to where I am now.

I am a tad bit a little envious to my old self. Presently, I am sticking to  routinely working hour. Then I am still going to WORK FOR 28 years! The damn 28 YEars!

I study for 
Kindy-  3 years
Primary - 6 years
Secondary - 5+ 2 years
Tertiary - 4 years

Total - 20 years. 

I only study for 20 years and yet I have to work for another 28 years??!! I must do something so that I will love whatever I am doing, do something so that I will love my job, that I will looking forward to each and every day.

Dear Kok Shuh Hong, 

You can do it! You are someone who is passionate, talented, blur but you are willing to go all out of it! Find your direction, in a field that value you, and the field you like it! You  can do it! 

The master of your own time, money, sweat and tear! Now when reflecting on what you've done as compare to your university time. You have become much more mature, considerate and more responsible. 

Last time when you think that study is a serious matter, yet you do not really study hard enough. But I have not regret on it. If looking back at it. everything is perfect , except that I am indulging too much in studying, and play, joining society, until I forgot to lay a future foundation for my current self. To I didn't set a goal/ direction for myself, of  what I want to become in the future. 

Right now, stepping into working world. Everyday is a working day, even the rest day, I am also planning for something , working on something, working towards something to achieve some bigger thing in the future. 

So last time was good, but you are the better version of your past time. You are now more mature, responsible, capable and willing to work for it. Go girl! 

And now, what should I do for the coming 28 years? 

October 14, 2018

The Air BnB Homestay for my ROM

(oops, I actually wanted to start this post like my own personal introduction with my personal feelings, then I realised it's actually a  kind-of-like Air BnB review). 

If you want to read about the major and minor milestones, journeys of my wedding. Here it is. 

Anyhow, this is the homestay that we have chose to bride's house for staying overnight on ROM's eve

The reason that I blogged about this particular homestay (It's not my first time staying Air BnB also). is because that the host actually paying delicate attention to the house to make sure that the guests would stay comfortably. 

The reason that I chose this room because it is nearer to my hubby's house. and we planned to head to Thean Hou Temple early in the morning, like 8am when our ROM started at 10am. I want to have a mini photoshoot.(Afterall, I do not dress in this way, and most importantly, It's the meaningful day when I officially become Mrs Tan! ) but, hey, I should have booked the room near to Thean Hou Temple, because it was a normal working day, then going out at 8am with the only choice of travelling using Subang Airport road, then linked to the notorious Federal Highway is a huge turn off.

First, though the house was small, the host manages to make it so big with a see-through glass to separate the living room and kitchen.

Second, the high speed of internet

Third, I literally using the big mirror in the living room to dress up myself. (make up and hairstyling)

 Masterbedroom with TV inside. and an attached bathroom as usual.

 This is what I mean paying delicate attention to ensure the comfort of the guests. The host provides a coat racks for us to hang out clothes, towel etc. and the mirror really delights me, cause I get to see myself the entire time, haha.

The bed
Mattress is quite important in a homestay, there's where everybody will use it! I have experienced staying in nice, fancy homestay. The mattress sheets were so beautiful, looking comfy. But the mattress is not as comfortable, like you can feel that they use normal spring coil mattress, and the blanket is so thin when it's very cold

However, staying here, you can turn of the aircond, adjust to your liking, and snuggle under the thick, cotton (not linen) blanket to keep warm.

The toilet also comes with the necessary toiletries. and of course, the quality toilet paper. (You know, most of the stay in hotel would use only cheap toilet paper) and the hand towel, which is I said the host really provide a comfortable staying experience. 

Though I only stayed there for few hours. But the yellow chillax environment, mirrors. delight me. 
and the basic facilities you will definitely use like toilet, mattress, clothes hanger, dining table, pantry is so convenient and never lacking things. 

Apparently , the rate of the homestay is RM 175 in general. That is quite okay, considering it allows first to wash clothes, cooking (which of course we didn't enjoy any of them, as we just stay there for few hours for sleeping only)

Anyhow,  please note that 

1. When you book from the Air BnB, the room's rate will increase as you increase the no of guest. My sis booked the room, and it actually soar to Rm 400 or Rm 600 when we indicated 6 guests. So my sis resorted to turn to to book the room. And yes, that's how we save a bundle! 

2. Fully utilise your discount voucher (If you have any)

In the end, we asked among ourselves why is it only RM 175 when 5 people can stay there, and all the facilities inside. I guess it's because the not-so-strategic location. If you happen to need a homestay for 5- 7 people in Ara Damansara area, This is the ideal, affordable homestay for you.  It's located in Nova Saujana.