September 17, 2013

My first attempt of making Cheese cake!

Today is the 3rd day of my semester break actually, and I have made a mix berries yogurt cheesecake that I have been keen on making after tried her Oreo Cheese Cake, its awesome man! Better than Oreo cheesecake in Secret Recipe. She say its a no-bake cheese cake so its very easy to do only! You can make it within one hour! (But it took me 2 hour), beating the cream cheese and yogourt already took me 1 hour. =)

 After I done with everything! Only to let the cheese part freezing only.

the reason that motivate  me to make cheesecake because my friend make it so simple to do. I do not use whipping cream , and the cheese part merely, cream cheese, 2 full spoons of sugar, gelatin, and 2 cups of yogurt.

 so , here is the outcome of my masterpiece!

 A little bit crack here and there on the crust, as u can see here.

 I love how the crust combine well with the cheese!

Crust: Marie biscuit, unsalted butter. (the ratio of biscuit and butter is 10: 4.5)
~ crumble biscuit into powder form, mix it with melt liquidfied butter, spread and press evenly on springform pan, place in fridge until ready for use.

Cheese: 250g cream cheese( I use tatura cream cheese), 2 cup of yogurt, gelatin, 2 full spoons of sugar.
~ Gelatin should be place the last. Mixed everything nicely until the mixture run smoothly. (it take me 60 minutes but the beat the cream cheese and yogurt, no machine)

~spread evenly on the crust ready previously (which mean you must prepare the crust before cheese )
~ put inside fridge, but no the upper part of fridge cause it has gelatin inside.

Anyway, I am still fresh in making cheesecake, this post simply to record the ingredient I use, and the way I do.

This is the part that I like the most, pouring the cheese into pan really raise the food orgasm part of me....hehehe

Wtfidunnoe why out of focus ady, Tats the best pic I took.

Appearance: 10/10
Don't you think it just look appealing?

Taste: 7/10
Initially, I want to give it 5 out of 10 coz its quite overly sour for me. Guess what, I woke up today, tried it again, it taste much better on second day, which I don't know why. The sourness is just right, so I add 2 credits to the taste la~

The texture of Cheese is just nice, and it even harder on 2nd day, quite firm actually, perhaps because I have put too much of gelatin.....But the crust part is hard, I have to cut with lots of force. I follow the instruction of the Menu given, press them nicely so that it won't crack when you cut it. it because I put it into upper fridge for so long?


  1. I love to bake too and have a million recipes but cheesecake is something I've only left to Secret Recipe. My baking isn't so pretty that I'd like to photograph it :( Oreo cheesecake sounds great! Good job, looks yum!

  2. thanks! Shop Girl. Before this, i thought cheesecake is sth quite complicated to do, but this change my mind, this is a no-bake, no whipping cream yougurt cheese cake, yet the outcome still awesome, I strongly recommend u to do this =)


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