November 20, 2017

Welcome this festive season with Mamonde 'Flowers for Me' collection! 2017

Ho la! I guess the reason that you bump into this blogpost simply you are looking for some ideas to giving to your love one. After all, it's the season of giving! And loving all the christmas-y decoration in shopping mall right now!

Mamonde, a Korean brand skin care inspired by flowers has come up with this simply vibrant, gorgeous packaging of gift set. For yourself, and your girl friend! I've tried some of the Mamonde's product and really in love with them. Their pleasant floral scent, neither too sweet or overwhelm. Works fine on my sensitvie skin too, which is you can consider Mamonde, their rose water works on me, and calm down my boy friend's skin also.

Tadaa, the inside goody if you are eyeing on their festive cosmetic set.

I know right, ladies. The cute glitter graphic on Brightening Cover Powder Cushion is very eye-catching! That's why you should get it one for yourself! #failtoresisttoprettylooking things

First energy duo set, featuring best sellers which is First Energy Serum and First Energy Essence.

Now, let me introduce each of the flower gift sets!

1. Holiday Make Up set  RM 209 (Worth RM 260)

Expand your make up collection this season with  jolly packaging that is great lipstick lover.

2 tubes of Creamy Tint Colour Balm Intense
Brightening Cover Powder Cushion

And mind you, both of them are holiday limited edition.

It consists of

Holiday Limited Edition Brightening Cover Powder Cushion in the shade of  No. 21.

The humble, minimalist, light , sensible of the brightening cover powder cushion. Shade No 21 is a very bright tone. Hence , if you love to have it, would advice you to go to brick-and-mortar store (which I will share the location at the end of this post) to   to test and choose your most favourable one.

I like the sensation of the coldness when you apply it on your face, and I only dab for 2 or 3 times , to get full coverage and brighten and even out your skin tone immediately with a cold sensation.

Holiday Limited Edition Creamy Tint Colour Balm Intense in No.5 Blooming Rose

Holiday Limited Edition Creamy Tint Colour Balm Intense in No.11 Velvet Red

I've tried to apply in on my lips. The colour was showing off intensely in a single swipe. Literally I_N_T-E-N-S-E. I have to even fade it a bit with tissue, so that I won't need to put on heavy eye make up with match with the matte looking- yet moisturizing lip balm.

2. First Energy Duo Set RM 219 (Worth RM 319)

The first energy duo set has among the best seller Honey Suckle First Energy Serum and First Energy essence.

And it is found inside this beautifully designed box.

The First Energy acts primarily as a booster to rejunevate your skin. Leaving a moistured, firmer looking skin. Formulated with Floral Biotics Technology,

It is blended with with the 1-year-old fermented “Flower Vinegar”, which leaves your
skin less susceptible and more resilient to external aggression, leaving a healthy skin.

It also contains the brilliant Narcissus that is well-known for its hydration. The
Narcissus is naturally able to store water in its bulb. Inspired by this, Mamonde formulated
the Water-Cycle™ that keeps the skin moist by activating the aquaporin that circulates
moisture within the skin while providing all its moisturizing benefits.

The first energy duo set , other 2 full size bottles of serum and essence. It also comes with 4 complimentary travel size skincare.

 Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner, 15ml
 Floral Hydro Emulsion, 25ml
 Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream, 5ml
 Floral Hydro Cream, 15ml

3. Holiday Hand Cream Set  RM 69 (Worth RM 116)

If eyes is the window of the soul, and hand is the entry for any execution. We use our hand everyday to do most of the thing, including washing dishes, holding rough surfaced item and etc. Of course, we need to protect, moisture and pamper our delicate hands lar. And a pleasant fragrance of course make us feel better and being protected.

 Mamonde’s perfumed hand cream features a variety of flowers, each with unique properties
and functionalities for the skin.

The Rose Bouquet hand cream is ideal for those who needs moisture care
The Gardenia Dream offers brighter effects and softens the skin.
The Camellia Petal is ideal for wrinkle care and it also makes the hand supple and smooth.
The Jasmine Cashmere takes care of not only the hands but the nails and cuticles too.
It contains natural blended seed oil that ensures healthy shiny nails and skin.

The Holiday Hand Cream Set includes:
 Perfumed Hand Cream – Rose Bouquet, 30ml
 Perfumed Hand Cream – Gardenia Dream, 30ml
 Perfumed Hand Cream – Camellia Petal, 30ml
 Perfumed Hand Cream – Jasmine Cashmere, 30ml

Mamonde has come out for worthy gift set this holiday season. So hurry to the following places to test/buy it yourself!

