January 18, 2014

Review: Niko-niko Onigiri

Harlo! Start off this post with 3 of us who were going to review this restaurant.
From left: Me, PInky, and Evon.

See my happy face, I was really so over the moon that moment. First time achieve something like never before.

Firstly, thank you to the boss of Niko Niko Onigiri,Mr Ray for accept my request to review this restaurant. I actually approached them because I really like to eat.

And secondly, I was doing something that I like. I like to eat. I like to review as a blogger together with like-minded people(Best of all, Evon and PInky were both excited as well! ).You know like you are not an alien when 3 of us keep taking photo of those food when the food is served because some people are not. 

BTW, What is O-NI-Gi-RI?
Onigiri is Japanese comfort food, because Japanese people love rice. Rice is the main staple of Japanese cuisine. (In the movie Kamome Diner (kamome shokudo), discussed at length here, onigiri are called “Japanese soul food”, and I think that is very true.)......

..... In Japan, onigiri is a basic convenience food. People carry them on hikes, car trips, have them for breakfast, as late night snacks…etc.

For me, Onigiri is a Japanese food, like sushi. But sushi is seasoned with vinegar/ Sushi sauce and embraced by seaweed. Onigiri, on the other hand,can be salty or otherwise, and it appear conventionally triangular in shape.Otherwise, it can be mould into anime like Hello Kitty , Panda forming a part of Bento also.

Okaka and Tanuki Rm 3.80 per piece.

If you cannot be certain  the size of the onigiri, you can always ask the waiter there to show you.The waiters there are equip with the knowledge about dishes available. Mostly, you will be full  with only 2 onigiri.

Niko Niko 3-in-1 set Rm 9.90

Alternatively, you can opt for Niko-niko set for heavy meal. I would choose this if I wanted a balance meal. A sushi rice of your choice.(Tanuki, Furikake, Okaka, and side dishes.(Seaweed, Tobiko, Scallop. Potato Salad)

The miso soup is so yummy! The best I ever tried about the Japanese cuisine, it won't too salty, yet enough of taste.The tobiko is real in bouncy too!The potato salad is commonly tasty as well.

Special Niko-niko Reimen Rm12.90

 I should  ordered the popular hot Udon recommended by Boss.This dish remind me of Mi Sedap. No offence, but headed for HOt Udon is better.

 Chuka Idako (Baby Octopus) Rm6.90

I am not a seafood person, so headed to Evon and PInky's page to explore Baby Octopus.But I think they really liked it lar~~

Onigiri Tanuki Rm3.80

There are 3 catergory of Onigiri

Category 1- Rm2.80
Category 2- Rm3.30
Category 3- Rm3.80

Because the Tanuki is very yum.I took away  Tanuki. A bit dissatified about the take away waiting time. It took about 10 mins or more to get the take away.However, what impress me about this restaurant is that the Boss is very particular about the food quality and the service of waiter there.

See~ service and food are both their priorities.

When I urged them to make it faster. With an apologetic face, they explained, because they prepared according to the orders accept.  So, you might need to wait longer especially during the dinner time which start 7.30pm- 9.00pm.

Tips for hunting:
1. Some of the ingredients are freshly imported from KL every Monday. To ensure the quality of food,only a limited amount of raw salmon is up to grab. So my advice is, go on Monday if you want to eat raw Salmon.

2.Should first eat dishes with sea weed, cause it will be very hard to chew when the longer time it is exposed to air.

3. Do cater vegetarian, though the selection is much more limited compare to normal eater.

4. Halal~~ so fret not, muslim friends =)

5. Best pair with light beverage. And if you want to stay awake all night, Green Tea will do. Even you can't finish the beverage, you can still take away cause it is sealed =)

6. Avoid peak lunch/dinner time if you want to avoid the crowd.

7.Other than lunch/dinner time,it could be a serene place to study too.Equip with Wifi as well.

8. May choose to dine in alfresco corner outside.

There are still some other tips, read out Evon and Pinky's one to know more.

Excited face of us!


We are innately interesting in blogging! #bloggeraddict!

Last but not least, visit Niko Niko Onigiri Kampar FB page for more latest update.

