August 23, 2014

Lemon Cheesecake Making

Made Lemon Cheesecake yesterday with my dear~~

Actually he request to make this as his birthday present, but I am so busy on his birthday, so I can't make it.
Since I temporary free from assignment and society event now. Made this together with my dear boy!!

The lemon cheesecake that he shared to me need not to use gelatin to harden it. Here is the video.

Here is the recipe attach with the video: 
(Fret not will have an English Translation later)

消化餅乾 250g
無鹽奶油 75g

奶油起士Cream Cheese 500g
檸檬汁 1顆半中Size (榨汁)
檸檬皮 1顆中Size (磨皮)
煉乳 少於1罐(300ml)


For the cake base:
Disgestive biscuit 250g
Unsalted butter 75g

For the topping
Cream cheese 500g
Fresh lemonade (just squeezed) 1 1/2 unit
Lemon peel (rid off the outer skin)
Condensed milk 300ml

Take note: This is a non-bake cake without using gelatin. It is the condesend milk that help to withhold the shape of the topping. Do not finish all the milk in a can. Too much of sweetness wil not help to freeze the cream cheese. 
Beside, you are advised to chill it in freeze for more than one night. 

 Seriously, learning is like testing a hypothesis. My idea is to the chocolate to decorate lemon cheesecake. But it's a big NO NO, it do not enhance the look either, but colouring on the chocolate smudge the outer layer of the cheese.

Also, there are some reminder for me while making a Lemon cheesecake next time!

1. Even though the video show that the cake is still able to harden after freezing overnight, but well, it didn't work for me. After taking out for 5 mins, it started to plump down already. Just  like the pics below.....

Nth attempt, Lemon cheesecake, without gelatin. Fail.

The fail here refer to the shape is no able to stand for more than 10 mins. The top 2 cheesecake above can withstand until 30 mins!! and still look alluring!

# updated on 25th August 2014

Oh yea, since I am not using condense milk to harden it, can opt to put lesser condense milk, it is so sickly sweet when I ate it just now ~~~ ##

2. Last time, I wander why people make Lemon cheesecake but not limau nipis cheese cake. I like how limau nipis enhance many of the Malaysian dishes like mad. For example,

Ikan bakar with limau

Maggi goreng with limau. 
(tried the best from an Indian hawker, and love it forever since)

This time, fortunately I have both lemon and limau.  I planned to make a limau juice while beating the cream cheese. My mom used to make lime juice for us last time. It's so chilling, sour and sweet! But when I placed both Lemon and limau together. Their aroma of Lemon instantly beat over the limau. The smell of Lemon is so pleasant that you do not need anything to enhance it. Limau, on the other hand, you still have to add some sugar to compensate the sourness.

Not to say Limau is not good. Each of them best serve with different dishes. Can you imagine maggi goreng with lemon?? Sort of too much ,right?

3. The base is too hard, it need a lot of force to cut the base. Hence I learn that I do not need to include too much butter. The more liquid butter you put. the harder the base is.

 See, the biscuit part is too hard it is so difficult to cut. Even when I want to nom it one spoon by one spoon. I still have to cut the biscuit the best I could.

4. Add in a little water to dissovle the concentration of cheese.

It either 

you add a little water. 


you use only one pack (250g) of cream cheese. 

Because 500g will produce thicker top. And the cream cheese is too much, too concentrate that it simulate the feeling of fullness. But after you finishing wash the plate, you felt like you want more. The sour in the lemon did the magic, it's so delicious it make you ask for more. But the cream cheese is too much.

the cake is harder after keep in fridge for 3 days, still, it 's not as good as gelatin cheesecake.

That's all the reminder for myself =D
Thanks for reading this! Hope it is helpful for you too!

August 16, 2014

Alley John , for french crepe in Kampar.

Going to Alley John with my friend, CY.

Hi, at first, I am quite reluctant to upload this into my this blog, cause I normally really done a lot of meticulous preparation only I will feel to upload food recommendation post in my blog. Somemore, there are only 2 or 3 foods that I show among the 20 ++ foods. Also I didn't feature their signature Vietnamese Dik Dik coffee. as I am not a coffee person. However, this should not be a reason for me not to write about coffee. Hence, pardon me or you may simply skip that part when I use the menu to explain what the waiter explain to me =) 

Generally, the crepes here has been categorise into salty and sweet type. The salty crepe like chicken teriyaki, katsu, tuna, chicken Ham, Chicken Floss are recommended for a fuller eating. Sweet crepe suitable for tea session (yumcha) when you do not need to be so full.

Left: Chicken Teriyaki Salad  Rm8.90 / Rm11.90 for set
Right: Chicken Katsu + Salad Rm8.90 / Rm11.90 for set

I ordered the salty type,  Chicken Katsu set, which come with a drink. However, CY's Chicken Teriyaki is tastier than Katsu. I think this is because the Teriyaki sause that make it moist and flavourful. 

