February 28, 2009

orthodontics 2

this is the srew from my mouth, the dentist uninstall yesterday.

at first, i also thought inject screw inside my flesh is excruciating,but actually it is only the sight seeing creating the such feeling,its just like a red ant bite on u.(plus the reaction with the anaesthetic)

and then the uninstall process is lesser pain than the injection,it not need anaesthetic anymore,its not bleeding to,just time pull out an screw from a mechine,i can sense the movement of the screw rolling,but it ain't pain.

later , the dentist install something like rubber onto the module,the rubber is connected to each other , this is due to push in my tooth more intensively,and it works,because i feel pain all the time after the rubber is put on,esp during eating.

Aih.....the feeling at the begining time of me wearing the ..things... come back again~~


up: before down: now(still with the implant)

down:december 2008

i begin my orthodontics since form 2,at hospital Kemaman.
1. checked in hospital kemaman
2. waiting for several months after getting the approval.
3.started the treatment,checked by the professional dentist again,doing a matrix of my tooth,taking X-ray
4.waiting for the next appointment,but i wonder why haven't the date is stated,after several months,my mom telephone and she was told that the dentist is transfer to other place,so there is not professional dentist in Terengganu.(the pro dentist come Kemaman once in a month)

thus,my mum ask the nurse if there is other faster way to carry orthodontics rather than waiting.later,i was trasfer to Kuantan,because there is an expert there.Still,have to do it all over again since the mould and the x-ray is keep in KT hospital(the authority told me like this).

1. checked by the pro dentist
2.waiting for the appointment(i think i had been wait for about 1 or 2years)
- during this period,my friend also had her orthodontics too,but she neeed not to wait,she go for private dentist's service. I had thought of go for private's service too,even went to the clinic that my friend recommended me to seek service.While,my mother and me were discussing wherther go for private or government.The first calling ringing.Yea,i started my treatment in government's clinic.

December of 2007- my mouth had been install the tools(the wire,the module and other dun-know name things)
before this,theres still lots of step need to follow like
- choosing which way to correct the tooth,i forgot the options that the dentist give me,i just remember between how many tooth need to pull out?which tooth?
option A- pull out the 虎牙,2 tooth,implant screw at the flesh of mouth's side
option B- pull out 4 tooth,need not implant screw

......due to care about my appearance, i choose the option A

i go for appointment every month or two months.

i still remember the most excruciating moment,it was before my mouth had been install the tools. Before installing the tools,the dentist input an unknown-things into my mouth,in order to creating gap between tooth so that it is easier to put all those tools later.
Since the dentist which in charge to put the unknown things was still undergo internship(the pro dentist was teaching her),she don't know the TECHNIQUE to implant it , she cant implant it properly or even fail to moulding it on to my teeth(she put it hardly),since the dentist was using sharp instrument to installing and it touch my flesh til cuts appear ,i cant feel the taste of blood,but it was totally excruciating(i don't know she was causing me the cut at the moment,i just know it after the treatment,when i saw in mirror),and i had stand it the first time,second times,third times.....what was running in my mind was be stationary so that she can implant it properly,finally i can't stand it,plusing i am nervous ,afraid since the started of the process,i burst into tears when the pro dentist wanna to implanting it AGAIN,because to me the process is excruciating , i am frightened and can't stand it anymore!!!

Fortunately,the pro dentist is experienced,he implant the unknown things into other side of my mouth. He just need one time to install it and its put properly and lesser pain,but still i can't stop of crying,its not about the pain,its about the feeling ,the feeling of facing the implantation . .......Luckily,after that times,not more excruciating ,just pain.

ps:continue next blogging,my sister is urging me that she wanna use computer.

this is me before the orthodontics too~~

February 25, 2009

school and car learning

today i went to school to take certificate for taecher to sign with the reason to register in college or whatever.
Sin yue say 12.00pm,but i was take to arrive there(hehe,because i was thinking sth that i don't really ready til 11.30pm),so i last the last to arrive there.

after that, i saw sin yue,chia ying ,wen xi and ah cheok too.(what does this mean?we are ready to continue study,hahaha.)*actually,mine reasons is i am going to PLKN this march la.