Onigiri Set, complimentary with Miso Soup and Potato Salad

I just saw this while browse through their FB page.I want to try this ONE!!! Didn't get to try this cause you know there are a lot of good choices, we have to omit some so that it won't go waste having too much of leftover.

 05-465 8262

Operation Hour:10.30am - 12.30am 

Thanks for the hospitality of the Boss! Who I mention very particular in food and staff service.He also tell us some information about the tips above!


Miso soup (nice!)

January 14, 2014

When it happens on me.....

(omg, I don't know why my hand is trembling at the typing of this.I also struggle with what to put as the title too....)

Cancer is not a foreign word to anyone. Instead, it can be quite sick at the hearing of "CANCER" for someone who have been associate with it.

There was once this moment I got associate with CANCER.When I was form6, I got observed with my friend, QQ to have a bit swollen on neck. QQ has been panisc in advised me to seek doctor advise immediately, instead of anything that happen.

Initially, my responde is just...Well,it might be an illness, but it won't that bad as you might think. Don't over-reacting lar. When I told my mum about this, my mum also didn't bother too much. But for sure we would see doctor.

The Report that mark the first consultation in my Thyroid cancer journey.(5th May 2010)

In the report, it said that a nodule of 18mm is found around my neck area.

My mom started to get anxious at the result of the report. We continue to consult another doctor for better, clearer observation.

Already rotated the photo, 3 times of uploading this photo, just no idea why this pic don't want to align in proper way.

25th March 2011, 2nd consultation from Doctor in Kuantan Medical Centre, The report just shown that I has a solitary thyroid nodule on my right-thyroid.After all, the Free-thyroxine and TSH maintained within the normal range.

I started to have some idea what happen last time, I did consult in Hospital Kemaman ie Gov Hospital in between first and second consultation.FMC showed Follicular Neoplasm.

After that, I had my first exision of Right thyroid on 21st April 2011.The tissue of Right thyroid was sent for further clinical investigation. The report post first excision came back with the word " MINIMALLY INVASIVE FOLLICULAR CARCINOMA"

FYI, carcinoma =  cancer. Let's take some note here, there are always a lot of medical jargon even there are already some words out there.

Disbelieve at the result of the report, my mom requested the doctor to sent the tissue for another time of investigation. The result still came back as the same MINIMALLY FOLLICULAR CARCINOMA, with addition of

with capsular invasion only. NO vascular invasion is seen

The word CANCER can be quite frightening. From that time onwards, my mom brought me to a lot of Ear, Nose, Throat specialist for advise whether do I need to have a complete thyroidectomy. (-ectomy means excision in Medical Jargon).

I took quite a lot of photos during my admittion, don't know where they have gone.

Also, not long after the first surgery, I started to practice eating organic meal, my mom also bought some very expensive herbal for me so that I can heal faster. I was sent to an organic health farm to live a healthy lifestyle. The healthy harm is Aenon Health Farm. Click this link for more detail abut their health programme. Mostly if it is not those who is affluent join the programme, it most probably would be those diagnosed with serious illness, esp cancer.The life there is simply how to lead a healthy lifestyle, seriously healthy, and practise healthy lifestyle.

Seeing the special appointed professional doc in the first day
Various health treatment in the afternoon. 
(Enjoy this session the most, it has hot water bath, sauna, enema, and a lot of other I have forgotten, just clicked this link to see my life there.)
Cookind desmonstration
Sunday Church

Alright, back to my consultation story. After so much of consultation from University Malaya Specialist Center, Kuantan Specialist Center, Gov Hospital Kuantan, and from my first surgeon.They all reckon me to get a complete thyroidectomy for I am still young. A complete excision of thyroid tissue would ensure I could get rid of 99.99% of cancer cell. None of them dare to use the word GUARANTEE 100% of getting rid of cancer cell. This is the cultural of Western Medical Practice. Observing from Science, rely on machine, the result of observation is quite accurate.

