January 4, 2014

24 hour metta 2013

Hi all, I am glad that I make it to this 24 hour metta.

So basically, 24 hour metta is chanting (alternatively, you can choose to meditate) continously for 24 hours with metta (Love) to the peaceful of world. The merit from the metta will bless all beings in the word. As what Bhante Mahinda mention, Heal with Metta~~

A 7 of us from UTAR Buddhist Association joined a slot too! There are total 30 onsite chanting group to run 24 hours of Metta Chanting. And our timeslot is 3-4am.

Also, you can place your bottle of water in the Shrine Hall, the site where 24 hours of metta chanting.The water absorb the good will of from the chant and will form a really beautiful water crystal structured. My sis did place a bottle of water inside, the taste is pleasantly sweet!

Samadhi Vihara. Vihara means temple or monastery in the language of Pali.

My sister and me took the 9am bus from Kemaman to KL.We stop at the Perhentian Pekeliling , and headed to KL central straightaway.I think we took the 5.10pm KTM to Pasir Jawa, it took around 40 minutes before Brother Mahadharma and Kae Wen fetched us.

Luckily Jay Chan got snapped this =)

 The first view seen after we reached, then proceed to register as a participant. Their orange coloured T-shirt is so nice, but it only free to Volunteer helper. Public can purchase it for Rm20. My sis bought the orange Tee, but I didn't. I don't think I like to wear organisation t-shirt during the normal day.

Each of us will be given a rubber wrist band during the registration. I didn't take it, cause I know that I would only chuck those small wrist band and accessories in some hidden corner after I went back.

 We met Lloyd too!Didn't know he come from Klang until this moment. And he as well didn't know Soo Ann is my younger sis, LOL. This 24 hour metta really reveal up some information that we don't know, LOL.

Touring around the Samadhi Vihara.

 Samadhi Vihara is a vihara of Buddhist Missionary Society of Malaysia(BMSM).It is located at Section U12, Bukit Raja, Shah Alam.

See the brown colour pillar? It's Ashoka pillar.It was erected as a buddhist Icon. There are still other Ashoka Pillar in the world

Found a small hut in the garden! The sister to guide us say some Bhante (monk or 师父) would occasionally meditate there.

the night soon came right after we bathed. Visiting the booth at the roadside and also offer lighting to bless my family. 

Hurry up for dinner so that we can join the highlighted of the event. It was the circumambulation  at 8 o'clock.(circumambulation=绕舍利塔经行,是源自绕塔,这是南传佛教的一个修行法.)

Why Circumambulation?
Circumambulation is the act of going around an object of veneration, such as a stupa (a monument which houses holy relics of the Buddha or great Sangha masters), a Bodhi tree (which the Buddha sat under for shelter before he attained Enlightenment) or a Buddha image – for three times or more as a gesture of respect. It is done by walking clockwise meditatively, keeping one’s right towards the object of veneration. Doing so reminds us to keep the Buddha’s teachings in the centre of our lives.


What we did is basically is, the participants gathered by both side in front of the Shrine Hall, awaiting for the arrival of Bhantes. Then after the lighting of the Ashoka Pillar, only the candle in our hand can be lit on.   

Bhante Mahinda, lead the crowd for 3 rounds of circumbulation with holding the Buddha's relic. While we were walking, we also chanted something.

  This is the scripture/ mantra that we chanted along the circumbulation.

Whose back is this? Is the wearing the tee inverted? LOL

After 3 rounds of walking,  Bhante Mahinda some kind like inaugurated the ceremony by showing off his quote of Metta~~~~ HEALING WITH METTA.

He then delivered a short dharma talk to the participants.(开示)。 All that I could remember is he kept mentioning may all be well and happy. and also teach us the mantra Metta, Buddho, Parisutho, Cittho, Vimutto. Chant this mantra whenever you face difficulty, it will motivate you =)

After that, it is time for booth visitting.
       Metta rock.

 The stone on the top from someone, I decided to follow her pattern of painting. And the bottom one is mine!

 Wishing you a Metta New Year! May you be well and Happy!

 Also too free, decorated my candle with LOVE =)

The legendary  菩提树- Bodhi Tree

Also know as Pipel tree.  Bodhi is a term in 梵语(saṃskṛtam). Bodhi is the tree  where Prince Siddhaharta Gautama attained enlightenment. 

 Star folding corner

 Another view of Icontic Lotus on top of Shrine Hall.

I went to sleep after all the events. Most of them stayed up until our chanting slot 3am. We were gather at dharma room just beside the shrine hall. We chanted together with a bunch of Secondary school students too! With some still sleepy, and messy hair~~ LOL. Inside, The sister brief us about what to do when the other group finish their chant and the related detail lar~~ we also discussed who would be the 2 main chanter that use microphone.

Unlike to other groups of chanter,we chanted in Mandarin. we started-off by the scripture 般若波罗密多心经, and then 慈经,慈悲观 。 Repeat慈经, 慈经 alternatively until our slot end.Later on, I just found our that  慈经 is Karaniya Metta Sutta. 

I felt sleepy while chanting, I told myself must went back to sleep right after that. And end up I slept at 6am, after I handcopying the Karaniya Metta Sutta. Didn't expect this, but stay awake in the early morning in Samadhi Vihara (SV)  was delight. No crowd. No noise. Just a transquil ambience of Metta with you. But still the sleepiness keep urging.

Right after  the one-hour chant,finish at 4am,  we were leaded to dharma room for 回向。(dedicate the merit). Each of us will be given a stalk of flower and candle for this. Flower indicates the impermanent through its blossom and wilt.The light which shine us in dark symbolise wisdom. Dedicate the flower and light also remind ourself that we need to improve each and everyday.

May you be well and happy!

 Brother Ching LU was giving of memento to UTAR person-in-charge, who is my sis.

 A hand-made sash!

by the women of Rungus in Kudat, Sabah.

 The group of 3am chanting participant.Not all, there was still another table of people.Spot me spot me? I guess you didn't, I was the camera girl! and Nice to meet the new 2 friends!

With my 3-4am slot members! Ignore me, I was just too sleepy.

With the absence of crowd, we use the chance to wandering around, join in the booth's activities, and photo-taking!

 Photo with the Lotus Shrine Hall.

 With Pipal Tree.

 The bottle of stars were fold by my UTAR friends while I was sleeping 11pm-2.30am.

Loitering to Metta rock corner after handcopied Karaniya Metta Sutta

Samadhi Vihara in the midnight. The wave of light is Amazing!

 On the next day, there is a Closing ceremony at 10am for 24 hour metta. I didn't take much pic for the next day~~~ result of insufficient of sleeping and rushing to go back. 

Bhante Mahinda emphasize the importance of enlightenment (觉悟)。Though not fuly understand. But I think we all back with the bless of Metta love.

Though it's quite late to view the promotional video now, but feel free to make yourself to click if you are interested. 

Another video about 2012 found in 24 hour metta Facebook page.

For those are interested! 24 hour Metta would be held annually in the same place, Samadhi Vihara in Section U12, Bukit Raja, Shah Alam.

The date is also fixed every year. It is the final weekend (Sat & Sun)of the year. Which mean It would be held on 27-28th Dec 2014!

An annually oportunity to get bond with Metta(loving kindness).  =) =) =)


Sadhu sadhu sadhu!  

CLick the link for more pictures.
and don't forget to like their page too

p/s: thank you to Kea Wen and Yan Xun for helping me out with the information about the buddhist fact. And Yan Xun, u got talent in translating!!

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