December 21, 2016

Althea application is now on Android and iOS

Althea, an online K- Beauty product store has finally launches Althea app on both iOS and Android system!

The first page appeared when opening the Althea app on smart phone. 

Althea's  CFO, Jae Kim commented:
"The Althea mobile app is part of our ongoing efforts to provide our customers with the easiest and most convenient way to browse, discover, and shop for their favorite K-Beauty products. The app is specifically designed to be fast, simple, and easy to navigate. Through this, we hope to cater to the increasingly on-the-go lifestyles of our users so they can shop any time, anywhere. In the near future, we will introduce new and exciting features such as personalized recommendations, video and other high-quality content, and unique social interaction." 

All I want for Christmas is ....

Click on the video above as you read this, it's Christmas-y!!!

Yea, we all know that there is one very classic song for Christmas , and the song is from Mariah Carey, and needless to mention, you know that the title of the song is

" All I want for Christmas is You" 

In conjunction with Christmas, Althea also run a Christmas giveaway for their users. You can click HERE to know more.

While reading, I was thinkign what did I want from Althea...thinking....the first thing that POP up on my mind is...I mean seriously, NO JOKE. I want these...

The Althea Limited Edition Christmas Box. all the small , medium and large box! 
(I already have the small althea box, give me the medium and large will do =D )

December 12, 2016

Althea Beauty Box review

Christmas is coming soon! And its time to pamper ourselves! Though as a beauty addict , I basically restock all year round. LOL. Anyway, recently I was so merry about the launch of this Althea Box from Althea! 

Initially, I wanted to buy Year End Party Box. But too bad it was sold out when I ordered.  The Year End Party is a cosmetic box , it has most of the make up essential which is a great starter kit for a make up beginner! Although I am not a make up beginner. still I was so tempt to buy the Year End Party Box. And this was when I started to look into other Althea Box. 

Skin Food | Avocado Lip Scrub
Missha | Very Berry Body Shower
B& Soap | Fun Shampoo Bar
Calmia | Oatmeal Cleansing Foam
Half Moon Eyes | Milky Tonning Jelly Essence Toner
Innisfree | Green Tea Moisture Essence
Monstory | Cool Cool Mon Slow Aging Masking Mask
Nine Point | Blackberry and Bay Body Mist

One of the reasons that got me delighted is that all the Althea box was soooo CHEAP! You can see that it is more than 50% cheaper when you bought it seperately. And every single item in each will doubt whether they have read your mind. Esp the Year End Party Box! (Okay, maybe I am a heavy make up junkie)

So I bought Superfood Box instead as I am looking for toner recently. And this Superfood has the Innisfree Green Tea Essence that cost RM 65 from Innisfree shop, and I heard  quite a number of great review about Innisfree Green Tea series. And the rest of the products, I do not know much about them, hence I would like to try it out.  Let me know if you want me to review any of the product above.

Anyway, I recorded an unboxing video of Althea Box, that pretty summarise the condition when it first arrived, the content of the box, I even opened and tried the products in front of camera. Take a look at it!

I hope that you enjoy reading my this blog post, and leave me with any comment on what you think about it, okay?
December 7, 2016

103 Coffee Workshop @ Cheras C180

Hello, my foodie readers, what do you have this weekend? If you are a coffee lover, which make me think about my barista friend, Nitya. You should have pay this place a visit. A place with proffessional barista. They even sent their barista to competition!

Because of this visit, I grew a new high level of expection towards Japanese style cafe. Every food & drink here are so EXQUISITE. And you shall not deny of trying them.

There actually 2 branches of 103 Coffee Workshop. I reviewed the one in Cheras C180, the other one is Sri Petaling. Also, you can always go to their facebook to know the latest brew of coffee/menu.

Thanks to Rebecca for the invitation. Few of us invited get to try on their new menu. As much as 103 coffee workshop on great brew of coffee , their food here delight me as their coffee! Let's venture into their food, coffees and the interior.


 Ratatuille RM 19.90

A sunny side up on top of zucchini, corn, and cheese to be eaten with the garlic toast. The garlic bread is so crispy I enjoyed every bite of it with the rich and perfectly tossed garlic bread.A perfect heartily breakfast by add on with a fruit juice. A balanced meal to start your day. Trust me, it is not something to die for. but definitely worth the try!

December 5, 2016

Pablo Cheesetart finally landed in Malaysia!

Pablo Cheesetart has finally landed in Malaysia!  Well the pic that you see here is Mini Cheesetart by the way. 

Because it is about CHEESE, so I am a happy kid to be one of the first 100 to try their signautre cheesetart and cheesedrink. 

