September 27, 2013

Oreo Chocolate Cheese Cake

I am more prompt to blog short post lately. Perhaps I have been writing too much of long post lately?? I am having my freaking holiday now. But I still have yet to  blog about  Lost World of Tambun. There would be 4 posts around this, haha, I will make good sure of you won't get bored reading all of them. Back to topic anyway.

I have been keen on making cheese cake after my first attempt not long ago, and there it is NOW!! My second time for cheese cake. 

Didn't get to snap the process along this time. But I am so flatter when one of my blogger friend ask me to do a post about chocolate cheese cake!! =D (okay, Camy, if you see this, I will promise you a post loaded with the pics step by step if I make them next time =)

As you can see here, the crust is not completely crush into powder form, hehe. And the cheese part also have a lot of white cream cheese titbit. I not sure this happened last time or not, but if it only happened this time, I guess its because I have added too much of water during the beating process.

Only add water at the end of beating. 
cause cheese is oil based which is insoluble to water!

 I made this according to the recipe of a famous facebook user who has around 16k followers famous for her bakery. Click her to see the recipe that I followed.

Compare to the yogurt cheesecake last time (here's the link), both my younger brother like this time's cheese cake more. But I prefer the yogurt cheese cake, like what my dad mentioned, this is ToO SweEt! Blame to the vanilla filling in the Oreo Cheese Cake!

Hmm. I think I appreciate the sourness from the yogurt more =D

So , Dun noe on which day, I am here to do my strawberry cheesecake again~~ why I use the word again?? No No Nope, its actually my first time making straberry cheesecake but the strawberry is bit of sour lar~~ Feel like want to go Australia to buy strawberry....Missing the time last time my 二姨bring strawberry from Singapore when we are still young last time.

 I think it look very appealing here, I have used the dry blueberries (with bit of sweetness) to compensanate the sour cheesecake.

Cheese + sour strawberry = sour

However, all my siblings don't give a damn on it, they don't like to eat sour. Me alone finish all the strawberry cheesecake, still enjoying as well. Whether you trust it or not, Me alone can gobble everything to nothing in one day. =)

Maple is totally a cheesecake lover~~~ cream cheese especially~~~