POSKOD KEM : 26080
TARIKH LAPOR : 20/03/2009

i got many wanna to ask my friend ,about PLKN de.Today,after i finish car learning lesson,i came across two SIS form 5 students,chinese girl,i forgot their name already,so i just chatting wth them lo,they went there to deal with their 3-hours motorcycle pratical.Once, i told them i am going to Kem Cahaya Gemilang,Cherating,one of them looked shocked,my mind immediately thought was there something bad happen there???
lol,it was just hers cousin also PLKNing there~~
she also elaborated: The food there also spicy one,and lack of clealiness
well,i don't know,but i think i can still stand it as it is just 3 months only ma,if incident happen,my home was just a stone throw away from the KGC.

continue with the going-school-event

actually,there nothing interest happened there,you can go here for more detail


back to car learning lesson,
before i learning car, i thought it was fun to drive a car
but today,i realise its not the same with i thinking,
esp during the parking and tiga penjuru,
i was so lame to turn the steering wheel that it consume lots of energy
i am not going on the road to learn yet,the cikgu say it will happening tomorrow,i look forward to drive on the road**pray for me not to engine off on the road***

well,thats all for now.....

before that,i would like to mention sth:
today,my cousin ,jian wei off day(mean cuti satu hari),he back from kuantan and stay at kemaman home,he took his car to my mechanic-father to repair,my father done it with FOC,
and then.....
and then.............


he bought us two large pizzsa and a pack of prawn crakers , as a token of apreciation,so kind!!!
and thx for his pizzas,it was now in refrigerator and still leave many pieces,really appreaciate him^^

well, thats all for today,good night.

February 22, 2009

abbreviation for DANCE

this is what i thinking yesterday night right before enter my dream.
what is abbreviation for DAnCE?

i have use all my effort to think and then this is my result:
D- Dynamic

the empty places are unknown,because my English is rusty,but i don't want to fill it perfunctorily,can anyone help me with these?
February 21, 2009


omg, i was choosen for kumpulan 2 for PLKN(programme latihan khimat negara),i just checked 5 minutes ago,

i just can't accept the truth!!!!!
i haven't ready for it!!!!!!!!

For your information,people who are choosen for second batch are needed to attented for it from 19March onwards until 8JUne.

i admit that me and my another friend(Ehaun) both apply to transfer for third batch to second batch voluntarily,perhaps its our fortune,i was pass but Ehaun didn't pass it.Also, i just knew the news when she inform me just now!!she is unhappy because she was not pickked

what a fortune!!!!!!!

Actually, i am forget about this affair after i fax the letter and intend to use the time(March to June) to apply scolarship and be ready to further study mentally and physically,learning driving and to many other things~~~

it looked like i have to change my plan now,aih~~~~
my friend will come back this 11/3/2009,
and i am going to get the result 12/3/2009,
and go attend PLKN on 19/3/2009

thats mean,i can only find people yam cha from 11/3/09 to 18/03/09 to get some bullentin about PLKN from my friend lo~~

ok,from now til 11/3/09,19days to deal with my stuff~~
but i think its impossible to get car trial licence(Lesen memandu percubaan) during these period.

and the disadvantage:
1.cannot survey for scolarship and cannot take part education fair
2.cannot get my car licence
3.cannot online for 3months
4.how about my orthodontic appoinment?
6.i go there alone,no companion>__<>>...if my family go there
8.need to buy sunblock

1. i willing to go there since i was form3
2.can fun with flying fox
3.perhaps i can meet with people who like to dance,and then can ask him/her teach me.hehehe
4.serve as a platform for lazy people to exercise
5.Can visit fo jiao hui(temple) of other place,learn their cultural

......it look like the disadvantages are more than advantages...,anyway,its a would be a special experince for me....
thx for authority for approve my request and no thx for my contracdiction~~~

what a contradict day for me~~~

February 20, 2009


i like to dance. Sometimes, i will dance using English song,because its more R&B, more beat.

its quite weird (or unenjoyable) when you play the song without singing(actually,i just mumble,hehe).and today,i came across this song,i found the lyric of this song is quite special,its a mixture of english and spanish.

hips don't lie ---Shakira feat Wyclef Jean

Hips don’t lie shakira feat wyclef

Ladies up in here tonight
No fighting, no fighting
We got the refugees up in here
No fighting, no fighting

Shakira, Shakira

I never really knew that she could dance like this
She makes a man wants to speak Spanish
Como se llama, bonita, mi casa, su casa
Shakira, Shakira

Oh baby when you talk like that
You make a woman go mad
So be wise and keep on
Reading the signs of my body

I'm on tonight
You know my hips don't lie
And I'm starting to feel it's right
All the attraction, the tension
Don't you see baby, this is perfection

Hey Girl, I can see your body moving
And it's driving me crazy
And I didn't have the slightest idea
Until I saw you dancing

