February 1, 2009
because i will sometimes meet some fussy customers,while explaining to them,i have to explain and explain again.and then sometimes scored by them also,perhaps these are the reasons making me bad-tempered.adding with pressure.

Sometime, i also release this tension/tempered to my collegue,luckily they Don't score me,because they are doing the same things too.i Learn this habit from them de le.

below are the examples:
1. For the first time i scored my father,saying : 你很烦啊! (you are so annoying)
after my father fetch me back from work,he asked me some question like "how was you today?","what did you eat for lunch today?","do u want to eat this?".At the moment ,i was lazy even til sound any voice,due to impatient,i had saying the SENTENCE.

2. i always scoring my yonger cousin during chinese new year.

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