Here is another things that I realised, but it did not happen on me lar~~Don't be over-frighten when a doc say you get cancer, you leave about 2 months to live.I had read the story which 2-month-left person extended to 2 years. It's not that doctor has wrong judgement, I believe all the doctors must have gone through a lot of cases, and experience before he can come out with the statement. Things that extend the longevity come from Faith, Trust, Love and of course strictly filter what you eat.

This is what the doctor in the Health Farm have told me. Most of the doc would reckon you to get a complete thyroidetomy because it's their standard practice.Their notion is to get rid of what that brings trouble.

If you have cancer cell in thyroid, REMOVE. 
If you have dead cell in hand, CUT. 
If you are diabetes, EXCISION OF LEGS

I had been taught in the Health Farm if you are faith in your God,and yourself, think positively,  practise healthy lifestyle, never give up yourself......the maglinant cell would turn into Benign.Just like what happen to the story of water crystal.And the fact is I really live a good life there. I was hold to my decision that I don't want to lose another thyroid that time, but my mom after discussion with my dad, decided we should have done the Complete Thyroidectomy(CT).

My mum said you can practice your organic lifestyle now, but who would know that you wont strictly follow them especially when you go into University.She means that the university life without the guardian of parent. I might sleep up late at night, eating rubbish snack.She is partially right then. My university life right now is just like how everyone do, wake up late, sleep late, Brunch instead of Breakfast,facing laptop most of the time.

And since I am someone who is indecisive, I decided to follow their decision. After all, I had been watching the moment my mom slept in chairs as bed during my hospitalization during both surgeries. The decision is made solely for my own good.And here come my CT in hospital Putrajaya.

That's the end of my not-so-cancer story.

What I want to say is.......I don't count myself as a cancer patient cause I didn't undergo chemotherapy like most of the cancer people do (Merely a cancer patient because the word CARCINOMA and that's it). And I really thankful for I have been diagnosed early, healed at the early stages. My mom is the one who give me continuous strength to eat healthily. This incident is the turning point that embark myself into cooking, cause you know you are the chef, you cook healthily.She will help me to wash dishes , and cook healthily with her expertise. Our family once eating brown rice during that time.She simply taking care of me in everything! Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically.

To be honest, I didn't  feel upset throughout the entire time. I think my mom worried more than me.First, it was the expertise of doctor that the percentage of healing is 90% and above. Second, I knew my mom will did the best to ensure my well-being. And it's pretty easy for me cause what I need to do is just eat, sleep, jog, take medicine on time. and that's it, I will be healed.

This is the story of me, I hope it inspire you too. Have some awareness of cancer and read a lot of healthy book to know more about them. Understand the suffering of cancer will motivate you living healthier.As you have more knowledge, the story of cancer patients. you will be more aware of cancer.You will then have the motivation to live cancer-free live.

So, watch out your way of living, whether it prone if cancer cell cultivation or not.YOU ARE YOU EAT. Detox yourself everytime when you eat something that make you feel guilty, not in term of fat, but overall well-being.

The things that I did during recuperation:
No egg
No fried
No chicken, unless ayam kampung
No fish, unless deep sea fish
No fast food
NO tin/can food
NO Frozen food
NO preservative food
Fruits/vegetable everyday
Sabah Snake Grass / fruit juice daily  
(Believe to cure cancer, this source said that SSG has chemotherapy effect?)
Sleep early
Have faith, mindset that you will healed.
Read a lot of healthy book

 Looking pretty normal at the first glimpse, perhaps I have omit some other information during the recuperation.But until now, I really think I lived a healthy life that time.Perhaps you can scroll my post during April-Nov 2011 for more healthy tips.

Last but not least, the affair that trigger me disclose such confidential part of me is because of Cancer Awareness Campaign organised by AXA AFFIN, in collaboration with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM).

They are supporting cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy in this campaign. AXA AFFIN will fund the chemotherapy daycare usage to one cancer patients for every blogger that links back to AXA AFFIN 110CancerCare website in their effort to care for cancer patients. Which mean my this post will get a cancer patient one-day funding for their daycare usage at NCSM(National Cancer Society Malaysia) Treatment Centre.

Won't compose this if it wouldn't for this. Can't my post help one cancer patient for 3 or 4 times of chemotherapy?  Or help 10 patients for one day funding? I have exposed such precious, highly confidential, never-want-to-disclose story of mine.

