December 26, 2021

33 Blue Room - Nice steak house - Delicious great portion! (2021)

Paid visit on 17th Dec 2021   

I heard a lot of great reviews about this steak house. So I crave for more information, juicy food photos, but the latest blog review about this steak house is back in 2018. I  decided to blog about this freaking good steak house with great wine nestled in PJ  Industrial area. 

As you can see in the photo, 33 Blue Room is one of the units among the medium industry area shoplot. In fact , it is opposite of the Puspakom.  

It would quite packed during the lunch hour on weekdays. 

The classical Jazz ambience  

It was raining outside on the day we paid visit. So you can imagine that we were quite rush and a bit irritated by the poor weather. 

Then as soon as we stepped in, Classical Soft Jazz was playing in the background, the warm yellow-ish light as were as the Christmas decor (and also the air-condiotioned room) soothed me a little. 

At the lounging aka the sanitisation area. 

As mentioned earlier, it would quite packed during the lunch hour on weekdays. So it is best if you can call to reserve seat especially when you come in a large group during the peak hour. 


Finally, here come the main part!  

Charcoal Grilled Pork Steak  Rm 28 

Served with roasted potato, green pea puree and demiglace sauce (the rich brown sauce).
This is the main highlighted, the most recommended food in the restaurant , also the food highly recommended by my boss.  

So when my boss asked me to try and expecting some response from me , I simply replied ' Delightfully tender and juicy only lo" I have higher expecation since everyone keeps recommendating this, haha 

However, it quickly turned out superb freaking savoury and delicious once you eat along with the demiglace sauce (the rich brown sauce). It immediately elevate your eating experience and you will crave for more! 

and Fret not, one of the reasons that made want come back here and try again is because normally in the steak house, especially steak house with lavish decoration like this , the food are understandbly costly, but this pork steak serving here has quite some large portion. So I am delighted! Wanting to bring my husband, my friends to come here and eat this. It is worthy of your money! 

Porky De Carbonara  Rm 25 

Sliced Chinese Pork, Angle Hair carbonara, and Sous  Vide Egg. 

Personally, I didn't get to try this dish. My boss said that this is delicious! 

Wood Fried Pizza 

Not sure if you agree with me or not when I say that it is hardly to go wrong with Pizza when it was from western food eartery. In my opinion, it is attribute the cheese and the crustness of the pizza. 

Crispy Crust Siu Yuk (Chiense roasted pork) Pizza 

Mozarella, homemade Siu Yuk , Cherry Tomato , Onion marmalade, Homemade Pork Floss, Mustardsauce and spring onion. 

What you see is what you get. What I like amount this Siu Yuk pizza is there the slices of siu yuk where like 2 or 3 in every cut slice.So it is quite satisfying! 

Wild Mushroom Pizza  Rm 38 

You are vegetarian?  There are some food dedicated for vegetarian too (Meatless practitioner, I think this pizza has garlic?  Although i could be wrong) 

Wild mushroom soup Rm 23 
If you want to have something soft or mushy, go with the mushroom soup. 


I t you want something solid, go with the mushroom soup. 

The taste of the mushroom soup and mushorrom pizza taste similar to me. 

Garden Green Salad Rm 19 
Pine nut, tomato, Spinach  & Rasberry Vinaigrette 

Vinaigrette is made by mixing an oil with something acidic such as vinegar or lemon juice. The mixture can be enhanced with salt, herbs and/or spices. It is used most commonly as a salad dressing, but can also be used as a marinade. (Source : Wikipedia)

Too much of protein?   This salad despite quite ordinary across all the flavoursome dishes that we ordered, it is what gave us the fiber, vitamin and mineral among the high calories, savouries dishes.  

Homemade Dancing Lasagna  Rm 27 

Brocolli, Truffle Oil , Mushroom, Katsu Pork 

Loaded Cheesy Bacon Fries Rm 32 

Skin on fries, Cheese sauce, Bacon, Cheddar & Poached egg. 

The bread with cheese in the middle reallt surprises me! 


Although we don't order every cake available. However, as a sweet -tooth, I was so tempted to take the photos of each of the mouth-watering cake. 

Blackforest Rm 18 
Contain alcohol , with  crumbs, and meringue 

Brownie with Boba ice-cream  Rm 19 

Dark Chocolate Rm 12 

Burnt  Cheesecake Rm 18  

Gula Melaka Seasalt Coconut Cheesecake Rm 18 

Parking and Facilities

Things to note:

1. Best to call in advanced to reserve seat although you can just walk-in to avoid dissapointment. 

2. Parking is limited (about 20 car parks )

3. You can drop by while bringing your car to PUSPAKOM in the opposite 

Parking :

Parking is quite limited in this area. Around 10 -20 parking spots. So I would suggest you to car pool. 

Sanitisation : 

All the patrons would be required to sanitise themselves by going into this sanitising chamber. 

Overall rating

Food quality : 8/10 

Being big portion means nothing if it is not delicious, but this pork steak here is delectable! 

Other food on the menu like pizza, pasta also not bad! 

Price : 7/10 

THe portion is slightly larger than the usual steakhouse , so it is a plus point, also it making your eating experience worthwhile. I would definitely love to come back for their signature pork steak again. 

Parking :

Parking is quite limited in this area. Around 10 -20 parking spots. So I would suggest you to car pool. 

Overall : 

In my humble opinion,  they are serving a big portion which satisfied the tummy of Asian =D  This is also one of the reasons that make me want to pay second visit here again! 

Also, by serving large portion and also delicious really makes a PLUS point for me! 

33 Blue Room Facebook  |   Google Reviews  

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