Mamonde Beauty Counters at 
Aeon 1Utama, PJ,
Aeon Mid Valley Megamall, KL,
 Parkson Suria KLCC, KL
Aeon Bukit Indah, JB, 
Aeon Tebrau City, JB,
Aeon Queensbay Mall, Penang 
 Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang. 

November 7, 2017

How to contour your body without exercise in 2 weeks? : Skinetic Nanobelle Emollient Lift

As a woman between 20-30, we are so willing to invest a lot of money to always look refreshed and radiant, not only through our appearance, but also the confident within yourself, and your overall wellness. After all, you can only focus on your wellbeing if you are healthy. AND..... you will leave a better impression of the higher credential if you demonstrate a healthier figure. #truestory

I was recently introduced to this product - Skinetic Nanobelle Emollient Lift  
Prior to the introduction, I wasn’t aware of the existence of such cream, I mean a body cream whereby you apply it, and you get to enjoy a list of benefits as though you have paid for a Rm 1000 ++ slimming session, or Rm 1000 for numerous treatments of botox to maintain the youthful look by reducing the fine lines or wrinkle and smoothen out skin appearance.

Even though slimming sessions now are quite guaranteed, in terms of the result, but it can be costly for those who really need it. As for botox, it can be risky if let's say you got a treatment from a non-professional aesthetic doctor. The consequence can be quite detrimental.

I was in awe to know that the small little bottle of body cream can do so many wonderful effects by only applying it onto the part we wish to contour!

 Where can you apply it on your body? 

Shape & Firms Body
Enhance Body Contour
Moisturize & Fairer looking Skin
Restore Suppleness 

and it happens in simple steps of 1-2-3! What I like the most about this Emollient Lift compared to previous treatment is it comes in a natural form, reduce the risk to a minimal, and safe to use!

I have been given about 1 month to try on the product. And here are some of the effects!

1. Abdomen & Inner arms

I have a pair of saggy arms... Uncool to admit it. In order to get rid of it, I make work out regularly. By applying Skinetic Nanobelle Emollient Lift , it really  reduces the sagginess by making my inner arm tighter and firmer after using it for one week. 

As for my tummy. Imaging as an OL (office lady), you work day and night in front of a computer, sitting motionless, only to go out for lunch in the afternoon, how can you not get that fat belly. 

I would say the result is quite dramatic. (Probably because I am so determined to get rid of the fat belly hence diligently massage circularly for 20 times of more when I use it every time.)

2. Boobs
Don't misunderstand, Nanobelle Emollient Lift won't level up your boobs. The concept comes in as in it's more to contour, shaping and firming your boobs. 

My testimonial after 2 weeks of application: 
Since the emollient lift is so expensive. You must combine massage while applying it mar~~ Don't look down at simple 3 mins massage in a day. It WORKS over the time! Apply it right after your 

Over the 2 weeks, I feel a bit painful when the boobs movement is too much (jumping, running, galloping). After that, when I check, it's getting firmer. 

Extra bonus

I can see the effect on my face after apply it for about 10 -20 mins when I first applied on it. Yet this is not the major effect that Nanobelle Emollient Lift can do. 

To say that Nanobelle Emollient Lift can lifting your face is actually an understatement, it can actually does more than that. Moreover, there are so many skin cares, masks that can deliver lifting right after using them.

Lifting is just one of the bonus effect from the Nanobelle Emollient Lift. Continuous using it for 1 week does show a fewer extent of radiance (still using my routinely skincare, exclude the effect of health supplement like chicken essence, Evening Primose Oil and anyother healthy supplement like Vitamin A-Z)

What is stem cell?
I wonder too. Why a small little bottle of 60ml of emollient lift can cost up to Rm 450 per bottle. I did a quick research on this, and I thought, why not share it with you? You might question on the same thing too!

Most of the stem cell related products tend to be extra expensive, but the way to extract, growth and culture them is a bit of different from all the previous technology, and stem cell is consider a new arising anti-contender.

Skinetic Nanobelle Emollient Lift formulated consist of both active stem cells and plant extract. If you heard about stem cell, you would know how much it normally cost and the benefits of it!

