October 22, 2023

Malaysian tourist shopping in Japan : Kyoto & Osaka 2023


1. Shop in Takashimaya  

The things in Takashimaya could be quite expensive. 

Takashimaya in Osaka 

It carries a lot of luxurious brand. All under one roof! 

so I actually had a whale of time window shopping here! I think I spent around 3-4hours only at Level 2. 

Nope, I didnt buy them. I wish I am rich enough to buy them. It was so fancy and so light! 

Didnt expect to find the luxurious brandStella Mc Cartney here. This is a luxurious brand selling handbag without harming animal.  

Even the kids department also carry a number of luxurious brand like Burberry , Anna Sui and a range of other brands. I quite enjoy window shopping here. 

The kids fitting room looks cute, isn't it? 

I was glad that I manage to go to the basement of Takashimaya and look at their food. You see the confectionary...it was so tempting! 

 THe chocolate cake that my sister would like! But cant bring back to MY . 

I didnt buy in the end because there is no seating for dine-in. I still wonder....where do the Japanese eat after they buy their food?  I cannot find a place to sit down and dine-in in their department store ler... 

In the end, we went out from the Takashimaya department store and settled in Starbucks because it was just right outside of the store and it has seating for dine-in. 

2. Make sure your credit card match the name in your passport 
Look at D. 

I actually made this mistake. WHile applying for credit card, I included Maple inside my credit card. Fortunately, my husband read carefully all the Terms& Conditions so we manage to make payment with his credit card.  

3. Apply Takashimaya shopper's card to enjoy additional 5% off for spending 3000 yen and above

We didnt know this initially. Until the friend sales girl told us that all the foreign tourist can apply this card for free. and entitled 5% additional discount on top of the 10% tax free deduction. 

All you need to do is just to show your passport and show the card while making payment at the cashier to be entitled 5% rebate. Quite good! 

Little did I expect I would spent almost half day at Takashimaya. I actually planned to shop in Uniqlo and GU , famous japanese boutique. 

YOu know I didnt go in the end. Too tired . hungry to shop the whole day. Also, I wanna save my wallet. 

Evening time when we came out. 

4. Buy Royce Chocolate at Japan airport 

The normal price of Royce Chocolate Malaysia cost Rm 55. If you buy in Kansai International Airport (KIX), it comes with tax free price and only cost 800 yen (around Rm 25)

I know why people why Royce Chocolate after travelling back from Japan.  

5. Choose Wise if you dont want to bring too much money 

Be sure to apply it at least 3 weeks before your departure. My husband's Wise physical card only arrive after we came back from Japan. 

So this Wise card works like a debit card, so you need to top up with sufficient amount first before you swipe. I am still unsure about the processing fee / conversion rate as I didnt get to make payment with Wise account, however I guess it would be cheaper than credit card for sure!