December 21, 2016

All I want for Christmas is ....

Click on the video above as you read this, it's Christmas-y!!!

Yea, we all know that there is one very classic song for Christmas , and the song is from Mariah Carey, and needless to mention, you know that the title of the song is

" All I want for Christmas is You" 

In conjunction with Christmas, Althea also run a Christmas giveaway for their users. You can click HERE to know more.

While reading, I was thinkign what did I want from Althea...thinking....the first thing that POP up on my mind is...I mean seriously, NO JOKE. I want these...

The Althea Limited Edition Christmas Box. all the small , medium and large box! 
(I already have the small althea box, give me the medium and large will do =D )

and I want the Christmas box come with Christmas card also , hehe

I even posted it on my instagram, saying how much I fancy their box. Ever since Althea first launch, I have loved their superb and efficient service. Not only on the way they deliver the parcel, carefully wrapped with bubble wrap, but their box! The Althea box that comes in Pink colour is a delight to receive too!

I think if the box is sold in gift shop, it can worth Rm 5- 10 and still consider worthy cause I saw some of the ordinary design and less sturdy quality box then Althea already cost up to Rm 10 (and I seriouslly do not understand why. )

Other than that, I realised that I need brushes recently, for I am trying to improve my make up skill, and every time when I watch youtube make up video, most of those Make Up Guru never fail to use different type of brushes, which intriguing me. I wish to have the COC Shining Pink Box . There are 8 brushes that come in a box, hence it is easier for me to bring it along during vacation without worry  the brush will go distorted because I only seal it in plastic.

I think it is quite obvious why I want this for Christmas, because it comes in this lovely heart shape. Aside from looking pretty, it is actually pratical judging from the description written. I can use it for props whenever I take pink theme flat lay or hanging it on christmas tree, turning it into Beauty theme Christmas tree. 

Also I like the Glitter box too, but I actually have most of the things enlisted. So true to be told, I love all the Althea beauty box that launch on average 2 times in a month, I will just view it everytime when it launch eventhough I do not lack of anything. I even blogged on my Althea Superfood Box review. 

Click on the video above to watch my unboxing experience!

Did you know that there is Christmas Light Show in New York Empire State building that synchronising with Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas is You. Check it out at the video below! 
Last but not least, Merry Christmas to everybody!! and thanks Althea for holding so much of the events for us! I really enjoyed each of the events!


The first thing that appeared when I first log/sign in Althea application in my smart phone. Click here to see the interface of the Althea app on smart phone! 

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