Why plant stem cell related product so pricey?
1. Stem cell contains growth factors are able to regenerate, expect to powerful results whether it is a form of health supplements, higher form of health supplements or as a body cream.
3. Stem cell is of a novelty new arising anti-aging contender. Given it’s potential powerful outcome. Products of stem cell (active stem cell) are relatively pricey as vast money has been invested into Research & Development.

How to use?
Since it's not cheap to get a bottle of Nanobelle Emollient Lift. We should fully optimise it's benefit. Also, Nanobelle Emollient Lift contains active plant extracts that is so tiny in particle, allows it to be absorbed effectively

So what should you imagine in your mind now, is an image the essence of  active ingredients such as Argan Stem Cell, Bamboo sprout stem cell, Wild Yam extract and Panax Ginseng Root extract 

In other words, it delivers the active ingredients to our body via application on skin. This explain why you shouldn't be slack off, and apply 2 pumps on it onto your skin, and DONE. 

With the proper way of applying, you can get the contoured figure faster too! That’s why you need to do certain massage for 20 times each time upon application. 

I can feel the major different when I didn't massage. It does leave a layer to stickiness to my applied area when I skip the 20-time motion. When I do 20-time motion, it really absorb into my skin, and I can feel the moisture, rejuvenate for the moment, haha. 
 The guideline on using them is highly recommended to follow, as mentioned above. And no worries, you can a manual guideline when you buy Skinetic Nanobelle Emollient Lift 

Even though the result doesn't show immediately, It could take up to 1 week or more to see the results. I am happy that the results is natural, safe and secured. The active ingredients from the emollient lift are all plant extract, it gives me a piece of mind when using them. I no need to think about issue of animal, genetic mutation....potent risk, even a vegetarian, vegan can use them safely. 

As this is not a miracle products. It really requires your patience to really do 20-time motion every single time when you apply it. The showing of a result is just a matter of time. and how frequent you do the massage. 

 How to get it? 
Hence, if you like to know more, you can always buy it online from

1 bottle of Sleek 60ml emollient cream
 Texture: White cream with subtle pleasant scent
 Price: Rm 450
 Great news! You can now quote “maple2017 if you are interested and buy it at Rm 427.50

You can always buy it from their online store!

Disclaimer: All results all of my personal testimonial, it might vary between different individual, meaning the time taken would be shorter or longer.

November 2, 2017

Easy & Healthy with Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme

Most of the time, we , as  full time working adults, want to eat something wonderful, and hearty. Be it home cooked food or outside food. Although I am skinny (expanding horizontally recently lor), but I tend to get hungry at times. Hungry and keep on looking food. So when I got the invitation from 11 street PR, asking to review Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme. I would love to try~!

Comes in powder form, you might think that it has to be mixed with hot water to make sure the powder melted/mixed completely, but in fact you only need to pour in lukewarm or even cold water to make your cup of healthy nutritional beverage.

As I grow older, 20 something, still I feel like I am quite lethargic sometimes, and I need to maintain a healthy body to do more work, to deliver better performances. Having to staying away from parents, it is extremely important to remain healthy lo. One of my way to remain healthy is to make some healthy food whenever I am free. I usually make myself some food which I called "healthy food" in my daily diet.

Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme, aside from mixing with water to convert into a cup of fulfilling, hearty and healthy morning beverage, which is my  alternate morning beverage, I also try to find some other ways which I can consume it.

I innclude Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme into my overnight oat jar. It neutralises the sweetness in the jar if you are someone who doesnt like sweet. Ar har~~ you can do it at home or invent another recipe with Superfood Supreme!

Since Superfood Supreme tastes like Sesame (naturally sweet), I plan to put some sesame glutinous riceball inside to be made into a bowl of sesame glutionous rice ball + Supreme Food!

Also, Superfood Supreme itself is naturally sweet thanks to it is brown rice with isolated pea protein & mangosteen fruit extract. The all plant-based Superfood Supreme is indeed a healthier choice. I get to enjoy a cup of healthy godness whenever I want!

Superfood Supreme itself is a healthy choice for the wholesome ingredients it is made from.
1. Brown Rice- Maintain healthy cholestrol level and blood sugar level

2. Mangosteen Fruit Extract - strong anti-inflammatory fruit properties and maintain joint health. 

3. Isolated Pea Protein - Improve musle strength and body toning

4. Black Sesame Seed - Helps to regulate blood pressure and promote healthy hair. 

As all the ingredients collectively promote joint health, muscle function. It is suitable for the elderly, those with joint muscle problems, atheletes or gym junkie  (high in protein in plant-based form), and those with joint stiffness and muscle weakeness.

