October 17, 2011

儿童节children day in港口华小

it is the last day at this lovely school.SJKCKUala Kemaman or aka SJKCKK.

SJKCKK is a caring school among 50 school in Malaysia, i think i mention in my post before.

and we were celebrate children day today.^^
a very special Children day with shooting and artist from Astro AEC come to shoot our school^^) proud of it^^

i missed the earlier part as i only reached there about 9.00am, i went to hospital before that.The earlier part is performance by students, there were diabolo show(扯铃), MJ dance and......

When i reached there, they were taking group photo, and i was please that because my children aka students calling me to go on stage and taking photo with them, thank you all, i really love u all^^.Summore they also praised that my bf is handsome , hehe, ntg, just happy they said so.

Since Astro AEC crew want shooting, we celebrate kids day different this year, students were divided into 3 groups and paint the wall. Below were some of their masterpiece^^

need to mention that, some drawing-talented teacher draw the outline first(using pencil), and on the day, our student just paint it,so this is a combine project between teacher and students!!!!

see! teacher Yang was giving instuction on how to paint it. And she carried the job awesome!

Since it was my last day, how come i foeget to snap memory with my lovely students??

with 2 of 3 artist from AStro AEC crew

YEAR 4 boys, a class that make me hardly to forget them. They were naughty ,but adorable.and the point is the students of SJKCKK, they are all respect to teacher! no like certain urban school. and they were naive as well, this is why i feel pleased and wanting to work there.

year 5 girls, thanks all ur lovely present, i will kept them properly!

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