February 28, 2009

orthodontics 2

this is the srew from my mouth, the dentist uninstall yesterday.

at first, i also thought inject screw inside my flesh is excruciating,but actually it is only the sight seeing creating the such feeling,its just like a red ant bite on u.(plus the reaction with the anaesthetic)

and then the uninstall process is lesser pain than the injection,it not need anaesthetic anymore,its not bleeding to,just time pull out an screw from a mechine,i can sense the movement of the screw rolling,but it ain't pain.

later , the dentist install something like rubber onto the module,the rubber is connected to each other , this is due to push in my tooth more intensively,and it works,because i feel pain all the time after the rubber is put on,esp during eating.

Aih.....the feeling at the begining time of me wearing the ..things... come back again~~


  1. no la,just the screw,and then implant one more thing,feeling more pain,aih~~~


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