And when you walk up on the dance floor
Nobody cannot ignore the way you move your body, girl
And everything so unexpected - the way you right and left it
So you can keep on shaking it

I'm on tonight
You know my hips don't lie
And I am starting to feel you boy
Come on lets go, real slow
Don't you see baby asi es perfecto

Oh boy, I can see your body moving
Half animal, half man
I don't, don't really know what I'm doing
But you seem to have a plan
My will and self restraint
Have come to fail now, fail now
See, I am doing what I can, but I can't so you know
That's a bit too hard to explain

Baila en la calle de noche
Baila en la calle de día

Baila en la calle de noche
Baila en la calle de día

I never really knew that she could dance like this
She makes a man want to speak Spanish
Como se llama, bonita, mi casa, su casa
Shakira, Shakira

Oh baby when you talk like that
You know you got me hypnotized
So be wise and keep on
Reading the signs of my body

Se?orita, feel the conga, let me see you move like you come from Colombia

Mira en Barranquilla se baila así, say it!
Mira en Barranquilla se baila así

She's so sexy

every man's fantasy a refugee like me back with the Fugees from a 3rd world country
I go back like when 'pac carried crates for Humpty Humpty
I need a whole club dizzy
Why the CIA wanna watch us?
Colombians and Haitians
I ain't guilty, it's a musical transaction
No more do we snatch ropes
Refugees run the seas 'cause we own our own boats

I'm on tonight, my hips don't lie
And I'm starting to feel you boy
Come on let's go, real slow
Baby, like this is perfecto

Oh, you know I am on tonight and my hips don't lie
And I am starting to feel it's right
The attraction, the tension
Baby, like this is perfection

No fighting
No fighting

don't forget the sexy caribbean girls

do u guys notice the words that highlighted with grey colour?
the translation of the words are like these....
"Como se llama, bonita, mi casa, su casa"
What´s your name
What´s its name, pretty, my house, your house

"Baila en la calle de noche
Baila en la calle de día"
Dance(s) in the street at night
dance(s) in the street during the day

"Mira en Barranquilla se baila así"
Look, in Barranquilla, they dance like this

nyway, in this song ¿Cómo se llama? Bonita, mi casa, su casa
would translate as:

What's your name, pretty [girl], my house, your house

So here's the connotation:

Hey what's your name. You're pretty (you're a pretty girl). We can go to my house, your house, wherever.

You know? In the song it kind of has that other connotation. It may not necessarily say so, but it implies so. Reading between the lines!

or you can refer to this forum for additional meaning of the lyric


through this forum,i extend to find


Colombia, is the northermost country of South America. It is a surprising combination of exotic islands, snow-peaked mountains, lush forests, wild jungles, scorching deserts and vibrant cities. It also has coasts on both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Its most popular coast is on the Atlantic which on this side of the continent is called the Caribbean Sea.

Colombian population is a combination of several races. Precolumbian native Indians were the first inhabitants the country had. They lived in different areas of the territory until the arrival of the Spaniards. These invaded, conquered some territories and destroyed the Indigenous cultures. Along with their violence and destruction they also brought the Spanish language and the Catholic religion. As the indigenous were not easy to dominate they were exterminated and the conquerors had to bring slaves from Africa. They became the third party of Colombian multiracial population.

The Colombian Caribbean Coast has several main cities: Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Valledupar and Montería. Each one of them has its own features, celebrations, folklore, cuisine, customs, and traditions. Barranquilla, the Golden Gate of the country is an industrial city, famous for its Carnival and friendly people.

Cartagena, the Heroic City, is the favorite of honey mooners, because of its beautiful landmarks, tourist places, history and beaches.
The Caribbean Coast is a surprising combination of most attractive coastal area the country has. Surprinsingly enough there is a great combination and result: A great combination and variety of cultures, folklore, food, customs and celebrations.

BARRANQUILLA is the native city for shakira,thats why barranquilla was appear in the lyric.
well,i know the lyric of this song is more of flirt,provoke, but its really attracting me.

i hate my eldest brother damn well,so suck to be his sister.
February 17, 2009

Learning Driving Licence

Yesterday,i telephone to PSM,my legally learning car academy.The staff there told me that my learning Driving Licence(LDL)is getting approval and ready in use.(that mean i can start learning to drive a car)

i am walking on the cloud nine when the staff told me this news,because i just waiting for one week onwards from the sitting-watching car lesson,because when i was doing the sitting-watching car lesson,i met quite many of my form 5 friends,Solihah,Shamila,farah,and Safuan,and Calvin told me that if you are only getting for car licence only,you just need to wait for a week;however,you need fortnight for both motor and car licence.