Ice Lemon Tea

Order with set. The reason I feature this ice- lemon tea because initially I thought there will not be 

Hot lemon tea
Lemon Tea without ice. 

We were just dripping as we coming in rain. Hot lemon tea suit me that moment. 

After that, I still crave for a sweet crepe. Hence, I order my favourite once again. It's a 

Red Bean + Strawberry + Cream + Ice-cream crepe.  

Ala carte Rm8.50 
Set Rm11.90

You can choose the ice-cream from  5 flavours. I picked a green tea one. To be specific, it's actually a mocha ice-cream. Red bean serve best with Mocha =) It was just so delighting and feeling better after eating this sweet crepe =) 

Banana + Whip Cream + Chocolate

Ala carte RM6.90
Set Rm 10.90

No testimonial on this as I did not try it. 

Alley John has one signature beverage known as Alleygato. 
Refer to the pic above
the coffee Jelly is own-made.

never try on it, perhaps it worth a try?? Would order this if I drink coffee. 

 The other crepe that you can savour! with price included.

 And once you have patron here, you will be given a card, it's a reward card.

For a red card holder, you will entitled a free topping for every Rm10 x 5times spent.
And discount Rm3 at Rm 10 x 10 times spent.

It's a good business strategies anywhere. But I am most glad that Alley John didn't put their strategies as the sales focus but on the food itself. And indeed every single food listed in the menu is worth to try. Some even worth for eating many times.

 ~~~~The interior~~~~

also recommend this in my seeties network, feel free to add me yea =)

(they seldom update it anyway.)

better than the previos link

G-5, Jalan Timah, Taman Bandar Baru, 
31900 Kampar, Perak

Opening hours
Open daily : 1.30pm - 11.00 pm


P/s: Please note that I do not receive anything from the shop for reviewing this. It's done for sharing. =) 

August 13, 2014

Kok Family Raya Trip: The day before departure (C)- Stay in YouniQ hotel

After coming out from KLIA, we went to check-in in this hotel before went to dinner in Inti Nilai area. YouniQ hotel located 15mins away from KLIA, we don't stay in some really nearby hotel from KLIA like Sama-same, those hotel can cost up to Rm500 per night.

So, here's the simple tour of the lobby in YouniQ hotel and the XL room.

I book this hotel online 2 units of XL room with window- for total Rm 186.20. Which mean Rm93.10 per XL room. By saying this, I do no mean tht agoda offer the cheapest rate, the depend more on the season as well.

Booked on:      25th June 2014
Checked in on: 25th July 2014

Just wanted to jot down the date, it might infer something, or it might not. But my primary intention is just to..... jot down. hehehe.

For the tour in the lobby and room, you can watch the video.
For the map, here it is!

Here are some of the photos that I have taken to show the room.
See, our room number is at the bottom there~~~~

XL room is actually room for 2. But 4 for us fit into one room =D

I think the youniQ hotel really spend some effort on designing, not only the basin, even the table light and some of the other furniture also lable with youniQ.

and then their room interior design match the design on lobby also. Which is kind of like blue or purple light radiate behind the mirror or from the wall. It consider quite dark for me. Yellow light make me more comfortable. BLue and purple light in the hotel give me the impression like I am partying for Halloween.

After a long day of travel and rushing, I just want to have a good rest. Despite the lighting did not fit my preference, the hotel is satisfied in any other services and facilities!!

First, it has wifi service only in lobby. (It was ok for me, cause I just want to rest when entering my room)

Second, it provide shuttle van service between KLIA and the hotel with the charge Rm5 per person. Additional charge on luggage I forgot how much. And you need to tell the receptionist in advance. For the convenience of their arrangement.  Note that Rm10 will be charge with one luggage. 

Third, it has free breakfast, don't expect too much , it's basically just a simple breakfast like Coffee, Tea, bread and some jams. It look so lame at first glimpse,I thought will have some ham , and then salad, porridge or a cup of hot milo. But as we need to wake up in 5am and reach KLIA at 6am, we can only eat our breakfast in KLIA. When I got to know the price of Mc Donald, Secret Recipe is relatively higher than the ordinary place, hungry me only nom the bread that my aunt spread from the YouniQ hotel.

Some amazing scene is the lobby. that you can take photos! 

 Mixture of Hotel and family moment: 

OH, this is another shot how the room look like.

See! even the table lamp also has it's signature Q decor on top of it. my XL room has window for the view of highway... and a nice coffee table enough for me to study. 

and NICE photo with my dad and bro~~

alright, so there come the tour of YouniQ hotel from Me, I am Maple. The photos after this are just to keep track of my family's moment. ..

Only family's moment:

We love how the every corner of the lobby is suitable for photoshoot! Exotic matching of the furniture, and the bricks...pic will tell everything =)

