November 7, 2017

How to contour your body without exercise in 2 weeks? : Skinetic Nanobelle Emollient Lift

As a woman between 20-30, we are so willing to invest a lot of money to always look refreshed and radiant, not only through our appearance, but also the confident within yourself, and your overall wellness. After all, you can only focus on your wellbeing if you are healthy. AND..... you will leave a better impression of the higher credential if you demonstrate a healthier figure. #truestory

I was recently introduced to this product - Skinetic Nanobelle Emollient Lift  
Prior to the introduction, I wasn’t aware of the existence of such cream, I mean a body cream whereby you apply it, and you get to enjoy a list of benefits as though you have paid for a Rm 1000 ++ slimming session, or Rm 1000 for numerous treatments of botox to maintain the youthful look by reducing the fine lines or wrinkle and smoothen out skin appearance.

Even though slimming sessions now are quite guaranteed, in terms of the result, but it can be costly for those who really need it. As for botox, it can be risky if let's say you got a treatment from a non-professional aesthetic doctor. The consequence can be quite detrimental.

I was in awe to know that the small little bottle of body cream can do so many wonderful effects by only applying it onto the part we wish to contour!

 Where can you apply it on your body? 

Shape & Firms Body
Enhance Body Contour
Moisturize & Fairer looking Skin
Restore Suppleness 

and it happens in simple steps of 1-2-3! What I like the most about this Emollient Lift compared to previous treatment is it comes in a natural form, reduce the risk to a minimal, and safe to use!

I have been given about 1 month to try on the product. And here are some of the effects!

1. Abdomen & Inner arms

I have a pair of saggy arms... Uncool to admit it. In order to get rid of it, I make work out regularly. By applying Skinetic Nanobelle Emollient Lift , it really  reduces the sagginess by making my inner arm tighter and firmer after using it for one week. 

As for my tummy. Imaging as an OL (office lady), you work day and night in front of a computer, sitting motionless, only to go out for lunch in the afternoon, how can you not get that fat belly. 

I would say the result is quite dramatic. (Probably because I am so determined to get rid of the fat belly hence diligently massage circularly for 20 times of more when I use it every time.)

2. Boobs
Don't misunderstand, Nanobelle Emollient Lift won't level up your boobs. The concept comes in as in it's more to contour, shaping and firming your boobs. 

My testimonial after 2 weeks of application: 
Since the emollient lift is so expensive. You must combine massage while applying it mar~~ Don't look down at simple 3 mins massage in a day. It WORKS over the time! Apply it right after your 

Over the 2 weeks, I feel a bit painful when the boobs movement is too much (jumping, running, galloping). After that, when I check, it's getting firmer. 

Extra bonus

I can see the effect on my face after apply it for about 10 -20 mins when I first applied on it. Yet this is not the major effect that Nanobelle Emollient Lift can do. 

To say that Nanobelle Emollient Lift can lifting your face is actually an understatement, it can actually does more than that. Moreover, there are so many skin cares, masks that can deliver lifting right after using them.

Lifting is just one of the bonus effect from the Nanobelle Emollient Lift. Continuous using it for 1 week does show a fewer extent of radiance (still using my routinely skincare, exclude the effect of health supplement like chicken essence, Evening Primose Oil and anyother healthy supplement like Vitamin A-Z)

What is stem cell?
I wonder too. Why a small little bottle of 60ml of emollient lift can cost up to Rm 450 per bottle. I did a quick research on this, and I thought, why not share it with you? You might question on the same thing too!

Most of the stem cell related products tend to be extra expensive, but the way to extract, growth and culture them is a bit of different from all the previous technology, and stem cell is consider a new arising anti-contender.

Skinetic Nanobelle Emollient Lift formulated consist of both active stem cells and plant extract. If you heard about stem cell, you would know how much it normally cost and the benefits of it!

Why plant stem cell related product so pricey?
1. Stem cell contains growth factors are able to regenerate, expect to powerful results whether it is a form of health supplements, higher form of health supplements or as a body cream.
3. Stem cell is of a novelty new arising anti-aging contender. Given it’s potential powerful outcome. Products of stem cell (active stem cell) are relatively pricey as vast money has been invested into Research & Development.

How to use?
Since it's not cheap to get a bottle of Nanobelle Emollient Lift. We should fully optimise it's benefit. Also, Nanobelle Emollient Lift contains active plant extracts that is so tiny in particle, allows it to be absorbed effectively

So what should you imagine in your mind now, is an image the essence of  active ingredients such as Argan Stem Cell, Bamboo sprout stem cell, Wild Yam extract and Panax Ginseng Root extract 

In other words, it delivers the active ingredients to our body via application on skin. This explain why you shouldn't be slack off, and apply 2 pumps on it onto your skin, and DONE. 

With the proper way of applying, you can get the contoured figure faster too! That’s why you need to do certain massage for 20 times each time upon application. 

I can feel the major different when I didn't massage. It does leave a layer to stickiness to my applied area when I skip the 20-time motion. When I do 20-time motion, it really absorb into my skin, and I can feel the moisture, rejuvenate for the moment, haha. 
 The guideline on using them is highly recommended to follow, as mentioned above. And no worries, you can a manual guideline when you buy Skinetic Nanobelle Emollient Lift 

Even though the result doesn't show immediately, It could take up to 1 week or more to see the results. I am happy that the results is natural, safe and secured. The active ingredients from the emollient lift are all plant extract, it gives me a piece of mind when using them. I no need to think about issue of animal, genetic mutation....potent risk, even a vegetarian, vegan can use them safely. 

As this is not a miracle products. It really requires your patience to really do 20-time motion every single time when you apply it. The showing of a result is just a matter of time. and how frequent you do the massage. 

 How to get it? 
Hence, if you like to know more, you can always buy it online from

1 bottle of Sleek 60ml emollient cream
 Texture: White cream with subtle pleasant scent
 Price: Rm 450
 Great news! You can now quote “maple2017 if you are interested and buy it at Rm 427.50

You can always buy it from their online store!

Disclaimer: All results all of my personal testimonial, it might vary between different individual, meaning the time taken would be shorter or longer.

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