September 19, 2023

Ramen Mob @Taipan USJ is delicious!

Good news for Ramen lover around the Subang Area! 

The entrance to the Ramen mob. The staircase sandwiched between Blackwhale and a pastry shop, Komugi. 

Parking : 
Parking is hard to find in Taipan business area. I usually park inside the building, Wisma Conlay. The parking rate is Rm 1 / hour. So It was quite afforable and also it is shaded so my car wont be too hot during the mid day. 

Finally there is a Ramen shop in Subang area! I am a Ramen lover. Most of the time when I want to have ramen, the ramen shops are mostly in shopping mall. 

So I was so happy knowing when I see the signboard of Ramen Mob being installed at USJ Taipan Business area. 

Shiro Yakibuta Ramen Rm 31.90 

This is their signature. I tried this during my first time visit. Oily flavourful of the Pork belly slides being roasted with a tint of caramel on the charred surface. 

Not bad. The pork based soup is full of aroma after boiling for 16h . It gives me the feeling of like Ippudo. 

Their onsen egg is  served cold. The manager said it was to served cold as they prepare for it before hand. However, you can request for hot onsen egg while order. 

The bowl flavourful ramen soup , coupled with having a cup of green tea really makes me very full. So full that I skipped my dinner. So it is quite worthy for me. 

Kuro Chatsu Ramen Rm 29.90 

    During my second visit, I tried their Kuro soup base. It tastes more flavourful then the Shiro. I like it! 

If you order both Shiro and Kuro 
Then you should go for the lighter soup base one, which is the Shiro. then only Kuro. 

I actually wanted to try their Mala base, but I am not sure my stomach can handle it or not. I can handle the Mala-ness before pregnant. However, after pregnancy and giving birth...I am not confident that my body can handle that. Perhaps I would like that soon. 

Even if I am not ordering Mala, you can still season it after it has served. 
The typical seasoning is soysauce , oil are available. 

The one that impressed me is their chilli powder. It was so good, so punchy. You can start by sprinkle a little bit of the chilli powder first, and adjust it from there. It was so refreshing to eat with chilli powder after a mouthful of Shiro ramen !

Cheese and Chasu Tamago 

Buta Katsu Rm 15.90 

Breaded pork loin. Also ordered this pork loin. It wasn't as good as the one from Maison Tonkatsu. but it was fine. The taste is some how similar also. 

UPloaded this here because I would still like to try their other fried snacks! 

and yes.YOu can also opt for add on should you need any of them. 

They do serve Don also. but I didnt include it here.