March 10, 2014

Collaboration: Question and Answer session with Wen Xi, Fion, and Ivy!

First of all, lets have an applause for myself for I have editted the video for half day in between of Assignment rushing and mid-term. LOL, I can't be more flatter than this.

 There was a random day Wen Xi suddenly proposed the idea of Q&A from each of us.I was so tempted to join even though it means a lot of jobs. But blogger spirit ON!

Each of us (Wen Xi, Fion, Ivy and me) ask 5 questions to each another, and then we would answer it in video form!

I can write better than Speak. There were a lot of errors in my video. I already try my best to minimise it, but guess I have to practice more in the future so that I won't tongue-twisted, slip of tongue like this.

If you are able to watch this for more than 7 mins, I should thanks u!It....could be a little tedious...coz I felt so. Some more,  I think because I speak slowly. Now I understand why people in youtube always speak in lightning speed!

Let's see how my clique answer questions given to them.

my questions for them are
1. Crack a joke that bump into your mind right now.
2. What is the bravest that you've ever done?
3. What is the movie/drama that you've watched recently?
4. If you can have a superpower, what do you wish?
5. Who is your role moedel/aspiration/motivation to success?

SO here are video of them!Simply click their name to access to their blog and here is here to shown!


P/s: just finish watching all their videos. I got to see how a same question would make a different answer from each of them. It's fun actually, cause unlike the usual tag game, it's quite too conventional too scroll through the wordy part, even it means it's very interesting. Because video is more in motion, and you get to see the person more in  real life =D

Like I am quite excited whenever Fion shout out my name, cause I never see her. and We basically just know each other through this virtual screen. and this video make life so real.

So , I am really so thankful if you got to watch my video. Happy Wednesday!


  1. wowww so cool! i never dare to do a vlog cause i think my voice sounds weird. ahahah

  2. love your vlog!! hahahaa!!! so cute!!! and wat do you use to record it? summore can edit the zoom in zoom out one! super nice quality!!!

    your "funniest thing you do when you're bore" that one so damn special weyh hahahahahaa!

  3. Heryuan lau:
    Do lar, if u do, I will support u one! my voice also not tat girly mar~~~

    Xixi: thank you!! I use the nex-f3, yea lor yea lor, I really love my this camera lo~~ somemore, U can see urself during record. If u wan tto buy, I will recommend 5t!

  4. haha nice one! but for me, if i have a superpower, it must be the power to absorb power! hahaha you know like Sylar from Heroes! hahahha


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