April 26, 2022

Pregnancy diary - Week 17

Week 17 - Thank you so much, June!

June, my neighbour friend. who has been actively sharing with me, what's the Dos and Don'ts during the pregnancy. I would also go to her if I have any question.

She even borrow me her baby's new born clothes! And it's is quite a lot! I don't think I need to buy any new born clothes, except on the one-month day! and the confinement outing day.

26th April 2022 - Week 17 Day 4 怀孕教会我的事 :钱能解决的问题都不是问题

The onset of Week 17 is a suffer for me. I am glad that I am feeling much better now.

I limp for the first 3 days, because my pelvic bone/hip joints suffers tremendous pain. You can read about calcium panic here if you wanna know more. The pain was so desvastating that it affects my sleep and my daily routine and it does upset me a little.

The silver lining in this case is that....I know my baby is progressing well, hahaa. Coz I guess my baby take away the calcium from me, haha. (No doctor's statement), just my personal logic, it could be wrong.

and despite the pain on the limbs, the joints, my torso was completely fine. This thought is quite comforting also.

I keep searching for the root cause...

but where should I start?

normal physican?

endocrinologist ?


It was also so happen that the first day/ worst day was on the weekend. So it is very hard to make appointment to meet specialist like specialist from SJMC (Subang Jaya Medical Center)

Thyroid :

I used to have thyroid issue. I still do follow up regularly in HOspital PUtrajaya now. But again.... how do I approach them at the weekend?

Also ..

even when I appraoch them, I would be seeing different endocrinologist everytime. Which means I have to explain about my condition to them again.

At this point,

I really wish that I can have a one constant endocrinologist whom I can look for esp during the emergency like this.

I wish that I can follow up in private hospital sector to get this treatment. By the way, goverment hospital provides even more comprehensive services, but they might change their doctors all the time, and every time when they do this. THey might miss out some information which I might not be able to know/realise to explain it to them....

That's why 钱能解决的问题都不是问题。

有钱了, I no need to feel the helplessness cause I can just solve my doubt by seeing all the related specialist or maybe asking for second opinion.

And mind you. to clear away the helplessness and the doubt is so much more important than spending money.

有钱了, 就可以有一个自己的personal endocrinologist that I can always refer to.

有钱了,我可以不用去KK, 不会因为ultrasound scan 不可以拍照而感到沮丧(因为老公也不能进来KK看, 所以要拍照给老公看

有钱了, 我可以只是跑私人医院。 老公可以陪同, 一起通过ultrasound 看baby, 一起听心跳。

有钱了, 可以选择在私人医院生产, 选指定的医生, 跟医生一起配合我想要的生产过程。

有钱了, 可以选择在私人医院生产,老公可以进产房一起生产,给我力量, 还可以帮我录整个过程。

All of these....I only have all these thought as I envision the delivery process. I mean before this, I also know the say of 钱能解决的问题都不是问题。


现在, 我们的情况也不是说没钱, 如果一开始有一个自己的personal endocrine consultant , 很早以前都是under the guidance of expert, 我可以少烦很多.

Before I get pregnant, I actually never have the idea of having a personal endocrine consultant. I mean ....why would I hope for that....

I would rather wish myself stay healthy and stay away from hospital or doctors if possible.

So I never thought of invest/spending money to have a personal endocrine until pregnancy.

Also being pregnant is not sick. Nonetheless, as the first time parent, we wish to give the best to our baby in terms of health care, diet and everything. This is when I feel that there is a need to pump in money in healthcare sector, haha. I guess you will understand when the people you care have to attend to hospital regularly.

I mean even If I am facing this issue (without pregnancy), I actually don't care that much, because I know I can be tough if I want, dont mind to take risk or postpone in seeing doctor etc, haha.

Even if I have money (without pregnancy), I would also pump my money in investment rather than spend it at the hospital care/ health care.