Taste like sesame powder, not as rich as sesame powder, and subtle sweet.
(love to drink it hot. It appears in thick liquid like form that make you give you a feeling of fullness. )

How to get it? 
Interested? Buy it online for only Rm 69.90 for 500g  from 11street here. 

This is a sponsored review, but all the review are based on my personal experience. 

October 13, 2017

A new Japanese Make up brand- Sugao (素颜) is available in Malaysia!

Sugao (素颜) means naked makeup. Think about bare, natural face. That is the concept of Sugao. It aims to offers women a soft, tender, subtle elegant makeup with natural make-up-less outcome. Having to say that, I personally really how easy it is to spread, just like mousse! 

The Japan-imported cosmetic would get the attention of naked makeup lover! It gives you a refreshing look without full make up! 

Photo taken from Sugao FB page.

Sugao Air Fit CC Cream - RM 69.90 

Formulated with Rohto Air-Fit Technology, the Sugao CC Cream comes in a light souffle-like texture that provides an amazingly light skin feel that spreads smoothly and evenly on the skin. 

It absorbs excess sebum to make it ideal for long hours application. Air Fit CC Cream comes in SPF 23 PA +++ leaves skin breathable with an airy, weightless application with a luminious and glowing finish that blends well into your skin complexion. 

Suitable to be used as a makeup base, this Air Fit CC Cream is fragrance and alcohol-free! 

Weight: 25g 

Not only does it spread out evenly, weightlessly! It brighten the skin complexion with luminous finish! If you look closely into the CC cream smudge on the white piece of paper, it is glowing with glitter powder, yet blending into our skin tone naturally! Can't wait to try it out on my face! Review on the product will be coming up soon! 

Photo was taken from Sugao FB page 

Sugao Cheek & Lip-Brilliant Pink - RM 59.90

Light, fluffy texture, melts onto skin for a soft flush of colour! It is formulated with pink bright tone to create natural rosy cheeks and bright radiant lips! 

Sugao Cheek & Lip - 2in 1  available in 3 colours! 
Natural Red
Active Orange

Brilliant Pink 

The gorgeous Brilliant Pink

Weight: 6.5g 

Applied it on my cheeks, and indeed I like the outcome so much! Will reveal it into my Sugao review post! 

Photo again was taken from their FB page too. 

Sugao Lip Tint -Sweet Pink - RM 45.90

Sugao Lip tint is available in 3 different colours:
Juicy Red
Sweet Pink
Apricot Pink  

The transparent looking tint comes in semi-liquid texture. And it is smudge proof! The colour remains sticking intact on my lips after eating oily food! 

If you are looking for weightless, airy kind of finish. Sugao, a brand new Japanese make up line would fit your bills! Available in selected Watson outlets as in Oct2017. I hope you can get it everywhere else in Malaysia too! 

Sometimes, we need to different hues of red to get rid of our weekday blue, and period pain. 

Every girl deserves to find her own true face, accentuated through makeup. I hope that you find yours too! Cheers! Good days ahead! Lady! 

and boys/ men, if you are reading this, you know what you should buy for your lady hor?

For more information about Sugao Products, click on the links below to view more!

September 7, 2017

Althea Petal Velvet Powder Debut & Review

 Hola! My make-up avid readers! I am so excited to share a new product from a Korea online beauty shop, Althea to you! This is the first in-house cosmetic by Althea and I am so honor to be chosen to review it!

I mean, I could swear by its quality as I constantly purchase from Althea for their quality assurance, straight away from Korea with the lowest competitive price which explains why am I so excited!

I am  delighted to receive the parcel in a packaging like this when it is just a product. I love that they have put in so much effort to send it to us! 

 Noted that the packaging of the products itself appear in pink colour, with a logo of Althea of it.

 Althea Petal Velvet Powder is a loose powder to minimise the appearance of pores and control sebum. Making your makeup stay intact for long hours.

Featuring here the cute thick fluffy puff. It optimises our experience of applying it. 

You can see from the bottom the light/fluffy and microfine texture of the powder. Not only that, it smells like pleasing althea scent. 

What are the main ingredients in Althea Petal Velvet Powder? 

1. Althea 
(image psource)
Revitalise the skin with natural goodness from Korea. 

Althea flower seed extract is full of antioxidants that protect the skin's barrier from dehydration and rejuvenate the skin for the subtle brighter complexion. 

