April 25, 2010

hospital incidence

just came back from hospital 15 minutes ago.

the service there was darn bad.


i was going there to take my report

waiting from
3.09pm-get the code
4.15pm- let the pegawai perubatan examine.

and you know what?????

when i entered the room,the pegawai perubatan ask me what was my problem

"erm....nak tahu keputusan report"

"o....awak pergi ambil kat kaunter pendaftaran situ"

(hey!!!!i was ur patient,ur customer le,u ask ur patient to take report??!!!wat kind of hospital was this)

here,there is also another story when i took my report at the counter......
the doctor ask me take my appointment card there as reference
when i take my card to the unfriendly officer there.....

she is totally displeasing,i felt like wanted to give her a beat
i explained to her already,just she can't understand my malay
it was originally i say"ambil keputusan hari ini"
but she took it as"ambil darah hari ini"
and then after she understood the whole incident,she said"lain kali cakap baik-baik ma~~tadi awak cakap ambil darah hari ini"

"tadi saya cakap saya ambil keputusan hari ini.."
(its not my fault ,ok,it ur fault,you din listen well,why blame on me???so suck~~)

ok,and then after i took the report

the pegawai perubatan examine

and then
he ask a doctor to examine me

after observing,she said that my blood was normal,my hormone has not problem

there maybe thyroid gland expand,so you may have to do operation

"so,there will be scar on my neck?"


"har~~~....would it bring any effect if i didn't do operation"

"it may be ok,but if ur neck continue growing bigger,than u should came back here and refer tu us.
(i said nothing,the doctor continue to say)
"if you want to do operation,then we will refer u to professional doctor first"

"erm....ok la,i would like to carry out operation"

the doctor wrote surat rujukan of me to doctor pakar.

while she was writing,i kept asking her

"apa ialah kelenjatan"

(doctor look like,haiz...this girl so troubling,kept asking the same question)

luckily,the pegawai perubatan still have a little bit conscience
he understood me
"apa itu kelenjatan dlm inggeris?"

"lymph node"....

"it suppose to be thyroid gland"

"oh~~~thyroid gland"
i keep saying
"so wat is the reason of my thyroid gland expand?"

"there may be foreigner inside"

"only this reason"


"only these 2 reason????"

(but i don't think so,according to the information from internet,there are still many other reason)

as you seen,the doctor also less professional than i expected(i mean her attitude,but not her knowledge)

haiz.....what can i say

it increase my stereotype that most of the stuff from government hospital are less professional,haizzz....U....U
April 17, 2010


there are 3 of my very best friends birthday this week

13April Qi Qian

17 April Susan Teoh

18April Wei Han

so i wish u all will be happy,smile always and get excellent result in STPM
and who ever get 4 flat must remember to treat me du!!!!


April 15, 2010
everytime after i finish exercise,i will feel more "ringan Tulang"

and more ready to do everything,hoping this feeling can last long~~~~
just finish doing FU jia,hahaha,why do i say so??
coz i did it like a patient trying to recover from illness
what does the Fu JIan refer to


playing badminton with my brother

OMG,next SaTuRdAy would sitting for MUET ,having butterfly in my stomach......

April 8, 2010
this week felt abnormally tired,i just always felt asleep when teacher is teaching....is this a sign tat my body is overloaded???no,i don't think so ,its too exaggerate to use the word "overloaded",although i am tension.But many things need to be settle,assignments like chemistry report,mathematic and household chores,and perhaps one of the reasons i feel tired because i have long time did'nt do the thing i like already,i mean dance,fbing,onling......

it feel like many things happened this week too.first of all,we were condemned by teacher this wednesday.The very first period of Wednesday was MUET,and teacher ask us to stay at class(our class has only 10 students, and we used to study at library because there is air-cond there),and then when taecher came in,she didn't start continue our last time presentation.She start condemn us.

