December 12, 2016

Althea Beauty Box review

Christmas is coming soon! And its time to pamper ourselves! Though as a beauty addict , I basically restock all year round. LOL. Anyway, recently I was so merry about the launch of this Althea Box from Althea! 

Initially, I wanted to buy Year End Party Box. But too bad it was sold out when I ordered.  The Year End Party is a cosmetic box , it has most of the make up essential which is a great starter kit for a make up beginner! Although I am not a make up beginner. still I was so tempt to buy the Year End Party Box. And this was when I started to look into other Althea Box. 

Skin Food | Avocado Lip Scrub
Missha | Very Berry Body Shower
B& Soap | Fun Shampoo Bar
Calmia | Oatmeal Cleansing Foam
Half Moon Eyes | Milky Tonning Jelly Essence Toner
Innisfree | Green Tea Moisture Essence
Monstory | Cool Cool Mon Slow Aging Masking Mask
Nine Point | Blackberry and Bay Body Mist

One of the reasons that got me delighted is that all the Althea box was soooo CHEAP! You can see that it is more than 50% cheaper when you bought it seperately. And every single item in each will doubt whether they have read your mind. Esp the Year End Party Box! (Okay, maybe I am a heavy make up junkie)

So I bought Superfood Box instead as I am looking for toner recently. And this Superfood has the Innisfree Green Tea Essence that cost RM 65 from Innisfree shop, and I heard  quite a number of great review about Innisfree Green Tea series. And the rest of the products, I do not know much about them, hence I would like to try it out.  Let me know if you want me to review any of the product above.

Anyway, I recorded an unboxing video of Althea Box, that pretty summarise the condition when it first arrived, the content of the box, I even opened and tried the products in front of camera. Take a look at it!

I hope that you enjoy reading my this blog post, and leave me with any comment on what you think about it, okay?

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