2. Green Tea 

Sebum Control

Seed oil carefully extracted flushed with Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 and Catechin that is able to control sebum secretion. Set your make up longer. 

3. Mandarin orange
Rich in Vitamin C that brightens up your skin tones, giving you a radiant complexion

Enriched with Vitamin C, mandarin orange peel oil brightens dullness and prevents dehydration by balancing the skin moistures level.

 Applying Althea Velvet Powder in progress.

Tadaa.. the silky smooth finish like baby's butt. Oops, true comparison lo.

Buy it exclusively in Althea 

Price: Rm 16

Weight: 3g

How to use: 
Apply it as a makeup setting. Right after doing makeup. 

Micro-fine and airy powder in translucent white. 

Extremely fine microparticles that give a smooth satin finished like baby skin. 

It gives a smooth velvety touch right immediately after application. The biggest difference is it turns my sticky face ( the result of applying moisturizer, essence prior makeup) to matte porcelain smooth. It lasts around 3 hours before becoming sticky again. Recommended to touch up every 3 hours for oily skin type. 

As much as I love the porcelain smooth skin (imagine baby skin, or your butt's skin, LOL), don't be so greedy and slather a thick layer of it, because it distributes evenly due to its micro-fine powder particle. Your face will not be looking radiant, but rather thick with foundation, brighten up your skin complexion especially under the ordinary indoor light. Touch up is more appropriate in this case. 

Extra love to this Althea own house production for their pleasant althea's scent that is so pleasing to use. 


Visit their facebook page. Their banner page is an animated video about Althea Petal Velvet Powder that is so attractive to watch! 

August 30, 2017

Food Review: Kota Damansara【Ru Di Fook 如狄福】Of Chinese street food with creative local infusion

Ru Di Fook @ Kota Damansara  itself is smart innovation of local food with a contemporary touch. Not only that, every food itself vow you a great gastronomy journey. For the reason the bossess here embrace on the value "能吃的是福” it's a blessing to eat.

Before we venture into the delectable list of food here. The interior of the restaurant is insta-worthy and of  simplistic vintage touch.  You can choose to eat under natural light or a normal seat.

And meanwhile , I was impressed with the intricate arrangement of their cutleries. Each of the seat comes with an empty class, that lid of soy sauce. Not only that all the condiments like soy sauce,.....are carefully arranged in their containers. 

We started by trying their flower tea. I love how special it taste. The bosses served us Laici Chinese Tea, Mint Tea and a chinese tea. I love both Laici for it's subtle sweet and  and Mint tea for it's refreshingness. 

Kung Fu Mushroom Rm 10.80 

Fried Shimeji , Oyster Mushroom pair with Aioli (the  Meditterean sauce from Olive and garlic) 

Fuyu Caesar Salad 福裕沙拉  RM13.80

Fu Yu dressing, Xiao Bai Cai, Fresh cucumber, Laici and cracker.

Umeshu Plum Tomato RM 8.80

Tomato soaked in Plum Brandy. You will love how it has been specially cured and taste wondeful! A sensation that is so pleasant you enjoy having them. 

Yakitori  (Skewered Delicacies)

Yakitori series is the latest addition into their full fledge of savoury. Now you have more to savour of yum cha session with friends! It is available for dinner from 6pm onwards. 
Bacon Pineapple, leek & Cherry tomato Yakitori 培根卷三色  RM5.50

Roasted bacon wrapping on three different greens to brighten up your dull day. 

Erringi Mushroom Yakitori 杏鲍菇  RM6.00

Cherry Tomato Yakitori 小番茄  RM4.00

The cherry tomato has been cured before send roasted. Both the plu

Cheese Onion & Nori Salt Yakitori  乳酪大黄葱+海苔粉  RM5.00

Okra & Ikan Bilis Aioli Yakitori 羊角豆+江鱼仔辣酱  RM5.00

Egglant, sesame Tomato & Garlice Crumble 烤茄子佐芝麻番茄酱  RM5.50

Chicken Wing & Gula melaka Soy Yakitori 椰糖酱油鸡翅串  RM6.00

Chicken & Lemongrass Coriander Yakitori 香茅香菜鸡肉串  RM7.50

Pork & Peanut sauce Yakitori 沙爹猪肉串  RM8.50
Curry Cauliflower & Cheese Sauce RM 7.00

Ru Di Fook's signature

Small Bowls 小碗 | Dry
Yat Hao Fook Sai Sai Yong 
一口福细细蓉  RM3.80

5 full spoons of al-dente springy noodle with 1 dumpling pair with clear soup. 