Anyway, I know one more patient has been saved for 1-day funding in daycare treatment. (Just that I really hope more people can be helped from this, even though chemotherapy is suffering, got to know this while reading those story of cancer patients.After all, this collaboration was initiated for good deed,so the more the merrier~~ )

To the date of 7th Jan 2014,104 bloggers having written a blogpost in support of this initiative.

And people, if you are a blogger, you can contribute by write a post about cancer awareness too! and then link to the 110cancercare. Please contact sam.yoong@lionandlion.com for more information on this. =) Or perhaps you would be more interest in reading the cancer story of others.

A small deed can have a huge different.

January 9, 2014

How to determine a fake Naked 3 palette?

Well, I was so over the moon when I manage to get an Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for only freaking RM50. I already smelled some fish during the purchasing. But I really wanted to get a naked palette so looong ady~~ ever since I came across it in Sephora. And yes, something are sounds too good to be true.

So, some quote for this post.

If you think something is sounds too good to be true, trust your instinct, especially when it is not from credible source or official dealer. We all equip with something call COMMON SENSE. When my common sense and rational me told me that its fake, my frugal side told me it's worth to invest even it's not a genuine one. At least, you got some blink blink glitter colour shadows and the eyeliner brush! Combining both side, I decided to BUY. 

And that's how I got duped.Well, I do not regret in a bit, cause I will still use them.Anyhow, something inside me still crave for a real one.

1. I got it for Rm50. The genuine one sold in Sephora Malaysia for Rm188.And I guess to be on the safe side, you better buy only in Sephora. 

2. The packaging. The top pictures display the genuine. Photo taken from Sabby Prue. Photo with black background is the fake package.And then the top part of the packaging was layered with a gold strap, unlike the fake one.

3. Seried number/ID. Credit to smart smart invention. The seriel number suppose to be print on the back ,right side of the box. The fake one has a serial number print on elsewhere.


4. Defect: Even when you don't look at it carefully, you will still notice some flaw at the metallic cover in the corner. It was unpleasant unlike the bottom metallic cover. 

5. Let's look at the product now.
 Top: a 12 shadows of totally new rose-hued neutal.
Bottom: A crap of the genuine. Except that I think I quite like the pinkish purple.(the 4th strand one)

 although the name of each of the colour is the same. But it's super damn obvious the colour is DIFFERENT! Look at the colour of Buzz & Trick, how could the faked one still name them Naked 3!

Needless to mention, the colour is not the same. The blackheart according to Sabby Prue is Shimmery black shadow with reddish/coppery glitters and mine blackheart is only plain black colour. No glitter or shimmer with any hint of others!

6. Even there is a different of the hue within the own packaging!

The buzz from the box there is something like dark green. While the buzz available is Glitter bronze from what I had tested.And you got the compare the hue from the pic above.


Naked 3 also includes a NEW double-ended Good Karma Shadow and Blending Brush AND an Eyeshadow Primer Potion sampler with resealable samples of all four formulas (original, Sin, Eden and NEW anti-ageing). Each sample holds about a week’s worth of primer!"

And I don't get the sample either.....

Anyway, since I had bought them. There's no reason I just put them aside, simply because they are FAKE.God know I have a fairy hand I can turn the rock into GOLD, =P   Well, I quite like the palette come with a long rectangular mirror. Really come in handy when I want to apply in the car.

And I did research about the fake naked and faked 2 too. Some say fake naked 2 is not highly-pigmented. I think the shadow still stick quite nicely on me~~ (Perhaps I have amateur skill,LOL, Just Kidding, u know this.)

However, the shadow smudge relatively easy, and look at the my eyebag~~ all the shadow gone there already.It all just happen within the time frame of one hour. Anyway, I still have to add on I kept yawning along the journey in the car.

And what's I like about the entire Fake Naked 3?! I like the brush the most, seriouslly, I have been wanting to get brushes about eye make-up. Especially to draw the eyeliner one.This is a double ended Good Karma Shadow and Bleding Brush.
I have don't idea why they named it good karma shadow, but I really love it's not too soft, therefore don't bend easily, I can draw liner consistently.