Now, with baby in my tummy, I don't wanna play play ler. I am so willing to spend money in healthcare provided that it ease away my helpnessess and doubt, because 钱能解决的问题都不是问题。

Anyway, I am glad that I have this realisation during the pregnancy, not when I was sick. It shows that people might need to spend money on healthcare even if they are not sick.


spend more if they have health issue.

This motivates me to boost up my income but without compromising on health after this, because health is literally wealth. With wealth, you can buy the service from expert/professional

在此, 希望我可以保持初衷, 在生活上努力增加收入的同时 , 也不会没有方向, 不会失去健康。 愿与在阅读这个的你共勉之。 

26th April 2022 - Week 17 Day 4 愿所有的医生都是负责任的好医生

Hey para doctors, if you are seeing , I just wish to remind you about why you become doctor on the first day.

We need you when we are unsure what to do.

We hope that you would guide us so that we can regain health.

In my previous post, I keep on boasting about how I wish to go have private hospital service, not because the service is not good, but because there are too many patients out there, so it definitely lengthens the waiting time on average even when the waiting system is good. (But still the waiting system in hospital can be improved with apps! Like you know....those kind of like hai di lao service. they will ring you in the app when it was 5 mins before your turn?)

In fact , the service in government is more comprehensive. The quality is top notch.

In goverment hospital, there are large number of patients are from all walks of life, different social economic status, different background. Which mean, the core part is at the government hospital ...in my opinion. Just like the core part of education system of a country is found in the national school. I was a product from national schooling system, but i am grateful that there are so many passionate teachers/educators in national schools.

In fact, I think that government hospital should be equipped with the best specialist in a country's health care system ,

because there's where specialist/doctors/nurses are needed to the most


take away the helplessness /doubt


insert the sense of security, assurance to the needy people , the 'rakyat' in distress. (coined from the damsel in distress)

April 21, 2022

My pregnancy diary - Week 16 Calcium panic and natural painkiller & The art of speaking to doctor

 20th April 2022 - Week 16 Day 5 - Calcium panic

Before you read on, this calcium panic sharing experience is fully based on my gut instinct. It has no doctor diagnosis to prove any of it. So read, but dont judge yea. I mean you can judge if you are a nutritionist.

Moving towards the end of first trimester, I started to run out of calcium pill supplement. I plan to buy one from Amway but I keep dragging purchasing it cause I was busy with other stuff, then when I want to buy, I just realise that my membership is expired. so I drag for few more days again to purchase the calcium pill.

What does Lack of calcium done to me as I am pregnant now?

Mild pain at the hip joint, elbow joint.

The pain is tolerable on the normal basis, but yesterday I was so pain, I have trouble adjusting my sleeping posture and can't sleep well ended up I have to cancel my work on the second day because I limp on the second day morning.

Based on my gut instinct, I feel that it is due to the lack of Calcium, because I don't have these problem during the first trimester.

During the first trimester:

Have 2 pills of 200mg of calcium daily after meal

The calcium pill that I have (Click to enlarge)

Drink a lot of milk, coz it ease my bloat and nausiness.

Nutritional fact of the Farm Fresh - Fresh milk 

(Click to enlarge)

Now moving on the inception of week 16, I have all these trouble surfacing. My diet for now:

- eat yogurt

- drink lactation milk , one cup per day, or sometimes just skip

The body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium. Without enough vitamin D, one can't form enough of the hormone calcitriol (known as the “active vitamin D”). This in turn leads to insufficient calcium absorption from the diet.

Experts recommend a daily intake of 600 IU (International Units) of vitamin D up to age 70.

Source: NIH Osteoporosis Natural Resources Centre

You can click the link above to read more, it is quite useful if you want to know about calcium absorption. 




I bought this 10 pills of calcium carbonate for only RM 3 at the local pharmacy, but I wander does it help to increase my calcium absorption since it does not have magnesium and vitamin D?  any Dietitian can answer this? 

The two main forms of calcium supplements are carbonate and citrate.2 Calcium carbonate is the least expensive and, therefore, is a practical option. 

