December 3, 2016

What did I learn from Warehouse Sale

Eversince I came to KL, I only realised that warehouse sale happen all year long to different luxurious brand. This time, there is one Warehouse Sale that get me excited. You can go to my blog facebook page, Maple's Diary to see how estatic I was. 

The warehouse sale was from 2-3 Dec 2016, 10am - 5pm in Evolve Concept Mall. 
I went there around 10.30am on the first day to secure my favourite item, though I practically have no any clear idea on what to buy. But one thing, the Kose Sekkisei Lotion is a must! I been using their Kose Sekkisei, and I really like the super hydrating, soothing and cooling sensation on my skin immediately after applied them.

 Even took a photo of my little haul in the lift. 

I bought 2 item. The lotion and kit, and the cute navy style Kose pouch for Rm 5.

But guess what happen on second day?

I helped my boyfriend's sister to buy the lotion which I kept telling her how good is the lotion. So she also  wants one Kose Sekkisei Lotion. I went there again on second morning. by paying RM 72. We got  the above items. 

Kose Sekkisei Cinderella Edition (200ml)

A Kose Christmas recycle bag 

An orange colour purse

The recycle bag and purse are free items following any purchase. In fact, I saw the orange purse was priced at Rm 5 yesterday! 

The bottom price lable : Rm 108 for Kose Lotion Limited Edition (on 1st day)


What did I learn from Warehouse Sale

1. The purpose of Warehouse Sale is to clear any available stock in warehouse sale or Clearance Sale.So the organisers are mostly the staff crew from the brand directly add on with some part timer that were hired to help out during the warehouse sale, but again that depend on the brand itself. 

2. The warehouse sale normally can go on from 2 days until 2 months or more. Most of warehouse sales carry on within one week only. 

3. The Kose warehouse sale were mainly conducted by the Kose Malaysia distributor itself. All the marketing crews I reckon, because there is no any partimer there. 

4. As they really want to dispose their stocks, the price might get cheaper when it comes to the end of the sales. For your illustration, item A cost Rm 200 on day 1, and it can be dramatically marked down to Rm 50 on the very final day. 

5. You should come on the first day of your very favourite brand warehouse sale because
Most of the item offer that 70% will sold out on at the very beginning. Just like Kose's Sunscreen, and the limited edition Cleaning Oil sold out within the 30 mins once it open. 

6. You should come later of your very favorite brand warehouse sale because they might be dramatic price marked down to get them dispose easily. As mention previously, The limited edition Kose Sekkisei Lotion marked down Rm 180 to Rm 72!!! (Seriouslly, I cannot believe this)

7. They might throw some cheap merchandise for free gift with any purchase on the last stage of the warehouse sale. 

Any special warehouse sale experience from you? I'd like to listen from you too! Together we learn from that so that we can buy very branded or quality stuff in a very cheap price! LOL

p/s: Still grieving about the fact I spent extra Rm 40 for the lotion =((((

### THE END ###

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