November 16, 2011
November 9, 2011

admit into hospitalputrajaya

hospital putraya

before i start this post, lets be silent .........and pray............. for my friend's brother who just pass away due to accident. Deepest condolonces to him and stay strong,ah mai and your family. No body will expect such thing will happen,after you wept, must stay strong. Your family need you, and your brother want you to go on your life as well. He will saw it and take care you and your family from heaven.

i just discharge from hospital Putrajaya. Hospital putrajaya was indeed a nice hospital. I mean it, and it is good from every aspect.

the transport, yea, and it bring so much convenient to people from other town,other state, cause the location of hospital is so strategic that it just within walking distance from Putrajaya Sentral where it is the hub of almost all kind of public transport. LRT to KLIA, Rapid KL, Nadi Putra ,all found in Putrajaya Sentral.Somemore, the hospital also offer free shuttle service between putrajaya sentral and hospital putrajaya,nice!!!

mymom and i reach the putrajaya sentral about 5 in the morning, we wait until about 6.30am, then we went to hospital by free shuttle bus.

the management. you can go through all different counter,eg. surgical , pharmacy, x-ray with only a number. i mean you do not need to have take 3 times the number of Q up. And most of the time, the stuff there, including doctor record all the document,data in computer, they are praticing paperless documentary. So Green~~~

the expert

the facilities
(except the wifi service is quite unsatisfied)

the service. the food is fair.

okAY, now talking about me

i borrow a book from a nurse posting there, she is from masterskill. So do i,i will be there next year January.

i am so reluctant to take this

but now i accept it and i mean it. I wake up so early everyday to take it.

Neh! For all of you to see, all the staff call it DRAIN. i don't know what it is indeed? But it surely something dirty blood or what that need to be get rid.

Doctor have to observe the level of this thing before patient can discharge too. The more you collect, you will need to stay longer in hospital~~~