February 21, 2009


omg, i was choosen for kumpulan 2 for PLKN(programme latihan khimat negara),i just checked 5 minutes ago,

i just can't accept the truth!!!!!
i haven't ready for it!!!!!!!!

For your information,people who are choosen for second batch are needed to attented for it from 19March onwards until 8JUne.

i admit that me and my another friend(Ehaun) both apply to transfer for third batch to second batch voluntarily,perhaps its our fortune,i was pass but Ehaun didn't pass it.Also, i just knew the news when she inform me just now!!she is unhappy because she was not pickked

what a fortune!!!!!!!

Actually, i am forget about this affair after i fax the letter and intend to use the time(March to June) to apply scolarship and be ready to further study mentally and physically,learning driving and to many other things~~~

it looked like i have to change my plan now,aih~~~~
my friend will come back this 11/3/2009,
and i am going to get the result 12/3/2009,
and go attend PLKN on 19/3/2009

thats mean,i can only find people yam cha from 11/3/09 to 18/03/09 to get some bullentin about PLKN from my friend lo~~

ok,from now til 11/3/09,19days to deal with my stuff~~
but i think its impossible to get car trial licence(Lesen memandu percubaan) during these period.

and the disadvantage:
1.cannot survey for scolarship and cannot take part education fair
2.cannot get my car licence
3.cannot online for 3months
4.how about my orthodontic appoinment?
6.i go there alone,no companion>__<>>...if my family go there
8.need to buy sunblock

1. i willing to go there since i was form3
2.can fun with flying fox
3.perhaps i can meet with people who like to dance,and then can ask him/her teach me.hehehe
4.serve as a platform for lazy people to exercise
5.Can visit fo jiao hui(temple) of other place,learn their cultural

......it look like the disadvantages are more than advantages...,anyway,its a would be a special experince for me....
thx for authority for approve my request and no thx for my contracdiction~~~

what a contradict day for me~~~

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