Left: Forth siblings of the five(JX), the youngest bro among the 5(JL).
This pic have so much to elaborate...First....only now I realise their eye brows is different. I has the same eyebrow as JX's, erm...not really also, cause my eye brow...if I do not trim, they will connected to each other like a bridge also. While JL has my father's brow. a bit rough, disperse. but still handsome!

JL has longer eyelashes if you observe close enough. I think JL has the longest eye lashes among 5 of us! Not sure his lashes is curve of not though. While JX has thicker double eyelid. Nah, it's just the consequence he sleeps late every night only. Growing up, I also realise that my eyelid become thicker when I don't have enough of sleep. =( .

#too thick is not good

JX has bigger nose. and JL has a cute dimple. Talking about the way they smile for photograph, JX is more confident and JL is a bit shy. He actually can look as sunny as JX when he shows his teeth. Okay, end of the analysis for the pic above.

here are other photos..

So that's all!

Nest post: Day 1 of the Raya Trip (KLIA scene, ShenZhen, First dinner in China mainland, Breathtaking #D water show.)

P/s: I think if I don't include video for the next post, if just mean that the video is too silly to show =)
August 9, 2014

Kok Family Raya Trip 2014 : The day before departure (B) aka From Long Term Car Park to KLIA, and parking rate

THis post is actually to let the public how to go from KLIA long term car parking to KLIA, also , it's a part of our KOk Family trip, so I will include some of our private moment here. =D

Continue from the last post 

Right after I hop into car , going from KLIA2  to KLIA .... 

In the car.....

 I don't really snap with so many expression, I think this is the characteristic of Z generation gua~~~

Basically, there are 2 type of car park in KLIA, a short term and a long term car park. It means that if you want to put your car for days, you will get a cheaper rate than park your car in short term car park .

at the entrance of car park, we need to get a token to pass through.
 The parking rate within one day.
 our car park here for 6 days, so it is Rm 144 + Rm15 (5th day) + Rm15 (6th day) = Rm173.

And if you lose your token, you will need to pay additional Rm50 for that.

 first time see the ground in car park is colourful~~

Just some video that I rant so much~~ Just can't hide my excitedness =) 

Kok Family Raya Trip 2014: From Long term car park to KLIA from Kok on Vimeo.

and some of the photos that I took on the way =D 

OH yea! I finally reach the KLIA check in counter there. Pose with this air-conditioner cause it's special =D
#seperti rusa masuk kampung

that's our time in KLIA, so that's it!!

Next post: Check in hotel  =)
August 8, 2014

Kok Family Raya Trip 2014 : The day before departure (A)

25th July 2014- The day before depart

Still remember vividly it's on Firday cause I skipped class that day as I need to take early ETS to KL sentral. Harlo!!!!! KL, I miss the hustle and bustle in KL city. But this time, I won't linger on you so much, cause I am going to a city which is more hustle than you!

 When I first came down from ETS, around 1.20pm

 Took 2.30pm bus to KLIA 2 to meet our aunty who was flying off from Kelantan. cost only Rm10 with 1 hour journey ! If I go with KLIA express it would be Rm35 for only 35 mins. Since we are not in rush, so why not taking bus to date with the scene on the way to KLIA 2??

My family already there by the time we reach KLIA 2, so meet my handsome bro!

 With solely 2 of us luggage. Did'nt take photo in ETS , coz I slept once I enter. LIfe is too busy the day before that,=D

I want to take an OOTD shoot, but my bro is too talented he took me with the scene behind and with half focus on the floor in KLIA2. So the message to be carry from this pic is that

The floor in KLIA 2 is so shiny...and so spacious, even during Raya season. 

I am so excited and pay careful attention to what reflect into eyes. This pic is to show the price of food in KLIA 2 is relatively high compare to other places.~~~~~ and that's it~~~

 Excited pic 2

Excited pic 3
 While waiting for my aunt who would join us to travel also.

 So much different...the dosmetic arrival hall and the international arrival hall.....

My sis and Me already eaten during our stop in KL sentral. But my poor family start off at around 7-8am from Kemaman and all the way to KLIA 2 without stopby any places. They were so hungry. So my bro took the porridge that I took away for my sis to eat.

 Tsk...tsk....the disadvantage of living in East Coast Malaysia.......
I still remember that I manage to eat breakfast with my friends at 8am and only reach home at 10am to prepare for ETS.

 Finally my aunt is here.....

So off we went to car park!
 LIke a superstar!!

Off we went  from KLIA2 to KLIA to explore the direction there as we need to be there the next day by 6am. So we need to settle the park for our car, where is car park and the way from car park to KLIA...

Stay tuned for next post! WIll include a video which I rant so much..... =D