See! The outcome of using karma shadow brush. Really satisfied with the line I had drawn. I even blended some into the bottom liner there if you didn't see it. Except the colour is a bit too dramatic. Too dark. And no glitter at all! WTF, I really want to get a genuine one because of this.

Alright, so that's everything about what I know to distinguish the genuine and fake one.Thank you so much to Kak Sabby for her consent to let me use her photo here. Visit my make-up pouch collection  to peek in what is inside.Also you can support me by click the button "join this site" on the right column here. =) Good day! =)
January 4, 2014

24 hour metta 2013

Hi all, I am glad that I make it to this 24 hour metta.

So basically, 24 hour metta is chanting (alternatively, you can choose to meditate) continously for 24 hours with metta (Love) to the peaceful of world. The merit from the metta will bless all beings in the word. As what Bhante Mahinda mention, Heal with Metta~~

A 7 of us from UTAR Buddhist Association joined a slot too! There are total 30 onsite chanting group to run 24 hours of Metta Chanting. And our timeslot is 3-4am.

Also, you can place your bottle of water in the Shrine Hall, the site where 24 hours of metta chanting.The water absorb the good will of from the chant and will form a really beautiful water crystal structured. My sis did place a bottle of water inside, the taste is pleasantly sweet!

Samadhi Vihara. Vihara means temple or monastery in the language of Pali.

My sister and me took the 9am bus from Kemaman to KL.We stop at the Perhentian Pekeliling , and headed to KL central straightaway.I think we took the 5.10pm KTM to Pasir Jawa, it took around 40 minutes before Brother Mahadharma and Kae Wen fetched us.

Luckily Jay Chan got snapped this =)

 The first view seen after we reached, then proceed to register as a participant. Their orange coloured T-shirt is so nice, but it only free to Volunteer helper. Public can purchase it for Rm20. My sis bought the orange Tee, but I didn't. I don't think I like to wear organisation t-shirt during the normal day.

Each of us will be given a rubber wrist band during the registration. I didn't take it, cause I know that I would only chuck those small wrist band and accessories in some hidden corner after I went back.

 We met Lloyd too!Didn't know he come from Klang until this moment. And he as well didn't know Soo Ann is my younger sis, LOL. This 24 hour metta really reveal up some information that we don't know, LOL.

Touring around the Samadhi Vihara.

 Samadhi Vihara is a vihara of Buddhist Missionary Society of Malaysia(BMSM).It is located at Section U12, Bukit Raja, Shah Alam.

See the brown colour pillar? It's Ashoka pillar.It was erected as a buddhist Icon. There are still other Ashoka Pillar in the world

Found a small hut in the garden! The sister to guide us say some Bhante (monk or 师父) would occasionally meditate there.

the night soon came right after we bathed. Visiting the booth at the roadside and also offer lighting to bless my family. 

Hurry up for dinner so that we can join the highlighted of the event. It was the circumambulation  at 8 o'clock.(circumambulation=绕舍利塔经行,是源自绕塔,这是南传佛教的一个修行法.)

Why Circumambulation?
Circumambulation is the act of going around an object of veneration, such as a stupa (a monument which houses holy relics of the Buddha or great Sangha masters), a Bodhi tree (which the Buddha sat under for shelter before he attained Enlightenment) or a Buddha image – for three times or more as a gesture of respect. It is done by walking clockwise meditatively, keeping one’s right towards the object of veneration. Doing so reminds us to keep the Buddha’s teachings in the centre of our lives.


What we did is basically is, the participants gathered by both side in front of the Shrine Hall, awaiting for the arrival of Bhantes. Then after the lighting of the Ashoka Pillar, only the candle in our hand can be lit on.   

Bhante Mahinda, lead the crowd for 3 rounds of circumbulation with holding the Buddha's relic. While we were walking, we also chanted something.

  This is the scripture/ mantra that we chanted along the circumbulation.

Whose back is this? Is the wearing the tee inverted? LOL

After 3 rounds of walking,  Bhante Mahinda some kind like inaugurated the ceremony by showing off his quote of Metta~~~~ HEALING WITH METTA.