Hard to resist the cuteness of their paper bag for Pablo Mini Cheesetart
December 3, 2016

What did I learn from Warehouse Sale

Eversince I came to KL, I only realised that warehouse sale happen all year long to different luxurious brand. This time, there is one Warehouse Sale that get me excited. You can go to my blog facebook page, Maple's Diary to see how estatic I was. 

The warehouse sale was from 2-3 Dec 2016, 10am - 5pm in Evolve Concept Mall. 
I went there around 10.30am on the first day to secure my favourite item, though I practically have no any clear idea on what to buy. But one thing, the Kose Sekkisei Lotion is a must! I been using their Kose Sekkisei, and I really like the super hydrating, soothing and cooling sensation on my skin immediately after applied them.

November 29, 2016

Yellow Apron : Of a great environment @Seksyen 13

It is my first time visited here. You wouldn't expect this restaurant (Yes, it is not a cafe judging by it's size too) would look so spacious with minimalist and warm interior which is something that I like so much!


5/5 rating for the environment here. Let's see.....

The first sight when you come in from the main entrance.  Yellow hanging pendant light to shine upon the food and the space, you will feel cozy and comfortable and all the stress suddenly vanish and relax.

Going further from the dessert and counter, patron can choose a seat of four or eight. As you can see here, the seating here can easily accomodate 16 people too.

You might want to sit on soft cushioned couch instead of cold hard metal chair for a cup of tea. There is it. The ample space between each table ensure that you can gossip easily without need to worry the people next table might hear you.

Love the natural light shine through the glass panel and occasionally surround by lush plant.

Aiming for larger space for 20-people party/celebration?  I just had a farewell dinner with my collegues in the private room upstairs. In my opinion, it can fit around 20 people here.


Took only 3 cake photos, but I reckon it should be displayed here. Something eye candy and lustful for sweet tooth. Never had I came across Matcha Cream with Buttercream.  The cakes here are from The Humble Pie, which is also under the food management of Yellow Apron.

Fresh Fruit Juice RM 12.50  

Green Apple | Left
Passion Fruit and Carrot | Middle
Passion Fruit |Right

My colleague ordered Green Apple + Pineapple which is way much better than Green Apple alone! Hence, would advise you order mix fruit juice rather than single. Whether it is mixed or single fruit juice, it still cost the same.

I personally like the fruit juice here very much. It is just an ordinary cup of fruit juice without any secret recipe. It is merely fruit without any sugar. You would instantly know it if you used to blend fruit juice at home.

An aesthetic view before going upstairs into the private room. A view that is so simple and hard to ignore.

Mademoiselle Melca's Chicken Adobo RM 20.50 

Mademoiselle Melca's Chicken Adobo (Small) RM 17.50 
The small portion has 2 pieces of chicekn instead of 4, also lesser rice. 

Adobo refers to Marinade in Spanish term, but it's a indigenous Filipino dish. 4 pieces of chicken cooked in ginger, garlic, vinegar and soy sauce balanced with pumpkin, brinjal and long beans in a creamy coconut sauce, served with chill sauce.

The marinate render the chicken fuse with balance flavour of salty, mild spicy and the fragrance from garlic. Whereas the vege soaked in coconut sauce was a full and satisfying experience for the cream lover. Overall, it is a flavourful dish. Some might not like it for it's dense flavour.

Shepherd's Pie RM 24.50 

Shredded slow roasted lamb shoulder, carrot, sweet potatoes and celery, encased in mashed potato, breadcrumbs and lamb fat, cheddar and parmesan, served with rich lamb gravy and  garlic bread. 

No comment given on this dish as I went here in a group, which I didn't try every single dishes ordered. 

What's Your Beef Lasagne RM 22.50 
What's Your Beef Lasagne (Smaller) RM 17.50 
Half portion of the lasagne, less side

Choice of sides
Garden Salad   |  Potato Wedges

Minced beef in rich tomato sauce, layered with bechamel, basil and premium Bellaluca lasagne. 

I like it so much! Wish to go for the vegetarian Lasagne next time. The cheesy filling, tomato sauce with the minced beef just like a perfect combination for a fulfilling gourmet experience in any occasion.  Rate 8/10 for the dish and the big portion of it!

The Lip-Smacking Salted Egg Seafood Spaghetti Carbonara RM 28.50 
The Lip-Smacking Salted Egg Seafood Spaghetti Carbonara (Small) RM 24.50 

2 Tiger prawns, two green mussels, fried anchovies, salted egg yolk,egg curry leaves, asparagus, sprinkled parmesan cheese , chilli flakes and black pepper.