Calcium supplements contain several different kinds of calcium salts. Each salt contains varying amounts of elemental calcium. The most common calcium supplements are labeled as 

calcium carbonate (40% elemental calcium); 

calcium citrate (21% elemental calcium); 

calcium lactate (13% elemental calcium); and 

calcium gluconate (9% elemental calcium).

Source: US pharmacist

According to NIH Osteoporosis Natural Resource Center. I should have taken 1000 mg of calcium /day, It could be from food or the supplement. 



The situation now is that... I am pregnant, I have thyroid complications before.... and the hip joint pain with on and off elbow pain...which doctor should I go and see?  

A.    A normal clinic doctor

B.  An orthopeadic (bone doctor)

C    An endocrinologist (Hormone doctor)- to check is it due to electrolyte imbalance (Calcium, phosphate)

C.   Ob & Gynae (Baby doctor)

........ wah..

Health  is literally Wealth 


Knowledge is Power. 

(so powerful at this point of time, if I am have the right knowledge, I would know which doctor to go to instead of just choosing it based on my limited understanding about the subject and gut feeling)

Anyway, in case if you have issue, and want to consult doctor online. YOu can go with Klinik G&P . There are many other clinics, private hospital that offer teleconsultation with specialist like SJMC (Subang Jaya Medical Centre ), Columbia Asia too. but the rate from Klinik G& P is the most economic so far. 

OKay, that's it, I am going to see doctor later to see what is really happening. 

21st April 2022 - Week 16 Day 6 - Calcium panic Part 2

Following on the previous post, I would like to once again testify .... 

Health  is literally Wealth 


Knowledge is Power. 

Following on the previous post, I would like to once again testify ..

I asked 3 doctors, 3 doctors give me 3 different answer. 

Doctor A : Physician 

Dr B : An orthopaedic specialist 

Dr C:  Obs and Gynae 
I went to see this doctor personally. I guess she actually didn't plan to refer me to orthopaedic, but I kept complaining about the pain, so she recommend me to go and see an orthopaedic, which I did.(It is just under the same hospital)

What did the Orthopaedic find out? 
According to the orthopaedic ,  my condition is known as Radiculopathy (Sciatica). In simple terms, it is due to the pinching of a nerve root in the spinal column. (The nerve cells in the spinal cord)

So he suggested to have painkiller when in pain. (Paracetamol is safe for pregnancy, but my mum and my friend ask me try to avoid if possible)

Also she will ask the nurse to teach me the technique for back straigtening since the cause is coming from improper back posture. 

Then, I recalled yesterday morning I also did exercise, just a regular exercise which I did in first trimester too. Not sure if this is one of the trigger factors.  

The art of speaking to doctor

Just like when you have trouble, different individual will judge from different point of view. 

Sometimes, even when you convey the same things, different listener will interpret it differently. 

THrough this experience, I learn that the art of speaking affect the way doctor judges us. All the 3 doctos there know that I have thyroid issue, but I only mentioned to that one doctor that I stop taking calcium (as you can see in the screenshot above)

Also, when I reached hospital, I was so worn out , I didn't tell doctor about the pain at multiple joints, my husband did mention about the pain in wrist, and the obs and gynae said a lot of pregnancy women experience this too. 

In conclusion, 

The way of describing it to doctor really does affect how the doctor diagnose us. Sometimes , when you are too worn out, emotional to talk, you could bring your care-taker to join the session, in my case, the caretaker is my husband. He is there too elaborate on any points that I didnt mention. 

However, you have to be there eventually, cause I also didn't tell my husband all the symptoms actually. Eventually, It is me who experience the pain and know  I really wanted. 

I mean ...eventually, only us know what we want eventually. 

21st April 2022 - Week 16 Day 6 - Natural painkiller

Also, when I

Oxytocin ....

This morning, I cry (whine ) when I woke up, because my right arm was so painful. It was so painful I dont know how to react already.  

