February 11, 2009


asam laksa at Kemaman Station,cost around RM5.00(if not mistaken),the soup is concentrated,a bit of spicy

asam laksa at East Coast Mall,around Rm10.90 or Rm11.90,include the service tax and government tax,the taste is just at the right feeling ,but what make me surprise is the volume of the food is too little.

asam laksa i taste at teluk Intan ,resident there usually called it "58stall",the price is economy ,Rm2.70 with the volume more than laksa that i taste at e.c.mall,its totally scrumptious and alluring!

sometime,when i am feeling hunger,i am crave for asam laksa at the moment

i damn like to eat .
i also can't control the feeling of hunger,whenever i was devoured by the feeling of extremely hunger,i will be eating like a hunger wolf.

i like to eat ,but it don't mean i wouldn't favour for food.

i like to eat:
1.asam laksa
2.confectionary(cheese cake,chocolate milk's made,...
3.fast food like KFC,pizza hut
4.nasi goreng
6.i like eating buffet because sometime i can try something that i never taste before.
(like last time i went genting,ate lunch at Resort's hotel,i had try on a new western food,i forgot the name ,its a mixture of potato and cheese,like it so much because you can nibble the concentrated cheese,salty and yummy)
7.nasi dagang,because it has fish
8.mushroom soup
9.grandmother or mother cook's traditional herbal soup
10.just need sometime to think~~~

but i can't eat seafood due too allergy.
Actually fish is ok,
crAB,i will nibble sometime,if its look alluring
prawn,no,no matter it is edible or not
other seafood,no

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