the conversation is sth like this
-i had been teaching form6 for 1oyears,this year is the worst student i had been seen
-i never scolded my student like this before
-your senior,who who who,struggle hard,to get 4 flat,but they only manage to get 3. sth....,then how about u guys....u guys playing around the whole day??!!!!
-yea,it ok ,it ok sometime we relax play a little bit~~~~
-teacher scolded u because teacher care about uactually,i don't need to bother,just let u behave like tat.
-ok,first thing u must do ,is to apologize to cikgu N
-for Islam,you can't get excellent result if the teacher dun hav heart(the meaning is sth like this),i think other religious is like this,right???
-ur class is at 6BS2,not library,don't sms teacher and tell teacher u r in library
-i know,i had been go through your age,i know how u feel,who who who sometimes,they also play ,yea,its ok,as a teen~~
-but can't u be more mature???
-last time,ur senior were ady get band 4,band5 in tov......(our class get band 3 in MUET on average)
-Cikgu N is such a nice teacher ,u know???
-u know,sometimes i felt pity to these girls , the boys are actually making business but now,i had to scolded all of you....

NOte: i didn't mean to raise any arguement or wat,in fact i think this teacher,my MUET teacher is the third best teacher along my study career,the first is my primary chinese teacher,the second is my PMR mathematics teacher,and this is the third,and my mt 1 teacher also share the same level as her.As,she was condemning us,i can felt tat she was really angry for our immature behaviour deep beneath from heart,and really wanting us to turn over a new leave,she didn't mean to scold us for the sake to scold us or to vent her anger like other teacher,she scold us for our own good,it is also a bit funny to see her scolding coz she had so many expression,and she and play along with us though.

and then second thing,i went to hospital this week.
thx for qi qian's awareness,she found out tat my neck a bit swollen and urge me to seek doctor.
but the services of government hospital is darn bad......
1. when you are register,u need to put ur card or ic in a container then wait for the staff to find the history card for u,and the process spent 30 minutes,OMG,just finding a card only,find a card oso need 30 minutes????!!!!!doesn't they already set up a system to arrage the card ????
and i see the "piagam " there

-masa mendaftar:30minutes
-masa menunggu untuk seek doctor:90minutes

tat mean when u go to seek doctor at government hospital,u need about 2 hours??!!!!omg,i really can't stand it,i will rather opt to seek in private clinic rather than government hospital,even thougt the cost is expensive

secondly, when i entered the room,the so called "pegawai perubatan" was asking me wat is my problem,and when i am describe my illness,the phone inside the room rang,ok...i stop,the pegawai listen to the phone.....ok,and then after tat he start to do other thing like recording something on the card,this process taking about 2 minutes.then i continue to describe all over again.

u know the feeling????
like a patient is ready to be seek by doctor
but the doctor is doing other things in front of the patient
he don't sound professional at all
hate this kind of attitude...

just wanna to say my voice out......

well,it seem like many things happen this week,but i forgot ady,
the purpose i wrote these things is do
first,let my friends know wat happen to me recently
second ,as a record,so tat when i re-read my blog,i knew what happen to me in the past.instead,writing into diary is one of the way,but i prefer to write on blog.

hahaha,so shuang now.can write my voice out today.
actually,i can continue to write another post,but my brother urge me ady,he wan play his facebook game,so lame.


wrote by Maple
best wishes to all^^
April 4, 2010
came across christopher at corridor today.
maple: how was ur dating yesterday??
chris: y must i told u???
maple and chris and susan: whoooo!!!!

hahaha,susan's whooo has become famous quote among us already lo~~
first time doing eye mask
MUET talk at SMKC

and the day before went to genting and teluk intan for all soul's day.we stay at genting until 4.20am,then rush to teluk intan.and i found tat almost every corner of first world indoor theme park has WifI,gotta take laptop to there next time.

spending about 2 hours doing my chemistry report there.hahaha. i am doing assignment at top peak of malaysia,and it was cool,and i din't put on jacket for the first time in genting.

i think the most quite place in theme park is McDonald
taken on thursday,when i fetch my friend back,this is wat a beautiful scenery i saw ,is it mesmerizing,i can't stop myself to take the beautiful scene~~
oh,my dearly diary,its long time i didn't update u ady~~~
there is too much happen recently or cn oso say there is ntg happen actually,life just go on like usual,but the feeling is STRANGE,don't ask me why,i can't answer you.

these day,i hav many things can be blog,but i can't online,and when there is oppotunity for me to online,i dun hav the mood to blogging.so,tat is.......

please remind me tat i wan blogging about mei li ri zi(facial mask )next time,i will be telling u about the geniune of the mask.OK,tats all for now,my bro wan use computer le.

1.50pm 2010/april/4 poor maple~