He then delivered a short dharma talk to the participants.(开示)。 All that I could remember is he kept mentioning may all be well and happy. and also teach us the mantra Metta, Buddho, Parisutho, Cittho, Vimutto. Chant this mantra whenever you face difficulty, it will motivate you =)

After that, it is time for booth visitting.
       Metta rock.

 The stone on the top from someone, I decided to follow her pattern of painting. And the bottom one is mine!

 Wishing you a Metta New Year! May you be well and Happy!

 Also too free, decorated my candle with LOVE =)

The legendary  菩提树- Bodhi Tree

Also know as Pipel tree.  Bodhi is a term in 梵语(saṃskṛtam). Bodhi is the tree  where Prince Siddhaharta Gautama attained enlightenment. 

 Star folding corner

 Another view of Icontic Lotus on top of Shrine Hall.

I went to sleep after all the events. Most of them stayed up until our chanting slot 3am. We were gather at dharma room just beside the shrine hall. We chanted together with a bunch of Secondary school students too! With some still sleepy, and messy hair~~ LOL. Inside, The sister brief us about what to do when the other group finish their chant and the related detail lar~~ we also discussed who would be the 2 main chanter that use microphone.

Unlike to other groups of chanter,we chanted in Mandarin. we started-off by the scripture 般若波罗密多心经, and then 慈经,慈悲观 。 Repeat慈经, 慈经 alternatively until our slot end.Later on, I just found our that  慈经 is Karaniya Metta Sutta. 

I felt sleepy while chanting, I told myself must went back to sleep right after that. And end up I slept at 6am, after I handcopying the Karaniya Metta Sutta. Didn't expect this, but stay awake in the early morning in Samadhi Vihara (SV)  was delight. No crowd. No noise. Just a transquil ambience of Metta with you. But still the sleepiness keep urging.

Right after  the one-hour chant,finish at 4am,  we were leaded to dharma room for 回向。(dedicate the merit). Each of us will be given a stalk of flower and candle for this. Flower indicates the impermanent through its blossom and wilt.The light which shine us in dark symbolise wisdom. Dedicate the flower and light also remind ourself that we need to improve each and everyday.

May you be well and happy!

 Brother Ching LU was giving of memento to UTAR person-in-charge, who is my sis.

 A hand-made sash!

by the women of Rungus in Kudat, Sabah.

 The group of 3am chanting participant.Not all, there was still another table of people.Spot me spot me? I guess you didn't, I was the camera girl! and Nice to meet the new 2 friends!

With my 3-4am slot members! Ignore me, I was just too sleepy.

With the absence of crowd, we use the chance to wandering around, join in the booth's activities, and photo-taking!

 Photo with the Lotus Shrine Hall.

 With Pipal Tree.

 The bottle of stars were fold by my UTAR friends while I was sleeping 11pm-2.30am.

Loitering to Metta rock corner after handcopied Karaniya Metta Sutta

Samadhi Vihara in the midnight. The wave of light is Amazing!

 On the next day, there is a Closing ceremony at 10am for 24 hour metta. I didn't take much pic for the next day~~~ result of insufficient of sleeping and rushing to go back. 

Bhante Mahinda emphasize the importance of enlightenment (觉悟)。Though not fuly understand. But I think we all back with the bless of Metta love.

Though it's quite late to view the promotional video now, but feel free to make yourself to click if you are interested. 

Another video about 2012 found in 24 hour metta Facebook page.

For those are interested! 24 hour Metta would be held annually in the same place, Samadhi Vihara in Section U12, Bukit Raja, Shah Alam.

The date is also fixed every year. It is the final weekend (Sat & Sun)of the year. Which mean It would be held on 27-28th Dec 2014!

An annually oportunity to get bond with Metta(loving kindness).  =) =) =)


Sadhu sadhu sadhu!  

CLick the link for more pictures.
and don't forget to like their page too

p/s: thank you to Kea Wen and Yan Xun for helping me out with the information about the buddhist fact. And Yan Xun, u got talent in translating!!