July 30, 2012

Ws's bro wedding dinner

HI, all, I am coming back!! I finally finish my mid-sem exam, and now a little time to blog.

I doesn't mean to abundant my blog for such a long time , just that I am so moody recently, I rather used my free time to talk , or watch movies.

dear blog, pls forgive me to abundant u for such a long time, n u know I didn't meant to

and, yea, as the title tells, I went to Muar last weekend, Spending time with him and his family, helping them or troubling them in preparation for wedding, coz its his brother's wedding. At first, I wander if I want to join or not, coz this kind of situation could be very awkward, and ......sometime its hard to describe using words
What I can say that is really unforgetful exprecience cause, through the 2days 2 nights, I got to know his family better, don't misunderstood, we are still far far away from marry, just that .....like I say the earlier, I more to dun wan to take part side,but as he ask me a question then I could hardly reject

If your brother or sister is throwing a wedding,
 do you wish that I can join?

sure! such a remarkable moment leh!

and hence I agreed to join him. Frankly, I really miss the moment spenting with him last weekend, but he also put me into awkward situation several times!!First, I was helping his sister at reception (during the wedding dinner) to ask guests to sign and showing the table number, since it was their elder brother's wedding, so they must be very very busy, when all the guest had arrived mean we can packed our booth and went to eat, here come the moment, I couldn't find him!!!

What I think was "OMG, what should I do? I wanted to pretend very busy, but everything is settled! And I couldn't saw him anywhere!  OMG, such an embarassed moment,and here come the moment his father and the bridegroom or his brother notice me with lonely, awkard like an ostrich expression, so its not him to invite me to the table but his father, and the point is, I never expect I would sit on that table because according to my last experience attending a wedding dinner of my cousin, namely A , and A's younger bro sit another table together with the younger bro's gf. And so, I still feel very awkward because of my role, ws's girlfriend......I mean I can be totally a stranger in the wedding dinner without him, eat alone like stranger, not that his family ignore me, but  knewing them busy serve people, I really feel like wanted to dig a hole and put my head inside. And he only came out after the moment I started to getting at ease,=.=".Ignore u for 15 minutes!

Then he thought that his has no seat in the wedding, he don't know that the 2 empty seat beside me were for him and his sister when they varnish no where, and he asked me to enjoy the meal and he intended to flew off, back to his duty track again....poor me.....I swear I would never attend to such ceremony again!But he also console me ,saying that,

see the first time you join my family's wedding, then you get to sit here.

so what, I rather sit any hiding corner than sitting here, right in front of the stage!

but fortunately, I get such a VIP seat, I got to enjoy all the preformance on stage,(my seat is facing the stage and back to guests), there was a male singer, a very handsome, engaging male singer entertainted us with his awesome singing skill and playing guitar, this was what I was doing to distract my attention while waiting for his apprearance, and finally, I get to take a photo with him'!
Add caption

 Now lets pics  do the talking!

Now I do notice the difference he smile compare to others, his lips prefer gravitational force like his weight,hahaha.

the bridge look really sweet!and gorgeous!

Ta daa~~ me with his brother and his er shao, and with the handsome singer inside!

for the first time I think that I am so fat, and old and outdated holding a glass instead of hour glass like him!

I really think he is quite handsome that night with the outfit, but the bridegroom is the most handsome one lar~~so ignoring me, just wanna to show how handsome he look like.

The zebra graphic tee, me bought, from Sub,
 the kot, he bought from no where.

the next day, also the sunday, also the day we were back ,and amazingly we both found out that,perhaps it was due to its just a random day for Malaysian, coz we only took 2.25hours from Muar bus station to reach BTS!!Btw, the bus was so damn hot~~~

The second day...
here he is, get ready to open door for bride.

 pardon me for unclear photo, in fact, my hp function like having menses recently, sekejap boleh sekejap tak boleh.

As I mentioned, we only took 2.25 hours to reach bts, since his ETS is 5.30pm, we went to Berjaya Time Square to date,hahaha. This is how we spent how time in time square, coz he is hot,so he need this to cool him down.

So, thats all for my journey with him, and I appreciate the every moment with him, though u leave me alone in such an awkward moments, but under consideration la,hahaha, you should proud to have me as ur gf!

I miss the time watching the opening ceremony of Olympic 2012 in the homestay.......

July 18, 2012

13July weekend

love this pic, coz it recall me during that moment, somemore it is something deal with chinese food which I crave for so long

I love to say that I spent a nice weekend with him, friday, saturday and Sunday, and everyday was a sweet day!I love your friend, I love ur school and I just love everything about u!

erm...basically, On friday night, give him a surprise party. but then I was so stupid that he found sth was wrong then he knew ady,phailed....,why am I so stupid? Playing flour in the night after that.

Actually, this time in order to celebrate  his birthday, I prepared 3 surprises for him
my surprise appearance
the surprise birthday bush
the surprise lovely present!

hey, I mean these are 3 separate events, not all of them came together

On the second day, we went to watch movie!!! The cinema was so damn cold, I should bring a jacket inside, we watched an awesome movie!!that is....

yes, It is amazing, but if you watch earlier version, the storyline is about the same, the interesting about this movie is it is more enchance in term of facility, costume, and the main character become more handsome. It true.

After stay cool in theatre for about 2and a half hours, it is Nando's time!! This is my second time having Nando's with the same person too! So glad that I can eat such scumptious things with the right person.I swear next time I want to be a rich woman, and eat like boss!

I miss the popiah, miss the nasi goreng,........I am eating lover,hahaha

End my post with my big forehead photo,hehehe

Today is his birthday, Happy birthday dear~~<3

July 5, 2012

Thurday= Lab day

 today was just an another ordinary for me, btw, it is Thursday, sad...coz my 91G kemaman friend went to enjoy~~never mind, I am going to enjoy it in the future too !!

      Thursday mean lab day for me, coz I have 2 lab to do on the same day, first, chemistry lad on 10-12, second, bio lab on 2-4pm, wth I dun like it, coz 2 lab mean have to prepare 2 reports, btw, still manage to cope with it.

 Yes, I was doing titration today, but first have to prepare to standard solution.

Do I look like very pro in this photo?