I had been bearing with the pain for the entire night. and I chant metta sutra to keep my mental calm and ease and move to sleep. 

However, I decided to let out the pain and whine. My husband woke up to this, he tried to comfort me and cuddle me. It really helps! Like a lot.... 

Research from 2015 suggests the hormone oxytocin, released with soothing touch, may play a role in pain reliefI guess we normally don't feel it when we hug because we are not in pain, but it works effectively when the pain surfaces. 

The difference between his cuddle (oxytocin) and paracetamol is that

1. His cuddle and touch works much more faster than Panadol Acti Fast. 

2. Paracetamol makes me drowsy /sleepy, so I fall asleep faster with paracetamol. 

I am still feeling drowsy at typing this right now. 

So my friends and family, if you are reading this. I am not trying to display PDA (Public Display of Affection) by asking my husband to touch , cuddle or to hug me. 

It was just that I can't bear the pain and cuddle, touching is like an instant remedy for pain relief and/or sense of security. The concept is just similar to a crying baby stop crying when you hug them. 

Also, I was shock to found out that I actually know how to WHINE! LOL 

I mean I have never been whining at all for all my living years, I have been crying because of the sadness, but to whine (fake cry) is literally the first time as far as I can remember in my memory. 

I was like...wow, I know whining. 

It does makes me feel a lot better to whine and let out of all the pain and having my husband to comfort me. 

On the other hand, my husband was clueless if I whine, I was in very intense pain although it is a  bearable pain. 

I leave him clueless because I stop whining halfway when he comfort me, coz I feel  calm and finally regain myself, so I stop whinining lo.......

I told my husband, 

when I whine, it is intense pain but bearable. 

When I let out of the real cry, then he might need to send me to hospital already. 

Which of course , I dont know that to happen, becausing the pain from whine is quite....tough already. 

Okay. done for this post. I wanna go back to sleep already. Ciao!  2.16pm 

April 17, 2022

Pregnancy diary - Week 15 & 16

 14th April 2022 - Week 15 Day 6 !! - HUG , EMBRACE

I couldn't sleep well last night, deep sleep. Normally, I can sleep through the night until the daylight, until my alarm rings.

And the reason is....I need hug.

I went and hugged my husband while he was sleeping , he pushed me away cause he found his comfortable sleeping position and also he was asleep and also his was hot (sweating)

So he pushed me away.

Then I suddenly feel emotional. I was thinking... 

I want to hug you, I need to hug you to sleep , how can you push me away......

At that point of time, 

(Honestly so crankly already)

I was thinking....huh! Later my baby is not going to have your family name!

You are not there when I need you.

Why should my baby wear your family name, Huh!

Nonetheless, it was just the emotional though at the moment la.

Then on the second day, I saw this post.

里面有几句, 我的印象很深刻。。。



later, I also found a similar post about ...baby can't stop crying if the parent didn't hug them. or baby always want ask for hug ..all the HUG related post....

In the comment section, most of the parents also comment because the baby wants 安全感,the sense of warm security.

More HUG related post

Comic style (Mandarin medium)

Word (Mandarin medium)

As I read the post, 我的印象特别深刻, 其实何尝是baby要安全感, 孕妇也是, 大人也是。Adult needs more than hug, they have sex romantically with their partner too. LOL

Creator : Yee Ng 

So I think to myself

Okay la, I will mentally prepare myself to face this. I am not sure if I will become mad for carrying baby for prolonged time, but I will try la.

To get ready for that, I shall

1. Train my arm muscles - as baby will only get heavier as time passes by (the stamina to carry baby for long duration without muscle feeling sore or tired)

2. As for now, my plan is to look after my baby for 3 months. So after 3 months..I might let other to takecare of my baby. So I should be more discipline.

Work : Focus on getting work stuff done

After work : Give my attention to my baby so that I can carry him/her without even worry about the work stuff.

16th April 2022 - Week 16 Day 1 - Pregnancy symptoms surface

Recently, my belly is getting rounder.

