March 9, 2014

Fashion haul

I am so freak out now, I just finished one assignment, and later have to continue another revision for Tuesday mid-term. Decided to vent my cranky by writing this fashion post before I forget the price, brand and all that related. I have yet to post about KL with Ivy Liew~~~~. I knew for sure that Ivy will considerate my situation, but I like to put on this hasttag.

#Imsofuckkingbusynow, I will try my best to update KL trips with Ivy whenever I can steal the time.For now, a short post will be appropriate for me.

Before I started, all the pics below were taken by my beloved Ivy. She is so pro and wise in fashion. With her , I pick up the clothes that I usually won't choose. However, those clothes actually look nice on me!

So Ivy is not only a pro photographer here, also my  fashion guru of the day!

Colourful maxi Dress  Rm 27.90
Mirrocle- Farenheit 88

 See! The maxi skirt that I usually won't bother to look at. Same pattern with the maxi dress below. Just a difference in colour. I bought the colourful one.I finally have a maxi dress le!!

 Also Rm27.90
also from Mirrocle- Farenheir 88

Actually both are equally nice lar, it took me quite sometime to decide which to buy also.

 Grey Crop Top  Rm 29.90
Rainbow Skirt Rm 19.90
from Kitschen-Farenheit 88

I fall in love in the first sight with the rainbow skirt.It was originally Rm59.90 after I scanned through the receipt. Quite proud of myself lar~~ hahaha.And then the crop top is also something that I never try. Ivy recommend to buy it since I am quite slender,hehehe =D

 Tribal print pants 
 circa Rm35-39
Kitschen- Farenheit 88 

I didn't buy this. Quite fond of the print actually. But it can be look like sleeping pyjamas if mismatch.So more, it's expensive ler~~~

 orangy red frock
circa Rm50-60
Kitschen- Farenheit 88 

I like this  flappy frock. Like more if it has petticoat inside. But the clothe is too thin. I told Ivy I plan to buy something formal yet elegant frock to attend my bf's convo in Oct. She said this is not formal enough. But I think it's okay lar~~ Didn't buy this in the end because the clothe is too delicate, and it's expensive and it make my upper body: lower body = 1:1. NO LIKE.

 What she did while I tried those clothes. I have so much to say about her. But let it be the next post where I will talk mainly about her, and KL trip with her.

 bustier top+ flappy chiffon skirt 
circa Rm75
Kitschen- Farenheit 88

I look nice in this photo but It isn't flatter me in real life. Both Ivy and I agreed to this. Who ask me so thin.....

 Yellow crop top  Rm25
Blue-white polka dot asymmetric dress  Rm79.90
Forever 21- Pavilion

I love the dress, it look effortlessly chic with anything.I will for sure buy the dress if I see this before CNY.And then the crop top is Rm5 cheaper than the Mirrocle!!

 Not-so-Gingham skirt Rm24.90
Mirrocle- Farenheit 88

Also I bought this.

 Thank you camera.

So, that's all for this post. Bye bye~~~~

Less cranky after writing this.=)


  1. first time see you do fashion post ahaha !

  2. carol: hehe, I only do when I have reason to buy clothes lar~~ =D

    Eriol: thanks! thanks for ur support all the time, love u!

  3. its fun trying out clothes

  4. i still dare not try maxi dress, afraid if i look short :/

  5. not bad ah! u thin, i am thinner ler! like very skinny. -_-

  6. camy: I also not dare to try maxi until Ivy picked for me. Nvr mind, just test it but dun buy it then u know what effect will occur on u lor~~

    caroline:LOL~~ I know u are much thinner and petite, then do u wear bustier ? how ar?


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