July 30, 2017

Food Review: Pak John Steamboat & BBQ @e curve

Talking about steamboat & bbq. When my Malay colleagues read my blog (previous Korean BBQ buffet posts), they would reply by asking "

wow , where is this? I would like to go."

"Too bad, it's not a halal restaurant" 

But now...This restaurant, Pak John Steamboat & BBQ in e@curve serving halal meal with high quality meat that everyone can drop by! 

Thank you to Mamasan, Tammy from The Butterfly Project Malaysia for having this Butterflies bonding time over steamboat and BBQ. The food other than being VARIETY, they were of the fresh (meat slides) and a quality one! 

July 29, 2017

Top notch Char Siew (BBQ pork) @ Toast & Roast

If you ask me, I feel like Jamie Oliver should come here and try what is the Asian BBQ pork, Char Siew. Because I came without any expectation. My boyfriend suddenly dragged me there since we still have ample time before next agenda. 

Beauty: Althea Matte Box review

Talking about Matte, it is a word that no make up lover would not know. It's been one of the highly used words recently. The first thing that pop up in my mind is Matte lipstick, then matte cushion. But have you wonder why everyone is so cray cray about MATTE?

Contratry to Matte is shimmer, glitter, or glows, glossy  A matte finish product would give you  a colour that distributed evenly, and not glowly. There is no certain which finish is better. But since glitter has been on the limelight for so long, then come the Matte. And if you ask me, I prefer Matte lipstick than the glossy one.

Althea Matte Box, as the name suggests has got everything to exude the power of Matte.

July 19, 2017

Natural scented Shower Gel/Soap for sensitive skin

Noted: THis is not a paid review. But anyway if it's a paid review I will be giving my honest opinion too.

I have almost used up this tube of Esmeria hair conditioner. and I would like to document them before I used it up and throw it away. Because I like the the tea tree oil scent it gives upon application.

Because last time I got it in Travel pack size , so I brought it to camp whenever I have. My friends kept on asking me about the place to get it and the rest of the details. The scent is so rich, and a bit overwhelming. So it's either you like it or dislike. I like the tea-tree oil scent is strong because it create a relaxing ambience. I'm not sure whether it is the organic use of the ingredients that make the conditioner, shower gel exude a strong tea tree oil scent yet it won't sting your nose. You will love it when you try them too. Aside from feeling  relax, it does it job perfectly well without yet it works gently on my sensitive skin.

This is in my top favourite list. Would like to get them if I cant get any better alternatives.
I wish to get
-  Esmeria soothing shower gel, Rm 59.90 for 250ml

My second favourite is this organic body scrub. The aging mark on the sticker label proves that I have used it for some times. Some really long times, haha. It's my second bottle anyway.  The organic scrub is a formulation of coconut oil, citrus , and brown sugar. The brown sugar is a bit rough in texture, but it works really well when blend with the citrus pulp and coconut oil.  

I use it once in a week. Since scrub exfoliating my skin, I apply generously on all over my body. And rub it with my bare hands to "polish" my skin so that my skin will look radiant and feeling smooth, haha. 

I just checked their online facebook page. I not sure if they are still selling it. Cause the latest update is December 2016. But I do recommend you to try this because 

1. I who has senstive skin was happy to use it. 
2. In fact, the coconut oil has make it so gentle to rub on. 
3. It gives a smooth, radiant skin yet hydrating finish (thanks to the coconut oil). 
4. The smells of citrus (you cant smell coconut btw) calm your restless soul. 

The photo above is 125ml and it cost only Rm 35 for 3-6 months usage depends on your frequency of using.

This is also another oil serum that you can apply.  on you face. Biconi Glow Facial Serum. Again it's oily, but it works really really well. because you can see the result. It calm my dry skin in the most organic way. Yeap! It's organic , that's why it suitable for sensitive skin.

It is super pack with all the healthy skin products. A blend of nutrient rich, pure cold pressed oils. Normally what I do is to rub my palms to make it hot. Then pour a drop or two on your heated palm and apply it on your entire face. Sometimes, I used it in my other body area, hands for example because it reduces inflammation.

If you possess a super dry, flaky skin get that irritated easily, this is for you. Though it's written facial serum on the bottle, but you can use it on the other part on your body too. Highly recommended of sensitive skin.

Alright, this shampoo bar from Korea has nothing to do with the sensitive skin. I just pure like it's fizzy orange scent. And it's so convenient to bring whenever you go travel.
You can get it at Althea Korea site here for Rm 51....so expensive..... no la, major slash of 61% to only Rm 19.

That's all my favourite and highly recommended shampoo and body gel which is suitable for sensitive dry skin because it intensely hydrate. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think about it after reading, k? 
July 1, 2017

Butterfly 4th Birthday Party Unboxing Birthday Bag

If you have read my post or follow my instagram, you should have known that us have got a bag full of awesome goodies from the birthday party! Thank you so much to Tammy, our mamasan, she is the founder of this beauty blogger community in Malaysia. You can read more about the birthday party here!

So, let's unboxing of what I have gotten inside. I have included the price and the description and will provide links to the products so that you can get them, make them yours if you like them!