Actually every time when I look at my belly in the mirror, I still real so surreal, so unbelievable! 

Then today, I feel that my baby bump is more noticable (even with clothes cover)

Then , it takes me longer time to walk

Then, I become slower when I enter my car seat, put on the safely belt 

and also 

when I come down from the car...

I am slower as in..putting on mask...drink water....carry my handbag and stuff 

Then, just down , during the dinner, for the first time...

I realise that I keep on sittng on chair, and take time when I need to stand up from the chair...

and also

I have more frequent toilet visit

WOW, I feel amazing..

my baby bump is growing...

All these little signs are telling me that my pregnancy is progressing! 

Eventhough I am a slow walker now...

I feel so proud of myself. 

Just now, when I was showering, 

I keep staring and touching and interacting with my baby. 

I feel so amazing...

I am carrying a new life in my body! 

Baba trying to interacting with you. Trying to listening to your heart beat and/or to sense your movement. He has been doing this since the third month. And he would heard the muscle movement of my digestive system. 

But well, it is a way of interacting with our baby! 

This experience fills me with great wonder. 

(Allow me to express how excited I am, despite many women in the world become pregnant and give birth, but I am talking this from my own point of experience and thought, also as a first time mummy-to-be!) 

....and I think to myself....What a wonderful world... 

Every day, as I witness my baby bump growing a little (sometimes a  lot ), it motivates me and pushes me to complete my to-do list so that I can spend more time with my baby (Also  a lot of newborn parents experience tell me that I  will spend a lot of time until I might get frustrated. )

Also, I want to be a great role model for my baby. 

Nowadays, I also tell my husband, no swearing word in front of baby (whether he can heard it or not)

17th April 2022 - Week 16 Day 2 - Frequent toilet visit

Guess what? During my 2-hour tuition yesterday, I excused myself for toilet visit for around 7-8 times.

At one point, I was even tired of going to toilet.

Later, as I reflect on this. I realised it was because I finished all the Laksa broth. The whole bowl of Laksa Bowl , no wonder I keep paying visit to toilet. It is a bit troublesome TBH, because I don't like to get interrupted as I teach.

Just want to rant it out. The urge to pass urine will be there whenever there is switching of movement between sit and stand. It was so obvious whenever I stand up, I feel the urge to pee.

And I wish that the pee could just come out at one time, but no... they like to split into smaller parts (That explain the frequent visit)....

so it is only a little (eventhough it is not so little) everytime when I pee.

I guess this is good? It give me the preparation that I might have live this way in the third trimester, hopefully not. So I would learn not to drink too much of liquid at one time after this. It interrupts me whenever I want a continuous duration to stay productive and focus.

April 12, 2022

Visiting 7 confinement centers around PJ & Shah Alam area

 Hi,  my baby is now 10 Weeks and 2 days now! He/she is now the size of the prune! 

Guess what? I can't believe that I have actually managed to book the confinement center even before second trimester! You would thought that It was too early,right?  

Frankly, I don't purposely go and look for them. As you know , the social media now is quite AI (Artificial Intelligent). I do follow some of the celebrities who are also pregnany mummies, mummy at confinement center who has just deliver or some who are pregnant right now. 

So sometimes, I would just go and google for their confinement center after viewing at their  instastories. 





. So this is how the rest of the confinement centers pop up in my phone. And I would click the ads to view more, and some time just kepoh (being curious) ask for more info. 

I also arrange for viewing since the PIC (Person in charge) from confinement center would always ask when you would like to come and have a visit. (and some time due to limited time promotion, Expected Delivery Due (EDD) , monthly promotion ...and so on.)

and since I have been doing that, I might as well just ask my friends for some recommendations. 

So, dear mummy-to-be, don't worry if you haven't booked one in first trimester, because my plan is actually to book it the earliest in second trimester, but I got to get it done ahead of time thanks to the ads that always pop up on my social media. 

