April 5, 2009
i have a little brother.
i hate him so much,because he is very kia su(afraid of lose),he wont admit whenever he lose,he also won't say sorry whenver he done something false.

moreover,he is very small gas(mean),small person.every time when he was lose,he will done other things to make me feel disgust or disturb my mood.
compete the chair with me
.(when he lose the computer with me)
turn on the TV to larger volume to disturb me.
.(after losing computer)
don't like him so much~~kia su gui.
April 4, 2009

snapshoot in PLKN

taken right before back.this is padang kawad.
taken from the side of padang kawad,the blue shirt one is the pelatih go to sivil class.
me and mei qi.we are the same dorm.
me and wei an.same dorm too.
LY,me and KS
they like to act strangely.
this is the serious one.
ks , me ,taking during gotong-royong,if not mistaken.
CT ,an adorable girl .
me with the flag of CHARLIE,the cikgu(jurulatih) said we ask take along with the flag everywhere even when we go toilet.
another name for charlie is BELIA WAJA.

LY wif her gotong-royong posting,hahaha
Sunday,the day of parent visiting.
MQ,or miki is my dormmate.
WA also.

snapshoot in nasional service

eating like this,still feel i\uncomforatable to accustom the food there.everyday, malay cuisine,bored.
han and shin(jie jie)
me and jie jie
us again.
this is how 432 people q up to take food,however ketua block ,timbalan ketua block,ketua cpmpany and timbalan company serve the privillege to take the food without line up.
on Friday,back for the celebration of all souls day清明节
at 9pm,before taklimat start.

Han and me.
me and ying
this is the people who sit face to face with me,hahaha
YX and shuh hong

wan hui and shuh hong.

before i went to nasional servicing,i thought PLKN is a fun programme,but when i reach there,many thing have to accustom like the food,the schedule of life.i am not good at there la,become blacky even after apply sunblock,bad la.

the fun activity like flying fox and shotgun have to wait until the end stage of the programme le~~

earth hour in the camp

do u guys still remember the 328,8.30pm off light action?
our camp also menyahut seruan tersebut.first,all the pelatih berkumpul di dewan makan at 8pm,each ketua block and timbalan ketua block(which both of them sit at the two end side of table) was given a 5-7cm candle,needed to hold it for one hour.
so,here are some photos there.For ur information,tat day is Saturday,so we got out hp on2.30pm,i was using hp to take the shoot to feed my blog,hehe
pretty LY is try to make the candle burn slowly so that it can hold til9.30pm.

during the off line action,our sivil teacher was talking lots of falsafah
like the aim of this activity wif a long long elaboration, so lame.

but i support this activity coz its really an action of awakening ppl of the important of global warming.OK,theres all for my elaboration.