June 30, 2023

My birthday wishlist 2023

 1. Donation for Bodhi Buddhist Fellowship Malaysia 

Donation for Unicef 

After watching this video, I feel that the people in Bangladesh are being treated so inhuman and their life routine is so inhuman as well. I wish all the children here have the access to quality education so that they will have the power to decide for their future, but not merely decided by their origin , family background, and the terrible government policy. 

Donation for Unicef 

Kannie Collection 

I am not sure which one I like because I have not tried it at all. but I heard a great reviews about this chocolate, that's why i would love to try! 

 Confinement food 

Obviously it has been one year since I last had confiement food.  If you asked me what I wanted....I always want to have confinement food. I miss the meal with nourishing soup... nutrioutios gingerly fried vege and delectable protein! 

June 2, 2023

June 2023 : YX is 9m!

Hi, cute little Yee Xuan. YOu are now officially 9 months old! 

SHowing a rare time that I got to spend so much time with my baby daughter on the first Thursday of June 2023. 

Then on an older date. Iwent to pay tribute to Sushi, the brave , strong 3-legged puppy of Mini and Cooper. 
Hey Sushi. I pray that you will be in a better place, at piece now.