February 7, 2009


i get my salary ,at first, i thought my salary is just around Rm 300(because i just work for 18days),today i was informed by my collegue to take my salary,its was Rm520.60,hahaha it is sooo much higher than i expected.

Actually, i quite miss my friend there~~~~~

today,my plan is like this:
after taking the salary/wage
stay there a while(2hours or more)
chit-chating with collegue there,wondering around in the shop
back,help them packing if i can

but so sad the affair was happened like this,its out of my control
- go there with my mother
- Kak ani saw me,she ask my help for packing,i step forward but was calling my friend
- i went took the salary while my mother was shopping
- after about 10minutes,my mother done her stuff
- me ?
- discuss with zu ning about the plan to kuantan
- went to my mother there,help to brought the detergent(my mother didn't take trolley,some kind of rush shopping,just wanna giv sometime for me to talking wif my friends)
- paying
-went home
- got no chance to chit-chating with my friends~~~~

all these stuff were just taken about 10minutes,why so short????!!!!!!!

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