Update 13th May 2022 : 

Right now, as I read on this. It is also best if you do viewing earlier. Some of the centres could have been fully booked months before. 

Or maybe the types of the room/package that you want could have sold out. 

My friend shared this with me. In certain city like Kuantan, there is only a few confinement centres.Hence it is best to book early. 

Now, let's see the list of confinement center that I have surveyed

At First, I actually refer to this list to look at the price range (Also, because I don't know any of the confinement center). 

Source : https://sharepeningsmalaysia.wordpress.com/2021/05/31/confinement-centre-postnatal-care-price-in-klang-valley/   

and the information is from 2021, so it is still considered quite updated. My husband and I  then selected a few of the confinement center , mainly based on the location and the price range. We stay in the Shah Alam area, near Glenmarie and Subang Jaya. 

1. Olive and Dove confinement Center 

2. Hug Postnatal Care Center 

3. Bao Bei Er (saw it from my blogger's friend instagram)

4. Amazing Confinement Care Center - the nearest center from our home

5.Garden Gem Postnatal Retreat @SS2   

6. Terra Confinement Care

7. The Senses Confinement Center 

Disclaimer : Price range is correct as of  March 2022

You may want to look into ...

All the confinement centers offers almost similar services, esp the basic ones. However, during the visit, you may want to look into 

1. The frequency of TCM Physician and Pediatric pay visit  (As a first time parent, I would feel safer to have this.Otherwise, I might as well just hire a confinement lady and stay at home)

2. The phototheraphy facility for baby's jaundice 

Bao Bei Er has one phototheraphy machine  (I forgot in which branch already)

Some centres do not have it, but they can help to rent the phototheraphy machine.

Keywords  to Google :phototherapy jaundice rental malaysia

Taken from https://hometherapyy.com/product-rental/

3. Does it charge extra for the massage for breast engorgement?  I didn't know I need to ask this, until June, my neighbour friend told me that some centres do charge extra for dealing with breast engorgerment/breast massage..We both were like....doesn't  this should be part of mother care? Why still need to pay extra for dealing with breast engorgement, stone breast...

1. Olive and Dove confinement Center

We select Olive & Dove confinement center from the list that I show earlier. It is a hotel style confinement center with quite afforable price. 

-Bangsar South- Price range : RM 11.5K - Rm13.5K

-It was founded by 3 doctors. Among one of them was a gynae from Klinik Kesihatan Ibu & Anak-anak 

-Parking: Free

-It is a condo and suit, husband can use the public facilities like swimming pool and gym 

For more:  https://sharepeningsmalaysia.wordpress.com/2021/05/31/confinement-centre-postnatal-care-price-in-klang-valley/  Scroll to see the Olive & Dove

It is quite big and spacious from the photos consider the price range due to their opening promo, but Bangsar is quite far from my current location.  

2. Hug Postnatal Care Center 

-Bandar Sunway - Sunway Mentari -  Rm10K - Rm17K 

-It was founded by a father. The interior design is modern, minimalist black 

-Parking: Located at the Business Area in Sunway Mentari. Normal MBSJ rate. Rm0.60/h

meaning if 9M - 5PM on weekdays would be 9hour = Rm 5.40/day  

3. Bao Bei Er 

-Setia Alam  -  from Rm 13888 

-It was fully booked by the time I ask for physical viewing. (9 months ahead)

- When I watched the youtube video, I also see that there are quite a lot of babies under confinement at one time. Meaning their service is could be great. 

-I got to know this Bao Bei Er from my blogger friend, Lee Yann. She posted her confinement food and it was so attractive! The food was like so on point! and beautiful looking! Too bad it was fully booked for my EDD in Oct 2022.  