Actually , i supposed to telephone to PSM on sunday , but i think somehow if they delay the time to sent the licence to PSM?better don't taking the risk to ask without return,therefore i just telephoning PSM the second day.LUckily the PSM doesn't make me down.


on the same day, i telephone to my learning driving teacher,he said:
1. You can only sit for the test after one month getting the LDL.
2. i teach about 10 students everyday,you have to wait until someone(he doesn't mention someone,but THEY)are passing their test.


how is it now?
i had been waiting for 100 years!!!
uncle, your answer really let me down.
however~~~ you have valid reasons for that_______JUST WAITING

Actually, i do hope to get my car licence faster because i am afraid i have to go for PLKN(programme latihan khimat negara)this MArch and then my parents always busy,their sometime cannot fetch me at the time,also,if i have a legal car licence,i can hanging out with friend.
February 11, 2009


asam laksa at Kemaman Station,cost around RM5.00(if not mistaken),the soup is concentrated,a bit of spicy

asam laksa at East Coast Mall,around Rm10.90 or Rm11.90,include the service tax and government tax,the taste is just at the right feeling ,but what make me surprise is the volume of the food is too little.

asam laksa i taste at teluk Intan ,resident there usually called it "58stall",the price is economy ,Rm2.70 with the volume more than laksa that i taste at e.c.mall,its totally scrumptious and alluring!

sometime,when i am feeling hunger,i am crave for asam laksa at the moment

i damn like to eat .
i also can't control the feeling of hunger,whenever i was devoured by the feeling of extremely hunger,i will be eating like a hunger wolf.

i like to eat ,but it don't mean i wouldn't favour for food.

i like to eat:
1.asam laksa
2.confectionary(cheese cake,chocolate milk's made,...
3.fast food like KFC,pizza hut
4.nasi goreng
6.i like eating buffet because sometime i can try something that i never taste before.
(like last time i went genting,ate lunch at Resort's hotel,i had try on a new western food,i forgot the name ,its a mixture of potato and cheese,like it so much because you can nibble the concentrated cheese,salty and yummy)
7.nasi dagang,because it has fish
8.mushroom soup
9.grandmother or mother cook's traditional herbal soup
10.just need sometime to think~~~

but i can't eat seafood due too allergy.
Actually fish is ok,
crAB,i will nibble sometime,if its look alluring
prawn,no,no matter it is edible or not
other seafood,no
February 8, 2009

那天, 我才知道原来俊明玩得.如果我没有去那个party,我还真不知道.Form 4 的人越来越多人玩得了……

Erm……还有我想讲的就是那天玩游戏时,心悦讲吹暴牙的人我没有动是因为全场yang terlibat 的人只有三个,就是我,俊明,还有心悦.我不太敢动, 因为万一我抢不到椅子的话,我不知道要讲wat.当然我也知道,我玩得这个游戏,就要go according to the rule..以后我会愿意接收punishment.(看情况blek……)

我越来越喜欢form 4 这一geng,因为跟你们在一起时,都是很热闹的,steady (1.适当时,做适当的事情.2.不会太过分3.很有篮球精神i.e.团体精神).所以任何有转校念头的人,最好取消掉这个念头.一校的可以转过来二校,二校的千万不要转过去一校.大家相处的时间只剩下form4 form5这两年.


Erm..my MSN hotmail is :lol: ksh_2772@hotmail.com :lol:

Who got play MSN plz add me……

Usually I chat at Thursday night…add me add me…

因为怕讲错话,我选者保留我一部分的想法.想知道就过来问我lo…u know…

February 7, 2009


i get my salary ,at first, i thought my salary is just around Rm 300(because i just work for 18days),today i was informed by my collegue to take my salary,its was Rm520.60,hahaha it is sooo much higher than i expected.

