October 23, 2011

Kemaman Mini Zoo trip

actually, i went there twice.

i combine my first visit and second visit together.
As too much of students need to look after, we did not really explore every corner of of the Zoo,like some students are height-phobia, so we did not pass through the hanging bridge,which the tigers and lioness will below your step''). i only attempt to step in those area during the second visit.

btw, i attempt to snap photo with this little cutey cab before i leave. My student did an awesome job!

this photo showing beyond the-teacher-stereotype, but teacher is human too! teacher is a commoner too! huh?

smile and peace!

one the way back
back to our lovely school^^

and the pic started this pix is the second visit^^

where is the head??? omg omg

i adore its amaze, i wonder how peacock possess so amazing feather....
see through it, and it looks appeal to me

just a candid him

see clearly on its jaw

this is the hanging bridge that i refer that many students did not care to cross through that time.Somemore, that day was little drizzle before we reach.



the person who did this is super wu liao,
but the person who snap this is super duper wo liao.
if you are reading this, that mean you are super duper hyper wu liao .

a quote from my father^^

turte sanctuary

Went to turtle sanctuary at cherating today

Frankly, Kemaman doesnt has much entertaintment as city like KL, so, most of the time, when we go back to our state, we prefer to do some outdoor activities. But, one of the reason that appealing all the tourist here, even KL people is the turtle.Went here with my boyfriend today^^.

and the pic of this Green Turtle is real, i mean it is a specimen. Don't get me wrong, the turtle isnot purposely disect for display purpose, the staff there only make it a specimen after it passed away~~~~~

According to the Kakak, the Green Turtle was about four years old, died from illness.
and i guess you guys will ask , why there is turtle there?

first, it is turtle santuary
second, they have raised a few turtle, i mean live turtle in the pool .

here is the gallery, useful information found, but just that maybe it is a common phenomena, even me too, most of the people will just glance at it or just simply browse through it . You can come here if you are interest to se turtle. But unfortunately, penyu belimbing or Leatherback turtle is come in brink,it was said that so far there is no Leatherback lay eggs around theCherating beach. .....

i just visited Kemaman Mini Zoo recently, i recommend some of the education organisation such as School can organise a trip to turtle Santuary, cause compare to Kemaman MiniZoo, u can touch the animal here.^^

okay, that all for this post

eat H=?

since, i came back recently, i had nothing to do but only stay at home. i am so bored, i need to do sth useful or at least prove that i am not doing ntg,hahahaha, i need to make sure i am growing spiritually or learning sth useful everyday^^, see,i am so initiative^^,hahaha,jkjk (jkjk =just joking)

okay, the first pic shown is salad, i learnt it from a kind, friedly aunty.The ingredient are as follwing
1. onion
2. purple cabbage
3. carrot
4. cabbage
5. mayonise or thousand of island
(for you information, i did not used the mayonise that sold outside, i made it myself, DIY is more healthier.Well, i will use the common maked already if i can eat everything)

the second one is mee, just a random mee, i plan to eat outside at first, but by the time i reach there, the food is not ready yet, so i opt to go back home and cook myself, i cooked it for my boyfriend too! super proud of me,hahahahaha

and this..., it was the fried rice that me and my mom , we cooked together^^

we use organic salt in our home, and most of the time, i will try to use organic or natural ingredient and i cook

so, can u guess what is H stand for?
October 17, 2011

儿童节children day in港口华小

it is the last day at this lovely school.SJKCKUala Kemaman or aka SJKCKK.

SJKCKK is a caring school among 50 school in Malaysia, i think i mention in my post before.

and we were celebrate children day today.^^
a very special Children day with shooting and artist from Astro AEC come to shoot our school^^) proud of it^^

i missed the earlier part as i only reached there about 9.00am, i went to hospital before that.The earlier part is performance by students, there were diabolo show(扯铃), MJ dance and......

When i reached there, they were taking group photo, and i was please that because my children aka students calling me to go on stage and taking photo with them, thank you all, i really love u all^^.Summore they also praised that my bf is handsome , hehe, ntg, just happy they said so.

Since Astro AEC crew want shooting, we celebrate kids day different this year, students were divided into 3 groups and paint the wall. Below were some of their masterpiece^^

need to mention that, some drawing-talented teacher draw the outline first(using pencil), and on the day, our student just paint it,so this is a combine project between teacher and students!!!!

see! teacher Yang was giving instuction on how to paint it. And she carried the job awesome!

Since it was my last day, how come i foeget to snap memory with my lovely students??

with 2 of 3 artist from AStro AEC crew

YEAR 4 boys, a class that make me hardly to forget them. They were naughty ,but adorable.and the point is the students of SJKCKK, they are all respect to teacher! no like certain urban school. and they were naive as well, this is why i feel pleased and wanting to work there.

year 5 girls, thanks all ur lovely present, i will kept them properly!

October 10, 2011

it was lousy!

one more things that i need to voice out here.
i bought a new smart phone. And when i try to online using my phone today. It cost me about Rm 10 only for few minutes!!!!!!!!!!! urgh, really WTF。

nerew life

starting my new life here, MUCH= Masterskill University College of Health Science.
tons of picture will be uploaded soon as i am now onlining usiie my relative's lappy.

Been there the third day. I am so lucky that i met good housemates. while we only knew each other for only 3 days, we are like one family. A girls' family, hahahaha.
when have spare time, we just gathering and keep chatting all the time.from morning to afternoon, and again continue until sleep. Coz we were too spare. For your information, we registered Saturday, no programme on Sunday, we just stay at home, our hostel i mean. and maybe just go out to buy some grocery only.

one thing that i do not satisfied is my house , my room is toooo small! and there are 9 people live in a small house. Let me describe the size of my house. My house has two bathroom, 3 rooms. The humudity there is not very good and cannot see the outdoor activity, wheather too~~~~so sad~~~