单人房28天配套RM13,888 (Queen Size Bed)

宝贝儿陪月护理中心让您轻轻松松做月子,一日五餐确保营养适当的调补让您恢复体力与改善体质,专业保姆24小时贴心照顾宝宝让妈妈安心,放心,全力支持妈妈母乳喂养,为了更好的服务妈妈们,宝贝儿护理中心提供坐月配套包括 :


👉妈妈可以24小时camera 随时随地手机看到自己可爱的宝宝


👉每间房间都有桌子和椅子,窗户,电视机,tv box, 和独立厕所


👉提供宝宝一切的日常用品,包括衣物,尿片,baby swaddle

👉 提供妈妈的哺乳衣裤,袜子和室内拖鞋




👉全天无限提供红枣水,炒米茶,Milo, 麦片,饼干














Let me just summarise, in short, all the services are quite similar across the confinement centers. 

Things that attract me:

For me, the USP(Unique selling point) of this confinement centre (based on first impression) are

1. Attractive food

2.Got lift, mummy no need to walk

3. Affordable ?? (Not sure, I only know the bottom price)

4. Amazing Confinement Care Center 

-D Kayangan , Shah Alam -

 1. Platinum Studio RM18,988

2. Premier King     RM15,988

3. Deluxe Queen   RM15,988

(again, Price is correct as of March 2022)

-It is a residential style confinement centre. 

- Biweekly Pediatric Visit

Premier Room Rm 15988 

Things that attract me: (We had like 1.5h of online session + virtual view with the PIC , Jean.)

1. Top notch safety and security - only virtual view is allowed

2.The confinement specialist (PIC) is quite protective and caring about her mummies at confinement, because she would advice me not to bring the outside food, because as they have to be responsible if there is anything happen. This is true, and it ensures me that I would be able to rest and still remain healthy for the confinement here. 

3. Their rooms are so big, spacious a husband and a kid to move around. 

4. Even for high tea, their pastries are all made in-house

Dear me, 

Find ooportunity to expand my career and increase my income  so that you have enough of confidence and security and no need to compromise on baby things like this. 

5.Garden Gem Postnatal Retreat @SS2  

-SS2 -   Rm 14 888 - Rm 19 888

Things that attract me

1. Great natural lightning

2. Great ventilation, feel like a vacation. 

3. Great location for my husband to settle his dinner. Seapark with great and cheap food is just nearby! 

 Noted: As they have promotion now, so minus Rm 2000 from the package that you see here. 

6. Terra Confinement Care 

-PJ Mid Town - RM 13 888 -  Rm 15888 - Rm 19 888 

Weekly TCM Physician Consultation 中医师顾问 

Weekly Pediatric Visit 儿科医生每周巡诊  (from Columbia Hospital in Jaya One)

Deluxe :Rm 13 888 

Premium - Rm 15888

Suite : Rm 19 888

Some of their suites have wooden big round dining table that can fit 6-8 people, which I like very very much.  You can opt for this if budget is not your main concern. Maximum comfortability.  

Things that attract me
1. We went to physical tour at the Terra Confinement Care. I like that they are so systematic and very professional in arranging and physical tour without feeling like robot. haha. 

2. Their head nurse seems very experienced.  30 years of experience. This is a really big plus point for me. So far I have gone for physical viewing. Most of their nurses are young judging from their look. Their head nurse looks very very experienced and this give me a piece of mind when my baby is in their hand. 

3. Weekly TCM Physician Consultation 中医师顾问 - to look after mummy one

Weekly Pediatric Visit 儿科医生每周巡诊  - Dr Sam from Columbia Hospital (near Jaya One)


7. The Senses Confinement Center 

-SS7, PJ   - Opposite the Subang Golf Club. -  Rm14888 - Rm 15888 

1) Suite room at rm15,888 - with sofa bed, balcony and private bathroom + 2 birdsnest & 2 chicken essence 

2) Deluxe room at rm15,388 - with private bathroom 

3) superior room  at rm14,888- with shared bathroom

Rm 500 rebate until  end March 2022. 

I got to know this center from my neighbour ,  June. She had her confinement here just few months ago. 

Things that attract me

1. This confinement center has a total of 10 rooms, but only maximum 9 units occupancy , THe one room is for backup. So our demand, diet can be highly tailored. 