The above seafood carbonara was a small portion one. I was amazed by the fusion of asian taste into this exotic dish. It smelled heavily with anchovies when it served. Would definitely come here for this exotic fusion carbonara!

The Smoky Spicy  Mushroom Olio Spaghetti (Chicken Sausage)

A mushroom medley chunked with lots of vege and even lemon zest! The name of the various ingredients hint it would be delicious. The taste has resemblance to 'Char Kuey Tiow'. So perhaps to my high expectation, it doesnt really taste nice. But a promising fulfilling dish. 

The Smoky Spicy  Mushroom Olio Spaghetti (Beef Sausage) 

The Smoky Spicy  Mushroom Olio Spaghetti
Vegetarian | RM 20.50
Chicken Sausage | RM 25.50
Beef Sausage | RM 26.50
Lamb Sausage | RM 27.50

Smaller portion reduced by RM 4. 


As I am writing now, I realise the name of all the dishes here are so special. And this is not a western cafe but with westernise concept. Looking into the list of the food here, it actually cater vegetarian too. So you can ask your vegetarian friends to have a cup of tea here.

The food here really vary. Some are really delicious and their portion is so generous which I would say... certain dishes here worth the price.

Will come here again to try on the cake too! Imma sweet tooth!

Some of my recommended food
1. Seafood carbonara
2. Shepherd's Pie
3. Any type of lasagne
4. Fruit juice

Yellow Apron is located in Heritage Center. However, it is accessible on Waze using "Yellow Apron" too.

Yellow Apron

3, Jalan 13/6, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
(Right opposite the Bosch| Near Jaya One )

Opening Hours 
11.30am - 10.00pm 
(9.30pm last call)


03- 37931 2077

Come with 7 parking space of Yellow Apron's customer too!

November 28, 2016

Butterfly Project Christmas Cupcake Workshop 2016

Harlo!! I am back in action finally! Previously was so busy with work and now since it's school holiday so yea. Today would be about the Christmas Cupcake Workshop by Butterfly Project Malaysia and hosted by At19 Culinary studio!

When I first saw this even in facebook, I was so excited because I never did baking before. Although I knew how to make non-bake lemon cheesecake.

At19 culinary studio was located in housing area, upon stepped into the house, I was thinking whether I stepped into the wrong place. But nope. At19 Culinary studio also conduct some other lesson such as cooking, dessert making . You can go to their facebook to view more.

We started off the workshop by having our instructor , Suraiya to guide us step by step.

They have already prepared all the needed ingredients in advance.

We started by making a Red Velvet Cupcake. One o f the benefit having to bake in workshop is not you can minimise your mistake as the friendly staffs were there to help you, they will also teach you the little details that you need to note. Will write it out as we progress through.

First, we need to sitf the all purpose flour so that it is light and easier to mix with other ingredients to form cake batter. Salt was added during the sifting too.

Meanwhile, add cream butter and sugar into a whisking bowl, beat until the mixture is light and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.

The chocolate batter was prepared by whisking cocoa powder, food colouring and a quater of boiling water. Stir and set aside to cool down.

Adding egg and flour mixture alternative, no need to make evenly, as long as it mixed well, then carry on with the next one. Adding bit by bit so that it stif evenly and the cake wont be dense and remain moisture.

Eventually, a flavourful cake batter was ready!

Bake for 20 mins and let it cool down on wire racks.  (Photo credit to Tammy Lim)

Next was my favourite part. We were going to decorate the cupcake with fondant!!

Colourful fondant look like stone at the first glimpse,lay quietly on the table looking appealing. Sdyney who really has a baking hand even made a brown colour fondant by mixing black, green and yellow!

Of course , there was this pretty lady (forgotten her name) who taught us the technique to shape them, and some simple ideas for Christmas fondan decoration!

Everyone was clay clay  making their own fondant decoration.

The cupcake with my fondant!!! I actually did not purposely shape the eyes of ginger bread man to be different. But some of the fellow butterflies say that it is cute in this way. What do you think?

Do you like this?  I do! A sea for Christmas-y decorated cupcake appeared so vibrant!

I met some of my blogger friends there, and yea. they also mention that we have not been meeting in awhile. So selfie time again!

With Sharon Lee

Juneci, Puisan, Yours truly and ehhh. I forgot the name of this girl.

Thank you Tammy , our mamasan for acting cute with me!! 

Of course, a group photo is a must! 

If you want to develop a cooking/baking hand, and having some like-minded people around you. You could have check out at19 Culinary studio which is in a landed house unit. 

 No.19 Jalan Dungun,Damansara Heights,

50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone : 6016-3778 236 
Fax number : 603-2094 6081

Email :