October 23, 2011

turte sanctuary

Went to turtle sanctuary at cherating today

Frankly, Kemaman doesnt has much entertaintment as city like KL, so, most of the time, when we go back to our state, we prefer to do some outdoor activities. But, one of the reason that appealing all the tourist here, even KL people is the turtle.Went here with my boyfriend today^^.

and the pic of this Green Turtle is real, i mean it is a specimen. Don't get me wrong, the turtle isnot purposely disect for display purpose, the staff there only make it a specimen after it passed away~~~~~

According to the Kakak, the Green Turtle was about four years old, died from illness.
and i guess you guys will ask , why there is turtle there?

first, it is turtle santuary
second, they have raised a few turtle, i mean live turtle in the pool .

here is the gallery, useful information found, but just that maybe it is a common phenomena, even me too, most of the people will just glance at it or just simply browse through it . You can come here if you are interest to se turtle. But unfortunately, penyu belimbing or Leatherback turtle is come in brink,it was said that so far there is no Leatherback lay eggs around theCherating beach. .....

i just visited Kemaman Mini Zoo recently, i recommend some of the education organisation such as School can organise a trip to turtle Santuary, cause compare to Kemaman MiniZoo, u can touch the animal here.^^

okay, that all for this post

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