Actually, i quite miss my friend there~~~~~

today,my plan is like this:
after taking the salary/wage
stay there a while(2hours or more)
chit-chating with collegue there,wondering around in the shop
back,help them packing if i can

but so sad the affair was happened like this,its out of my control
- go there with my mother
- Kak ani saw me,she ask my help for packing,i step forward but was calling my friend
- i went took the salary while my mother was shopping
- after about 10minutes,my mother done her stuff
- me ?
- discuss with zu ning about the plan to kuantan
- went to my mother there,help to brought the detergent(my mother didn't take trolley,some kind of rush shopping,just wanna giv sometime for me to talking wif my friends)
- paying
-went home
- got no chance to chit-chating with my friends~~~~

all these stuff were just taken about 10minutes,why so short????!!!!!!!
February 5, 2009


- 老师的字体很整齐,证明她在改我们作业时是心平气和的,EQ也很高
- 老师真的是有投路的读我们的日记,不像有些改karangan的老师,随便找两个错误就改好了.
- 她给我们的留言都很长,表达的语气很温柔
- 我突然想到,她说过一句.....:"就把我当成好像你的朋友讲,有什么事情不方便跟别人讲的都可以跟我倾诉."
- 我的每一个语法错误,她都有纠正,如果她认为不顺的话,还会用liquid delete掉.


素宏,你们为何会到A nW聚会呢?是不是为谁庆祝生日啊?




February 4, 2009

happy 牛year(下)

今天,五姑和小姑一家人,也就是伟强和leng leng和熙熙要回johor 了, 所以会更加的闲, gamble活动已经开始减少了.我一起身,leng leng 就过来睡床, 遥醒我两个妹妹..:"素慧,我要走了,bye bye"
过了没多久,就真的走了.我们从门口道别,到外面,到马路,到车上.在车上时,我突然想到要拍照,赶紧冲回家那相机(反正他们的bye bye也要讲很久)



吃完后,在凉亭拍照.又有victory sign 了.

像不像古时的baba nyonya?




February 3, 2009

Happy Chinese New YEar


过后,我们去打包猪肠粉,its the foremost at locate.尤其是大日子时,更有人一次过打包200包.

回到家后,五姑要出街(since she came from Johor,sure wanna hang around for anythings),我们就跟她讲,laksa 很好吃,又回去打包,然后在那儿吃ABC,很爽啊!
a concentrated me~~focus on friendster.

later,we go cyber cafe.Because i am very boring at home.
这里是安顺58档(just for temporary,because the original places are conducting renovation),一看就知道没有58档,但是还是有很多好吃的东西.但是有一个laksa档,真的很好吃,才Rm2.70(asam laksa)



今天,雅慧他们回了(我跟雅慧同年,所以比较多话讲),虽然只有2个kids gengz的走而已,但是好像静了很多.我老爸于是带我们出去.加上我老爸,一共10个人乘塔一辆不知道叫什么名的车.拥挤的程度.........连motorcyclist 都一直看着我们的车.你看!


the lively


after leaving the restaurant,we go to my nominal mother(乾妈)的家.because all the relatives(but just minority didn't go) move towards my nominal mother's house,actually my nominal mother is aunty(二姑)for them.Ah kim jie jie is my nominal mother'daughter,she was busying serve the senior relative,she gave them view the photos of married last year.And then,the senior geng ready for Karaok ,some 20+_ geng also started chatting.Kids geng went on with their gamble.Its very bustling and cheerful.




all relatives focusing at the table where my grandma sit,ready for celebration.

福建话:dai kie hua!

xixi and the cake.

爱强镜的kai xiong.

two innocent sight looked at me(actually,they were curious about my camera.)




初一早上还没从tapah出发到teluk intan(安顺)之前 ,在家里排照.(我已经化妆了,但是还是很像僵尸)


我年三十凌晨到,早上醒来的时候雅慧,leng leng,小姑的家人都已经到了.也可以说是全部亲嘁都到了.也没什么啦,就是吃,赌博.睡,玩炮.不同的是多了很多玩伴,而且都是很熟的,不用不好意思.Here,people from perak,terengganu,pahang,johor were assemble together.But normally we will be divided into two gengs,adult geng and kids geng.Theres still another group,i think this "group" is just comprised only one person. That is my 堂哥. Why? because he is about 20 more or less(i guess one).And then the main activity during the new year for our kids was gambling.He didn't join us ,so i guess he don't like gambling gua!

我与慧君.年三十晚的时候,我去我堂姐,雅慧在tapah的家睡,(其实是因为我想要看她cosmetic product,clothes and accessories啦!).年三十晚蛮热闹的,有烟花,有炮声,我还跟着雅慧去她朋友,慧君家赌博呢!结果我输了......如果没有记错,应该是RM13.00.

很高兴认识她,she is quite outgoing and sociable .She is also just came back from PLKN. And then she and her friends show us the song....stuff...of the PLKN.Its about 12 or 1 when we back.

afternoon,eating at "da ka fa"(大家发),but not all the relative,just some who are non-located people.

过节食品有很多,黄梨饼,蜜蜂窝,and carbonated drink......