2. The surrounding, the banglow, and the fact it is right next to the greenery of the Subang Golf Club is very green and refreshing. 

3. Each room has great lightning, ventilations and great windows which is calm and soothing. And we finally make our choice to have our 28-day confinement here because the room is quite spacious after surveying all the confinement centres listed here. 

4. Sue, the co-founder of the Senses Confinement Center was the one who brief us during our physical visit to the center. She is quite calm, not hard sell, and I feel comfortable talking to her. 


Weekly TCM Physician Consultation 中医师顾问 - to look after mummy one

Weekly Pediatric Visit 儿科医生每周巡诊 - I forgot to ask doctor's background already. 

Our Final Choice : The Senses Confinement Center 

After online enquiring 3   centers (Actually more than 3, some pass you to the Sales team then no news already)

Online 1.5h video viewing 1 center (Amazing Confinement center)

Physical viewing 3 centers (Hug , Terra , The Senses)

We have come to the conclusion to have our 28-day confinement in The Senses Confinement Center at SS7 Petaling Jaya, a residential style confinement centre. 

Some of the centers were really good, but we have to look into our budget too. 

To be honest, before we did our survey, our initial plan is to only allocate Rm 10K for 28 day in confinement center, because as a first time parent, we agak-agak feel that Rm 10K is more than enough. I mean Rm10K is not a small amount, for 28 days confinement with all the nursing services, baby care should be consider quite good already. That's what I first thought. 

After making the first physical visit to the confinement center (Hug), we started to  understand what  RM10K can offers (in PJ, Sunway area) It will provide you with a great services, but a small room. (True in PJ area.)

Updated 13th May 2022 : 

You still get to find budget friendly center with spacious room in other Selangor area. 

Around Rm 10K in Cheras area EC Month Confinement Retreat - promotion  RM 9999 one or 2 months before your EDD 

Between Rm 12K-14K  in Sri Petaling area Santorini Confinement Centre  - room seems quite spacious from the photos viewed 

If you want to know the latest, updated infor. I would suggest you to join this FB group. It is in Mandarin medium anyway.

坐月子 |奶妈 |月嫂 |妈咪育儿|保姆 |分享讨论区 欢迎大家可以分享妈妈们的经历,坐月子,月嫂,陪月婆 或奶妈 和 坐月子食谱等等。

During the first trimester, when I was so thrilled. I can spend like 20 mins to view the posts and commencts in this group. As a first time mom-to-be, I learn a lot of infor from the group. 

I can never imagine having to have my 28 days confinement , (we are not talking about 7 days vacation) in which the room would be our home for the 28 days is so small.

I also have the idea of getting a confinement lady because ......after all, my home has everything I want, and of course home being the sweetest home, the most comfortable one. 

We continue to source for more confinement centers, more physical viewing to see how much does it cost to get our room of desired space. So it you ask me what is my criteria when looking for the confinement center. I would say that it is 

1. Pricing & Location 

2. The size of the room 

3. TCM and Paediatric visit 

4. Lactation guidance/consultation 

So after the first physical visit, and a few online enquiries, we adjust our budget for confinement stay from Rm 10K to Rm 12-Rm14K ish. 

However, in the end , the room that we have selected the confinement centre that cost us Rm 15, 388 (that is after Rm 500 discount).  


 my husband and I......

as the first time parents still have a long way to go, to learn how to take care of baby after the confinement centre.

The nearest chaos  I imagine could happen is that We might still need to wake up several times in the midnight,  So let's just recharge/rejuvenate ourselves properly during the 28 days confinement. 

Feel confident, and be confident and worry less  in taking care about our little precious baby at the confinement centre. 

After all, happy mum, happy daddy, happy baby. 


Let a team of confinement experts to take care of the mummy and baby


the first time parent would feel confident and  goyang kaki  when we can (I mean to get adequate rest before you go home and get occupied with baby)!