The concept of serving the little amount resemble the thai Boat Noodle. I personally feel like it is so worthy and you cant miss it! For it's noodle is homemade by a Local Sifu using Duck Egg beaten to the firm and extra-ordinary al-dente texture. 

Initially, I imagine it is only a Full Spoon portion of noodle when it is said to resemble boat noodle. Nope, as much as it is the mini version of it, the noodle can last me 5-6 spoons before it is emptied. 

Dumpling prawn filling, dried scallop smashed into lump to invite the smooth texture of chewing it. It is not the ordinary wantan dumpling that you find outside with only minced pork inside. 

Small Bowls 小碗 | Soup
Yat Hao Fook Sai Sai Yong 
一口福细细蓉  RM3.80

Both the noodle here is a great hit here you cannot not trying. The soup here is more saltier than the dry wantan mee. If you prefer to eat something lighter the first one suit your taste bud. Unlike the normal clear soup in wan tan mee, the soup is here is carefully boiled with dry scallops and No MSG. You wont can immediately differentiate the pleaseant sweet taste from the soup. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

Satay Rojak 沙爹咯喏  RM17.80

When China meets Malaysian. The satay chicken and satay dressing has wowed you. and the combination of the Malaysian rojak and a ramen egg. 

Soft Shell Crab Laksa 软壳蟹  RM27.80

Thick consistency of the gravy inspired by Japanese curry Rice but taste like Malaysian laksa with the spiciness removed. The flavourful gravy complement the dishes as well as the crab. 

Duck confit Mee 油封鸭  RM20.80

The Chinese Herbal Soup comes with 3 dumpling. The soup itself is of great taste. And the confit is carefully fried and seasoned. Once you try it, then you will love it ! 


Hearty and large portion of the staple food! It's a place which I guess conversative Chinese Old Folks would love!

Ru Di Fook's Dessert & Drinks

Milo Pie 美禄派香草雪糕  RM20.80
(Note: The portion seen is the food tasting purpose, the standard portion is half of this.)

The mixture milo and Hup Peng Biscuit crumb to nostalgic your childhood memory with Vanilla ice-cream. 

Lucky 909 好运龟苓膏  RM12.80

A layered of Gui Ling Gao  with osmanthus honey jelly & goji berries. Look nice and taste nice. The combination of diffrent hard and soft texture make it enjoyable to chew. 

Tim Mak mak 甜蜜蜜  RM12.80 \ Deconstructed Fu Juk Yi Mai

This is so awesome! A wonderful creation. It taste much better with half of the ramen egg ,Gingko Barley, Beancurd sheet, Bean curd pair with the syrup to adjust your preferred liking. 

‘Loh Han Guo’ cocktail  Rm 18.80

Loh han guo, sake, orange bitters and lemon. It tastes so smooth while drinking with the citrus taste. If you like to drink cocktail, this is the special one you should try. 

Pour the amount of sake you preferred. 

And after you mix everything together . 

Citrus Black RM 15.80

Orange, Honey Thyme Ice, Espresso and Soda. 

The very wonderful latte ordered by others.

So pretty to resist! 


Price: 6/10
The price is worth it. Consider the generous portion with the use of great ingredients.

Quality: 9.5/10
The food holds true to its own purpose. Other than being fulfilling in portion. The chef use really great & fresh ingredients (like duck egg noodle, duck confit, dumpling, laksa which is so different than the common one, elevated and taste better, ), and skillfully prepare it. It's the use of great ingredients and great cooking skills.

In terms of presentation skill, it is just as impressive as its taste. couple with the comfortable environment, it truly a top-notch experience.

Environment:  7.5/10
The environment vow to bring us back into our parent's nostalgic era with a comtemporary touch, Natural light, and comfortable seat. Not giving full rating because of the parking facility in the area , just like any busy area, taking around 5 mins to find a parking during peak hour.

 2, Jalan PJU5/4 , Dataran Sunway , Kota Damansara , 47810 Petaling Jaya , Selangor.

Contact : 03-7496 7103

Business Hours
Sunday -  12pm - 10pm
Tues- Sat - 12pm - 11pm

Closed on Mondays